Lagenlook Clothing: Best Clothing Style for Plus Size Women

women’s lagenlook clothing

You must have heard about women’s lagenlook clothing and many of you must have been aware about this term and style; for those who don’t know, lagenlook is a German word which means “layering look” or “layered look”. That means, it involves layering different outfits to give a unique look to a woman. Though the style emerged in Germany, this unusual, out of the box fashion style became famous all across Europe within no time. This unique fashion style goes well with everybody from different body shapes and sizes. It gives the liberty to make your very own, personal fashion statement.

Lagenlook clothing is the best for the plus size women, because many plus size women can choose their own personal style from this layering look. It flatters their body and gives them a unique look. Choosing different layers of garments to get an extraordinary look is in itself experimental and enjoyable and enhances the creativity power as well. Soft fabrics such as linen and silk are used for lagenlook clothing, thus making it comfortable for a plus size woman to wear them anytime, anywhere. This fashion style makes a plus size woman look smart and gorgeous. It is a best choice for the women who have gained weight due to some health issues, during pregnancy or after pregnancy.

Things to add to your Lagenlook Clothing Style

women's lagenlook clothing

Since Lagenlook clothing is all about wearing different layers of garments to get that funky look, you should have at least an idea regarding what garments to add to get this amazing style. So the garments that you should use for this style are, asymmetrical tops and tunic, drawstring skirts, leggings or jeans, scarves, cardigans, plus size tops, trousers, built-in layers clothes and statement accessories. They not only make your curves look flatter but also make you comfortable at the same time. It is best to  get these outfits and accessories from a retail store that specifically has taken the dealership of Lagenlook clothes. However, you can purchase these clothes and accessories online as well. For example, Belle Love Clothing is one of the best Italian online fashion stores to get lagenlook clothes. Italians are well known for their distinctive and quirky fashion style and Lagenlook Clothing style is one of them. Various well-known Italian brands such as Gucci, Jil Sander and Marni are famous for amazing lagenlook clothes.

Reasons to wear Lagenlook Clothes

Lagenlook clothes are for all body types, and for plus size women, it is a blessing. It gives a flattering look to the body. This style is suitable for all types of weather. Since it is made up of soft fabrics, it is very comfortable to wear. It makes a woman look expressive and aesthetic. Moreover, it gives a woman all the freedom to make her own fashion style by choosing different outfits and accessories of different colours, patterns and prints. And lastly, this style gives us a nostalgic feeling because of its similarity to Victorian and Edwadian style.

Lagenlook Clothing

How to wear a Lagen Clothing

There is a way to wear lagen clothing. Since you have to wear different layers of garments, it is very important to know which layer comes first and which comes the next. Also if different layers are worn properly, it gives you a fashionable and trendy look. You look smart and appealing, if lagen clothing is worn properly.

The first layer should always be your base. For this you can take a basic top or a t-shirt or a tank top and a pair of jeans or leggings of different colours like black, blue or grey. If you do not want to wear jeans or leggings, you can go for skirts as well. Moreover, if you want to wear a dress, wear it with a pair of tights, the colour of which must be coordinated with the colour of your dress.

Then comes the middle layer or the second layer. In this layer you can add an apron of different prints and different bright and vibrant colours.  You can also add a top or tunic of your choice, if you do not want to add an apron to the ensemble.

Lagenlook Clothing

In the third layer you can always add a light jacket or a vest or a long sleeved top or a sweater beneath the top. You can either choose the bold colours or the neutral colours for the third layer. If your first layer is a dress, you can choose a petticoat for your third layer.

You can add a jacket or a coat in the next layer. Lastly complete your look with a belt, a statement scarf and funky jewelleries.

Lagenlook clothing is all about flaunting your personality without any hesitation and fear. It is something in which you have to use your creativity to dress yourself in a fashionable manner. It is a best option for a plus size woman, if they want their curves to look flatter. Moreover, the best thing is that we get the freedom to wear different layers of garments in whichever manner we want without following any specific rule. So, if you have a plus size body,  women’s lagenlook clothing is a must in your wardrobe.


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