Learn Everything about Visa Subclass 482 in Australia


Visa Subclass 482 is a work visa that allows Australian companies to sponsor you from overseas to be a part of their business in Australia. The visa subclass 482 was introduced on 19 March 2019, and it replaced the subclass 457 visa that the DHA abolished. 

Visa Streams

If you possess the skills to get a job within the Australian sector, you could be eligible for the different streams of the TSS visas. You can select any stream that applies to you after referring to the skilled occupations list.  

There are three streams under the temporary skill shortage visa:

Short-term stream

This TSS visa stream allows employers to address labour shortages by hiring skilled workers who cannot find any skilled Australian workers. Under this stream, you can stay in Australia for two to four years if an International Trade Obligation (ITO) applies, and passport holders from Hong Kong could stay up to 5 years. 

The cost of this subclass 482 visa stream is about AUD1,290, and about 75% of the applications are processed within seven months. And 90% of them are completed within a year. 

Medium-term stream

This TSS visa stream allows employers to address shortages in workplaces by hiring skilled workers from overseas due to a lack of skilled workers in Australia. Over the years, many skilled workers have been hired from different countries under this stream.

Using this visa stream, you can stay in Australia for up to four years, and citizens of Hong Kong could stay up to five years. The cost of the medium-term TSS stream is around AUS2,690. The processing time for the medium-term stream TSS visa are as follows-

  1.   75% of applications: 5 months
  2.   90% of applications: 8 months

Your occupation needs to be on either the MLTSSL or the ROL to apply under this visa stream. Under this stream, you can live in Australia for up to four years.

 Labour agreement stream

This visa stream is for skilled workers nominated by firms that have initiated a labour agreement. This stream allows you to live and work in Australia temporarily. Labour agreements are formed between the Australian government and employers.

Under the subclass 482 visa stream, you can stay in Australia for a maximum of four years which could depend on the terms of the labour agreement. Hong Kong passport holders could live in Australia for around five years.

To apply for this visa stream, your employer needs to have a labour agreement with the Australian government under effect. The processing time for this TSS labour agreement stream are as follows:

  1.   75% of applications: 3 months
  2.   90% of applications: 7 months.

Subsequent entrant

This visa stream is for the family members who hold 457 and TSS visas and those who apply separately for the TSS visa. The stream is also for people who want to join 457 or 482 visa holders in Australia. You can stay in Australia under this visa as long as it is valid.

The cost of this visa stream is around AUD1,290, and there are no processing times available for this visa. This visa stream is particularly for the family members who hold 482 and 457 visas.  

What Are the Eligibility Requirements to Apply For a Subclass 482 Visa In Australia?

The general requirements of the TSS visa are:

  •     It would help if you had an occupation on the skilled occupations list
  •     You need to be nominated for a job position by an Australian employer who wishes to recruit you to work with them
  •     You need to possess the relevant skills and qualifications for your job
  •     You must have two years of work experience in the relevant occupation
  •     You need to have basic English language skills
  •     You need to satisfy DHA requirements for good health and character.
  •     If you are in Australia, you need to have a substantive visa or on any bridging visa to apply for the TSS visa
  •     There are no age requirements for this visa.

What Are the General Requirements for Employers To Apply for the Subclass 482 Visa?

The employers who sponsor overseas nationals to work in Australia need to fulfil the following conditions:

  •     Be a lawfully operating business
  •     Have no unpleasant information against the business
  •     Satisfy the salary and employment requirements
  •     Nominate a job position for the overseas worker that is genuine or full-time
  •     Provide Labor market testing evidence if required. 

How to Apply for the Subclass 482 Visa?

Below is a list of given steps that you need to undertake to apply for the subclass 482 visa:

  • The first step is to check if your occupation falls under the Skilled occupations list.
  • After this, you need to ensure to meet the eligibility criteria such as:
     Knowing the English language
      Arranging for health insurance during your stay in Australia
    – Meeting all the health and character requirements for the Australian visa.
  • Then it would help if you found an employer who wants to sponsor you to work for a job in Australia. The employers need to complete an employer sponsorship application online via the DHA (Department of Home Affairs).
  • You need to nominate yourself for the TSS visa when you find an employer. You can apply for the visa while your employer lodges their sponsorship application. Employers complete the nomination process via the DHA. 
  • Once your employer submits the employer nomination application, you are free to apply for the 457 visas online via the DHA.
  • After this, you need to wait for a decision; it could take several months for the DHA to decide on your visa application. In 2018, the TSS visa processing time was around 11 to 18 days.
  • After your visa application gets approved, you will receive your TSS visa and start making arrangements to work in Australia. You could take the help of visa consultants in Adelaide if you are unsure about the process.

Hire a Visa Consultant in Adelaide

If you want to apply for the TSS visa, you must undergo extensive research about the Australian visa and its various streams. You could contact a visa agent in Adelaide if you have difficulty filling up the visa application form. These professionals can also help you to stay updated with various visa changes.


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