List of the best 5G Smartphones in Pakistan for the 2021

List of the best 5G Smartphones in Pakistan for the 2021

List of the Best 5G Smartphone in 2021 

As the times are changing and world is moving closer to technology and innovation. The demand for advanced gadgets and cellular phones has increased. The 5G smartphones are now setting their roots nationwide. There are some of the best 5G smartphones which will spread their wings in the telecommunication market. They will be bringing the 5G networks that initially started to expand across Pakistan in the 2019.

As the Apple introduced its first 5G phone which were followed by the Samsung focusing to add new Galaxy phones, 5G has become a part of this generation. 

So, are you thinking if this year is the right time to invest your money in 5G smartphone devices?

Well, the answer is yes! The perks of these devices don’t only include speedier downloads. it also includes best battery life, outstanding camera, big displays, 5G modems and many more.

Talking about this, the smartphones with 5G that you can think of buying are summed up here with its specifications to help you make a decision. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G Smartphone

iPhone-5G Smartphones

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is known to have the most 5G bands when compared to any other phone. Not only this, you will have a lot of other benefits by investing in this phone and enjoy this speedy connectivity for a longer period of time. Because of the phone’s large battery.

The surfing tests showed that an average battery has the potential to last for nearly 11 hours over a 5G service. One good thing about this phone is that data mode automatically toggles between 5G and 4G. This happens when your phone recognizes that it is performing less intensive tasks. 

Moreover, some other benefits are included in this as well. Like it has a brilliant and immersive 6.7-inch LED display that’s ideal for video streaming and showing off the photos you take with the excellent Pro Max’s stellar cameras.

The cameras are of 1.7μm pixels which has the capability of working in up to an 87% increase in low-light performance. There is also a built-in tough Ceramic Shield display that has the potential shrug off drops and wireless charging system along with a superfast A14 Bionic chip.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Smartphone


Currently, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most supported phone in our country as it was the first to feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip. The researches have shown that this phone can last for nearly 11.5 hours because of the amazing battery life with a screen set to a60Hz refresh rate. With the S21’s expensive screen and S Pen support, turning on the settings for the phone to dynamically adjust the refreshing rate draws a bit more power, however, the average time for it to last is still greater than the other smartphones. 

OnePlus 8 Pro 

The OnePlus 8 Pro is supposedly one of the best Android phones available in Pakistan. This is why you can get them at a reasonable price and have the services of 5G. Even though the options in this are limited as compared to other rival phones.

Moreover, one thing which works as a drawback for this device is that it only works on sub-6Hz-based 5G networks. This enables the user from the benefits of the higher speeds of Mm-Wave based on 5G.

However, it does include some amazing features like a vibrant and smooth 120Hz screen. It also includes a ridiculously fast charging speed and a wonderful camera resolution. 

Not only this, there are some other amazing smartphones which you can consider buying. OnePlus Nord N10, iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, iPhone 12 mini, Oppo Find X2 Lite, Sony Xperia 1 and many more. 

Ways in which you can register your 5G Smartphone

OnePlus 8 Pro 

Before you get all excited about getting a new phone as soon as it is launched in the market. One thing you need to keep in mind is that getting the mobile phone registered by the PTA. It is extremely important as soon as you get the phone otherwise your device might get blocked. 

There are several ways in which you can get the PTA mobile registration check done, but only a few are valid. You may get scammed while registering your device, so you need to be vigilant. 

The easiest way for you is to dial *8484# to receive an SMS on your mobile device. 

You can also reach any customer service centre operator they can guide you through the process. Or use a PTA mobile application to get your device registered.

Or you can visit

More Information about the Process

The PTA started the registration process at the airports with several counters dealing in this matter. They will take the unregistered devices entering Pakistan and get them registered on the spot. 

The PTA registration system allows 60 days to run device in Pakistan, if you are a citizen and travelling.

If you want to know how much tax your device has in Pakistan, visit Find Out Exact Tax/Customs Rates! And you can easily find the FEE SCHEDULE of PTA mobile registration.

That is all from our side about the new Samsung Galaxy A52. If going with the reports and rumors, this phone is surely going to be a game changer.

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