Learn Which Drinks You Could Pair The Best With Indian Food

Indian Food

Pairing drinks with the food is a common trail people often follow to maximize their dining experience. But most often people do not think about such pairing while indulging in Indian cuisine.

Thinking about what to drink with Indian food is similar to asking what kind of drinks you would like to have in European cuisine. Both have an incredible vast menu. Do not worry like everything else, it too has certain pointers that could hopefully make the decision of pairing drinks a little easy.

 3 Pointers To Remember While Pauiring Drinks With Indian Food

  1. The first thing that you have to remember is, how spicy/hot is the food. Keep in mind not all Indian food is comparatively that spicy. There are options available in most Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay for the spice level and is categorized as mild, medium, and spicy. Based on the level of spiciness, you can pair your drink accordingly. For example, the hotter your food items are, the more cooling drink you must choose. Lassi works like a gem in such a situation.


  1. The second thing you need to keep in mind is the basic ingredients used in the main course, whether it is fish, meat, or veggies. It is not as vital as the spices or seasoning, but still, it does have certain effects in it. With another kind of dishes think to pair it with some lighter drinks, for fish and vegetables pair it with some fresher drinks and for meat choose something that has more full-flavor in it.


  1. The last point to remember is your own preference, what you choose should reflect what you are more inclined towards. If you are interested in Whisky- try it but dilute it with more water than normal. You are not into drinking alcohol- do not worry there are plenty of options for non-alcoholic beverages.


Drinks That Could Never Go Wrong

  • A glass of wine that goes well with Indian cuisine

In an Indian Restaurant in Sydney, you can get a glass of wine and enjoy the delicious Indian food. After all, it can never go wrong. Aromatic wines including Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer are some of the wines which are well paired with Indian cuisine.


  • Sparkling wine or champagne

It might not be an ideal pair with Indian curries but you could definitely try it with some Indian snacks or appetizers like samosas, fritters, or kebabs.


  • Indian whisky

If you are feeling a little frisky, you can try out the whisky. It is one of the most well-appreciated drinks in the sub-continent of India. This is why it pairs very well with Indian food items. Two tips you could follow before you order one for yourself. Always dilute whiskey with water, preferably more than normal. And second, try out some younger shelf whiskey, especially the Indian kind. Younger English whiskey includes Cotswold whisky single malt.


Final Comments

At The Grand Pavilion, try out delicious food items and pair them with some cocktails or other beverages to enhance your dining experience.


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