Kriptomat Exchange: A Beginner-Friendly Crypto Trading Platform

Kriptomat exchange

Cryptocurrency has become a popular concept today. Many crypto experts who kept a wrong notion about this new digital concept are now accepting it. The latest example is Paypal. We all are familiar with this big giant payment company. After all, we all use it for payment activities. But when it comes to trading on any cryptocurrency exchange especially for a novice trader, then it is indeed very challenging. But at the same time, you may feel at ease with the Kriptomat exchange. 

It is a good choice for all those who have never experienced crypto trading before. To convince you about it, I will tell you about its characteristics, security, and which are the cryptocurrencies and government-issued currencies it deals in, and more. After reading the article you can yourself figure out whether this crypto trading platform suits your needs or not. 


The foundation of the Kriptomat exchange was laid down around three years ago in February. This Estonia-based crypto exchange is more custodial and lets people do trading and purchasing. It is also the right platform for crypto storage. 

Just like every cryptocurrency exchange runs on its objectives, similarly, Kriptomat also follows its motive of creating a platform to make its users feel at ease. The best thing about this crypto exchange is it is not concentrated solely upon those with technical knowledge, but also on those without it. 

In that way, these people find it easy to navigate with no hassles. In other words, one can term it as a user-friendly exchange. There won’t be any confusion and lengthy characteristics including leverage and futures (trading and margin) you will find in this crypto platform. Security and transparency are the two main factors that will make you trust it. 


The introduction of the exchange is not the sole convincing reason to explore it. It requires strong reasons, and it is all possible if you become familiar with its advantages. So let us know which are those features that make Kriptomat exchange an ideal choice for novice traders. 

Secured Platform

Any new or inexperienced trader will surely be inquisitive to know the features of any crypto trading platform. But he focuses much upon the security factor. After all, it is worth not relying upon an exchange that does not promise its users this prominent feature. There is no point in choosing the exchange that does not guarantee the security of the information and assets of the user. 

Thankfully, Kriptomat exchange does not leave any loophole in guaranteeing this prime feature to its customers. In short, one can expect security of their assets and data on this exchange. This crypto trading platform has been licensed by a financial body of intelligence in carrying the exchange activity between crypto and government-issued currencies. Kriptomat exchange also gives services related to digital wallets. 

Kriptomat exchange asks users for verification checking and ensures to keep unlawful practices like money laundering and other financial frauds at bay. If time is another factor that bothers you, then let me tell you it won’t take away your time as the process of ID checking is much faster and simpler. This brings a valid reason for a beginner to experience crypto trading on this exchange. It uses special mechanisms that are very strict. Some of this include encrypted and cold storage methods. 

Deals In Major Cryptocurrencies

Another curiosity that grips a newbie trader is to know the number of cryptocurrencies a crypto exchange deals in. In that case, the Kriptomat exchange truly ranks among the best crypto exchanges when it comes to dealing in several cryptocurrencies. In this particular crypto trading platform, you can trade, purchase, and sell around thirty-one digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, TRON, ZCash, NEO, EOS, and more others. 

Supportive To Only One Fiat Currency

If you seem interested in a crypto investment like BTC, ETH, or any other altcoin, the best way to deal with it is the government-issued currency. Although, most of the crypto trading platforms do not favor much for these currencies (fiat) as it requires a lengthy and time-consuming process to begin with trading. But the good part is Kriptomat exchange does deal in it. And the worst is it deals in only one fiat currency which is EUR. You can prefer different payment options like debit/credit cards or bank transfers to purchase crypto with fiat. 

Other Benefits

Low fees, digital wallets, and availability in multiple countries including America (north & south), Africa, and Europe are some of its other benefits that make this exchange a perfect pick for beginners. 


So this is what you need to know about Kriptomat exchange. In this article, I began with a brief introduction of this crypto trading platform and then moved on to the advantages it provides to its customers. Whenever a person seeks to choose to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges, he confirms some of the pivotal factors including security, fees, and availability of cryptocurrencies. Kriptomat fulfills and excels in all these factors. So I think this becomes the valid reason to bet on it for crypto trading. To explore more other topics like recent blockchain jobs, you can flock on to the Cryptoknowmics site. 



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