Kundli Analysis Can Open The Doors to Attract Wealth


Are you craving to get a financially independent live? There is nothing new in this. From a beggar to even the richest man in world everyone is directly or indirectly hustling to make more and more money.

In the accumulation of wealth people do endless efforts, work extremely hard or incessantly yet everyone doesn’t acquire the favorable results.

No one gets anything more than luck and ahead of time. You may have heard this various times. Sometime you can surely satisfy yourself with meaning of this proverb but it is not possible in every moment.

Placements and combination of celestial body in Natal chart decides destiny, and as their movements are changed with the time it is possible to get more than luck and ahead of time with astrological solutions.

Various planets form the Yogas and Dosas in Natal chart which favors or impact every domain of native’s life like education, wealth, health, career, marriage and others.

Some planetary positions in Kundli create wealth domain stronger and favorable and can make a person bring huge sums of money in life. With online astrology consultation one can examine the Janam Kundli or Birth Chart to gain the benefits of wealth Yogas.

In the below mentioned list you will get to know about astrological houses which forecast prosperity and wealth in Janam Kundli.

Houses responsible for wealth and prosperity

There are 12 houses which hold different value. Some are responsible for education some are for marriage and some for health.

Artha Houses are accountable for evaluating wealth and prosperity in horoscope. They are 2nd, 6th and 10th house.

These three houses are known as Artha Trikona and their combination with different other planets and houses decides financial prosperity in Horoscope.

2nd house is most important when it comes to stipulate money. It is called as Dhana Bhava which is related to personal finance and material possessions.  Ruler of this house is Jupiter, which is also called as Lord of Wealth.

A powerful 6th house reflects money and wealth created through finances and loan and a 10th house represents money earned from employment and other profession sources.

But only these three houses are not solely in charge of wealth. First and 9th house have an indirect role to play in gaining prosperity. These houses creates fortune and luck in Janam Kundli and if any malefic planet is placed in these houses entire horoscope gets weak and creates chances of poverty and illness.

Also, if lord of 6th, 2nd and 10th house is placed in any malefic house or any deleterious planets gets placed in Artha Houses then it adversely affect wealth prosperity in horoscope.

Although with online astrologer consultation, person can please such malefic planet and can exempt from terrific results.

I hope you are aware that Kundli analysis can make you rich. What are you waiting now? Hurry for free astrology consultancy to explore your Birth Chart.

Don’t be hopeless if your Natal chart doesn’t form such combinations. Astrology has solutions for each and every problem.

With astrological remedies you can gratify planets to create Dhana Yoga in your horoscope.


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