Learn! How to select the Perfect Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics
Choose the Nursing Research Topics

Most students write the research paper on the same couple of nursing topics. It does not matter if we are talking about evidence-based practice nursing topics or ethical topics in nursing. The truth of the matter is that students who want a top grade on their research should focus on finding exceptional nursing research topics

What makes nursing research topics exceptional? 

  • The nursing research topics must be original and very interesting. Find something that can pick the interest of your professor. You will not have enough content to write and your professor will figure out the eagerness to complete the research very quickly. Hence, it is suggested not to pick the most difficult nursing paper topics either. 
  • You will have a lot of work to do and it can take you days to complete the essay. Find the topic you are interested in today. Avoid discussing topics that no one cares about right now. Remember that your research must add value to academia. 
  • It’s difficult, but try to find a narrow, focused topic. Broad topics are too general and professors do not appreciate them. Precise the nursing research topic as per the geographical area, time frame, culture, and so on.

The Best Nursing Research Topics for Students 

Whether you are looking for quantitative nursing research topics or qualitative topics, you need to be aware that the topic you pick has a great influence on the final grade you get on your essay.

By taking the time to search for an original, interesting topic, you are showing to your teacher that you did put in the effort to write an excellent academic paper. 

Some of the Common yet Interesting Nursing Research Topic

Mental Health Topic 

Writing about mental health can be difficult and it is more difficult to select nursing topics for presentation. However, when the best topic has been selected the grades you can get on such paper are best for GPA. 

Mental health issues that are relatively easy to address are: 

  • The relationship between violent video games and mental health. 
  • Law enforcement officer stress. 
  • What Causes Depression? 
  • What is Bipolar Disorder? How can you relieve it? 
  • Ethical concerns of psychotic patients. Controversial issues in nursing 

Each of these above-mentioned medical causes is best to use for practice and choosing nursing research topics. It’s very easy to offend some listeners, so you need to be very careful when writing an academic paper about it. 

Nursing Research Topics to Avoid

There is various straightforward topic however, there are a few controversial topics. Some of them are: 

  • Does the shortage of staff affect nurses in the workplace? 
  • Working long hours reduces the quality of patient care. Nurses should receive bonuses related to patient outcomes. 
  • Nurses should be allowed to prescribe medication. Sometimes nurses are more important than doctors. Is Nursing a Female Job? 
  • Should nurses be paid the same as doctors?  
  • Elderly care 

These evidence-based practice topics for nursing are relevant to the elderly. If you are interested in taking better care of the elderly, these are topics for you. However, it might backfire but you can help change the world by writing about one of the following nursing research topics: 

  • Reduce cardiovascular risk in the elderly. 
  • What are the requirements for intensive care?  
  • How can I protect myself from Parkinson’s disease? Research on joint diseases. 
  • What is the Restless Legs Syndrome?  
  • An in-depth analysis of atrial fibrillation.  
  • Three ways to defend against a stroke.  
  • Nursing Careers 

Some Interesting Nursing Research Topic

  • Does it pay off to become a nurse? 
  • Analyze the diversity of care environments. 
  • The difficulty of a nurse practitioner. 
  • The stress effect of a night shift. 
  • What is a remote intensive care unit?  
  • 10 things you can do with your nursing degree.  
  • The three unique nursing career options.  

Ethical Nursing Research Topics  

Ethics is a major talking point when it comes to selecting the nursing research topic. Some of the common ethical nursing research topics include: 

  • The personal values of nurses.  
  • Do nurses have contractual relationships with patients?  
  • When can nurses refuse care?  
  • Ethics problems that are making nurses quit.  
  • Should nurses discuss ethics with their families? 
  • The ethical problems nurses face regularly.  

Pediatric Nursing Research Topic

If you love children and want to make a difference, there are some pediatric nursing research topics you can write about now. Here are some of the topics that seem to be the best: 

  • What Causes ADHD in Children? 
  • Fighting Childhood Obesity: Top 3 Ways. 
  • Pediatric nurse ethics. 
  • The link between vaccination and autism. What causes seizures in children?  
  • Social media and its effects on children`s psychology. The best treatment for speech disorders.  
  • What causes antibiotic resistance in children? 
  • Does healthy eating prevent obesity?  

Nursing Research Topics for Improving the Quality of Care 

These research topics in nursing are excellent options for many students. If you are concerned about the quality of your care service, write about one of the following topics: 

  • How to do pain management for kids
  • Analysis of human pain thresholds. 
  • What do you need to improve your care? 
  • Caregivers need to address quality issues. 
  • The best exercise to improve your mental health. 
  • Limit long night shifts and focus on individual patients.  
  • The role of nurses in improving the quality of medical services. 
  • Tools that caregivers can use to improve the quality of care.


Easy-to-research topics in nursing 

Want some topics for a nursing research paper, but don’t want to spend more than a day or two on your research? Here are some simple nursing topics you can use right now: 

  •  What is Phantom Limb Pain and Why Does It Happen? 
  • Three emergency room symptoms cannot be explained by drugs. 
  • Risk of premature birth. 
  • Is Telemedicine Effective? Telemedicine system problems. 
  • Three best ways to fight illness. 
  • Do opioids help heal bones? 

It doesn’t matter if you are writing an essay on a controversial nursing issue or a pediatrician. Most important is the quality of the topic and the quality of writing. Therefore, you need to do your homework and learn how to write an essay correctly. Citation and bibliography errors are not tolerated along with that tone, style, and vocabulary are also essential.  

Now that you know, nursing research writing has a very large set of rules and guidelines that you should strictly abide by. Follow the main guideline for selecting the right nursing research topic


Final Words

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