Everything About Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in Nepal


The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, also known as the National Park, is a conservation hotspot located in the Terai zone of eastern Nepal that covers 175 kilometers of rugged terrain in the two pansies of Saptari and Koshi districts.

It consists of extensive wetland, lowland and grasslands in its lower elevation, with seasonal lowland floods that cut across the reserve’s borders. A network of tented camps and lodges dotting the lowland and marsh areas, which are scattered around the edges and low spots within the reserve. Mature swifts, white-tipped birds, spotted hyenas, lions, leopards, gazelle, hippos, crocodiles, deer, buffalo, wild goats, etc.

The Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve is one of the most popular destinations in and around Nepal, especially for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. The park was discovered in 1970 by British adventurers Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Robert E. Martin.

The two soon saw the park as a natural wonder and set up bases here for research and photography, which continue to this day. The reserve is home to a diverse range of wildlife including the Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Hyena, Gazelles, Hyacinth, Wild Cats, Buffaloes, wild boar, etc. The park offers a wide variety of hiking trails, camping, picnics and other leisure activities.

In addition to the wild elephants and wild cats, Nepal has many other large wildlife species. The Himalayan mountain range supports a rich variety of animal life, with the most famous species being Himalayan black bear, the Lesser Macropredite elephant and the mountain goat. These can be easily found in the central Himalayas.

However, the biggest attractions are the Himalayan wild horses – Thalassotherapy’s, wild bulls – the Dholpa, the Indian Lungwong, the White-rumped Bush Cow, the wild pigs, the Ashi and the Cuia.

There are also other important wildlife species such as the mountain sheep, wild pigs, wild cats, wild dogs, elephants, etc. Man made reserves are found in Nepal such as Manang and Everest national parks and even within the country. These special wildlife sanctuaries and parks provide shelter and safety to a variety of different wildlife species.

Nepal is home to many other interesting wildlife sanctuaries and parks too. In the north region of the country is the Dolpo wildlife reserve, a world heritage site. It is home to numerous large animals, such as the mountain goats, the wild elephants, wild cats and many more. The park is also very popular amongst tourists because of its natural hot springs. It is one of the best places in Nepal to visit for an eco tour.

For those who are looking for more specific species, there are several options for you too. The main wildlife reserve in Nepal is Churka-Kutung, a reserve for mountain goats. There are several other specialized wildlife parks that are excellent sources of information on specific species.

Explore the Rich flora and Fauna of Koshi National Park

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, located in the Terai region of Nepal, is an important reserve for the conservation of various species of wild life. The reserve is also known as the last natural habitat of Himalayan mountain bikers.

It covers almost 175 kilometers of sandy plain in the Saptari, Sunaris and Koshi basins of the Terai Region of Nepal. It consists of low marsh, low ground floods, low water table streams, sand ridges, wetlands and grasslands. It is home to many endemic wildlife species, most of which are critically endangered.

The Koshi Tappu reserve has been a home to different species of wild life since the time it was established in 1959. Most notably it has protected habitats for endemic species such as the Mountain Hornbills, Mountain Tigers, Hyenas, Primates, Wolf, Polar Bears, Caribou, Wild Cats, Deer, Jungle Cats, etc. The reserve is also home to many rare mammals, reptiles and birds.

Situated in a valley, the wildlife reserve has a beautiful view of Himalaya. At one end there is the valley of the river Ganges, on the other there are picturesque palm and pear trees with wild flowers and fruits. There are wild animals, reptiles and birds living in these valleys and forests. Among the inhabitants of Koshi Wildlife Reserve is Mountain Hermit, Snake, Hawk, Lion, Wild Cat, Bee, Owl, etc.

The park is well protected and has several campgrounds and bungalows, where tourists can stay overnight. It has a variety of accommodation options as well such as hotels, lodges, campsites, caravan sites, private lodges, etc. All these can be booked in advance through various agents and their websites.

Those who have the connectivity can also book rooms in these sites through their own cars. Another way to reach Koshi National Park is by taking the Nepal-bound buses which will drop you at the Talawa Pass which is the border between Nepal and India.

The wildlife reserve has a wide range of wildlife to explore. One can get the chance to spot elephants, lions, leopards, zebras, buffaloes, wild dogs, wild cats, monkeys, etc. If you like seeing different wild animals in different places, then this is the place.

While trekking to the base of the Himalaya, you will be able to see the snow capped peaks, glaciers, waterfalls, monasteries and sacred temples that have been preserved by the Buddhist monks for thousands of years. A trekking trip to Koshi will allow you to see the rich flora and fauna of the Himalayan region as well.

There are also many wildlife sanctuaries within the park. They provide a safe haven for many animals. Most tourists often take advantage of visiting these wildlife sanctuaries during their visit to Nepal. Besides trekking and birding, the wildlife reserve has organized many other activities that will make your visit to Nepal an unforgettable one.


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