List of complete Umrah requirements from UK

Umrah’s requirements UK

 In this era of great inflation, it is not easy to do Umrah and everyone is trying to find cheap and low-cost Umrah deals. But they can’t stop themselves to do this sacred obligation due to limited financial resources. Of course, the Umrah pilgrimage is an important part of Muslim life. They can be performed this pilgrimage throughout the year. But of course, they need to understand Umrah’s requirements in the UK to set a memorable trip. Therefore, Muslims should be ready for this ritual spiritually and mentally.

What is the importance of Umrah?

Umrah is a religious and personal journey for those who undertake it for the first time. Therefore, it is essential to do this journey in an organized manner. Umrah brings lots of worldly and life-after benefits. It not only purifies one’s soul. But also help to get rid of old sins.

One of the most important questions people ask is what are the travel requirements for Umrah? Of course, they need all details and services that fit their needs and preferences. If you are also going on the Umrah journey, then you must read this article. Here we discuss a comprehensive guide of Umrah requirements that are essential for pilgrims.

Do you need a visa?

Taking part in the Umrah pilgrimage is a privilege for Muslims and the desire to make their spiritual journey memorable. Of course, it is a vital Ibadah for Muslims. The Muslims also visit the holy sites in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are going for Umrah first time or just want to grab details, you must need a visa from Saudi Arabia that help to make your journey smooth. The pilgrims have the right to apply to a registered agency and enter the kingdom of KSA.

During Ramadan, Saudi Arabia started to take visa applications from the pilgrims and UK residents are free to apply for a separate visa. Currently, an Umrah visa is available and the good news is that now people are free to follow the safety protocols of COVID-19.

Ways to apply for an Umrah visa

Umrah is a non-compulsory pilgrimage. But Muslims who are to do this act do this pilgrimage once in a lifetime. But they need a visa for Saudi Arabia that has two types; E-visa and Umrah visa both valid for 2 weeks.

How to get a valid visa?


Here are some key points to getting an Umrah visa:

Approved agents’ services: It is essential to find an Umrah visa through approved agents in the UK. The travel agents not only offer Umrah packages from the UK but also do your visa services well.  They offer several packages but you can choose the best one that fits your needs.

  • Documentations: Make sure to complete all documents that are up-to-date and complete according to the Saudi ministry. Afterward, the agency will proceed with the documents with the visa application. Here is a list of documents:
  • Passport with visa paper: It is essential to pack all travel essentials and pay special attention to this factor. A passport is an essential thing to get entry into the KSA and submit your passport to the authorities in the kingdom.
  • Vaccination proof: Every pilgrim must provide proof of vaccinations against meningococcal meningitis.
  • New and passport-size pictures: It is advisable to keep at least 4 pictures with you. These may be attached with the visa application for the next procedure.
  • Approve of religion: If you convert to Islam, and have a non-Muslim name, then you have to provide verification papers from an Islamic center Masjid.
  • Saudi Riyals: Of course, the currency is also a part of Umrah’s journey. Therefore, it is better to bring minimum Riyals for immediate fulfillment of expenses.
  • Credit cards: For emergency needs, the pilgrims also keep their credit or debit cards for withdrawal money.
  • Last but not least, the pilgrims must have valid tickets to complete the itinerary full of peace.
  • Register on Umrah apps: Once you enter KSA, you need to register on Eatmarna and Tawakallna apps that contain all vaccination records. Even you can get a permit to enter in Masjid, so don’t forget to download such apps.

Apply E-visa for Umrah

Umrah is a most sacred Sunnah and strongly suggested Ibadah for Muslims. Fortunately, the UK residents have an opportunity to apply E-visa for completing Umrah. The Saudi government decides to take applications through the online system. However, it is a new and digital method for Umrah pilgrims. They can enter Saudi Arabia by providing biometric information into the App. And they get easily their visa to embark on the spiritual journey. The E-visa app is directly handled by the Hajj/Umrah ministry in Saudi Arabia to make a smooth process of visa. For E-visa you need to submit:

  • 6 months validation passport
  • Recent passport size pictures
  • Personal data and details
  • Current email address
  • Credit/debit cards

Umrah requirements for ladies

Women can enjoy the Umrah journey with Mahram males and they need to follow some rules. Of course, holy pilgrimages cannot be done without Mahram. According to Islam, Mahram is a male relative of the woman who has blood relations with her. It is sinful to go for Umrah with fake Mahram. Here is a list of things that every woman needs to follow for hassle-free Umrah:

  • Women above 45 can perform Umrah without a Mahram but she is required to submit NOC from their Mahram. But it is advised to do Umrah with an organized group.
  • Women who go on Umrah alone would not perform Ramal and never do Talbiyah loudly like men.
  • However, women should maintain a safe distance from the crowd.

Simple health advises

Simple health advises

Keeping yourself stress-free and healthy is another Umrah requirement in the UK for taking a part in spiritual pilgrimages. Of course, the pilgrims need to follow these steps:

  • Vaccinations

Taking Yellow Fever, Meningococcal Meningitis and Polio vaccinations are compulsory to get entry into KSA.

  • Staying comfortable

Saudi Arabia has a hot climate and people can get injured due to the heat and sun damage. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated, and sun-protected and bring all essential medications with you.

Avoid stress by booking with the Umrah agency

The vast majority of Umrah pilgrimage are happy, safe, and satisfied to get Umrah packages from the UK.  It never hurts to use the extra money on Umrah deals and stay safe with family. However, if you require further details about Umrah’s requirements in the UK, so don’t hesitate to keep in touch with the renowned agency.


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