Lessons Learnt From Successful Ecommerce Businesses: Use these in Your Hired Outsource Email Services

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Online retail is becoming more and more difficult with each passing year, no doubt about it. 

You do not have to be a seasoned eCommerce professional to know how difficult it is to make your place under that online sun and outbid hundreds (well, over 20 million to be more precise!) of competitors on the internet. 

One thing that, however, you can do is to take lessons from the seasoned and successful eCommerce businesses about one thing they have been leveraging since a long time – email marketing. 

Of course, you need to outsource email services, but that’s just the beginning. There’s a lot to learn from all the things that successful ecommerce ventures have done right. 

Tips from successful eCommerce businesses to use when you outsource email services 

A keen focus on user onboarding through welcome emails 

A welcome email is a great way to show all the new customers how much you appreciate them. And a successful eCommerce business knows that you have one chance to create a great first impression. Thus, if you want to follow their lead, let your email support services think about how to grab the attention of the readers. 

In fact, reports suggest that 33 percent of the customers feel more engaged with brands when they get a welcome email from them. Moreover, welcome emails are the perfect opportunity to offer a first-time-buyer/visitor discount to the customer. 

Usually, onboarding emails are a series of two to three messages that are sent to the newcomers to give them a smoother start. You can share informational content for lead nurturing. It can be a welcome video coming from the brand CEO, a short checklist, or a brief how-to guide. 

Getting the voice and tone of all the emails right 

Emails are more about the tone and voice than we realize, and you need to hit the nail on the head with this the first time.  

The idea is to know what you are offering and set the tone accordingly. For instance, a company delivering medicine can use the “your package has shipped” kind of tone. But the other company selling toys does not have to be so straightforward. For them, adding a gif or dancing penguins in the email might actually be considered cute. 

It is important for email customer support to be in the customer’s shoes. When you do that successfully, you can ask for the up-sell by putting in a couple of recommended products. 

The eCommerce companies that understand their customers this way know when to make that email up-sell to make it received positively. 

Invest time to segment the email list properly 

If there is one mantra that all accomplished eCommerce businesses know, it’s that ‘one size fits none.’ So, sending out the same email to all the customers on your list is not the way to go. 

User segmentation is a critical strategy to offer your leads and customers a more customized and personalized approach. Every user is different and comes with different interests. Thus, it is important to know the clients and get them segmented as per their preferences and needs. After this, you can focus on creating emails that are more suited to every group of clients.  

So, your email support outsourcing service has to know about the segments in your list. 

You need to send out different discount offers and messages to the site visitors based on their actions on the site. For instance, you will get first-timers, cart abandoners (more on this soon!), repeat visitors with one/multiple orders, visitors with no orders, and so on. 

Moreover, the businesses actively collect data through preference management centers, subscription forms, and user behavior on the website. All these details help them create completely personalized emails that get the job done. 

It is even better if you can get hold of historical data, where you can see the days of the week when the volume of transactions is at its peak. Get your emails to go by this pattern with the help of Email Support Services. 

Paying special attention to abandoned cart emails 

Abandoned cart emails are useful for the repeat and new customers who have been to the site, put items in their basket, and left without buying. In other words, they abandoned the cart. At least 69 percent of carts are abandoned by users. So, there is no way that a business won’t get its email support outsourcing service to work in this area. 

As per research, the abandoned cart emails have a high average conversion rate of 2.63 percent. Also, a high click-to-conversion rate of 21.78 percent. This is higher than all triggered eCommerce emails. 

Now, it is also important to understand the two kinds of abandoned cart email types: 

Abandoned cart email: 

Ask customers to complete the purchase in case they leave their chosen items in the cart. It is the kind of email that reminds your customers of the things they have left behind. Businesses typically send this within a day of the cart abandonment. 

Abandoned Cart Series:  

Email Support Services can ask customers to complete the purchase with a number of reminders when they leave the items in the cart. Think of this as an extension of the previous cart abandonment email. Many eCommerce businesses send follow-up emails three to five days after cart abandonment and usually offer a discount on the product. 

Getting email customer support on up-selling and cross-selling emails 

Up-selling and cross-selling emails are for the customers who have bought an item. The aim is to make them buy more products and increase the AOV (average order value) of the store. As per studies, these kinds of emails usually have a 6.84 percent click-to-conversion rate. 

There are several ways to accomplish this: 

All kinds of product follow-ups: 

Sending follow-up emails after a customer buys any product from the store. Such emails typically include similar products often purchased with the thing the customer bought. It’s almost like the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section of your site but for emails. 

Category follow-ups:  

It is about promoting related things after someone purchases from a particular category. Typically, these emails are used when a customer buys anything from a specific campaign. For instance, emailing the prompt for ‘Gifts for Mom’ might be helpful after someone purchases something from the collection titled ‘Gifts for Dad.’ 

Receipt follow-ups: 

Receipts from different purchases tend to be the highest opening rates, as per email support outsourcing service. At least 70 percent of customers will open such emails. Then, use this receipt for some additional legwork for your business. You can include discounts and offers to recommend friends. Businesses also ask for reviews on the products in these emails. Also, it helps to give the customers access to the exchange and return policy through email, in case they need to go through it once. 

Keeping a clear call to action with no ambiguity 

It is important to make your email support outsourcing team include a clear and precise call to action. 

An average user gets at least 88 emails each day in the inbox. So, your email would be like any other email for them. Regardless of how much effort you put in to send nicely designed emails with the necessary information, your customers get so many emails on a daily basis.  

And this is where the top eCommerce businesses use their acumen to stand out through their smart call to action (CTA). 

They know that they have mere seconds to make a person notice their call to action. So, they make sure that the action is instantly readable on the screen, and there is just one action to be taken instead of multiple ones. Thus, many businesses put their CTA on the subject line, instead of keeping it somewhere in the email body with proper assistance from Email Support Services. It makes the customers notice the CTA without even opening the email. How easy and effective is that? 

Also, the ones who are new to this might make the mistake of making the CTA all about themselves, rather than focusing on what the customers want. A successful business knows how to see things from the customers’ point of view, even in their CTA.  

The Bottom Line 

One thing is for sure – email marketing can go a long way when done right. And the successful eCommerce ventures have shown us time and again how to do it right. Do you want to know what else they did right? They chose a reliable and top name to outsource email services. And Wow Customer Support is that name for you. From dedicated email support to efficient chat support, you ask for it and we deliver. So, get in touch with our experts right away to take your email marketing game to the next level. 



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