Know refund policy before booking flight tickets on Avelo Airlines


Cancellation and Refund Policy of Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines is the newest airline at the Los Angeles-Hollywood area’s Burbank Airport. It was founded on the backs of two other successful low-cost carriers, Allegiant and Southwest Airlines. The majority of Avelo’s routes are point-to-point between smaller airports with minimal landing costs and no previous service. They also promote high aircraft utilization, which implies that, like Southwest, they keep their planes operating as often as possible. This is reflected in their route network, with destinations such as Las Vegas and Florida taking center stage. They also serve several smaller towns in California, including Redding and Eureka. Its fleet consists of six Boeing 737 aircraft at the moment. Further, have a look at the Cancellation and Refund Policy below:

Cancellation Policy:

According to Avelo Cancellation Policy, travellers have got access to cancel their tickets for free within 24 hours of purchase. Booking for the same must be made at least one week in advance of the departure date. It provides a variety of online and offline solutions for canceling all of the airline’s flights. When you wish to make any changes to any of your flights, you can easily do it with Avelo Airlines. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve changed your flight previously; all you have to do is go to the Avelo Airlines website and update your travel booking. Passengers must cancel in the same way they book to make the process as simple as apparent.

Refund Policy:

Some immediate emergencies may let you cancel the flights and getting a refund for the same is what you deserve. Avelo will give a fast refund if guests cancel their tickets within 24 hours after purchase. It’s significant to keep in mind that only refundable flight tickets will be reimbursed. If you purchase non-refundable tickets, the airline will not issue any returns. For getting a refund, fill in the refund form immediately and the refund will be generated to your original payment mode within 7-14 business days. Also note that if any flight gets delayed by 4 hours from the airline’s side, you have to contact the airline officials at the airport to receive the full refund.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can a person cancel Avelo flights for free?

Yes, passengers can cancel Avelo flight tickets for free during the risk-free period which is 24 hours after booking a flight with the airline.

  • What are the conditions of Avelo’s policy on early flight cancellation reimbursement?

Customer Support at (346) 616-9500 can refund you the ticket amount if you cancel within 24 hours of purchase and at least 7 days (168 hours) before travel.

  • What if an individual cancels their flight 7-14 days before departure?

A traveler must pay a $200 cancellation fee if they cancel their forthcoming flight 7-14 days before the departure date.

  • How to cancel Avelo flights?

For cancellation, go on to Choose the “My Bookings” option at the top of Avelo’s webpage. The entries for your booking reference number and last name are necessary to fill here. In the search box option, type your search word. You’ll be able to see information about your flight on the screen. Now based on your decision, simply click on cancel tickets.

  • How much do you need to pay for altering a flight at Avelo?

If the new flight is more expensive than your previous journey, you must pay the difference. If your replacement flight is less expensive, the difference will be kept in Avelo Travel Funds for the originally booked customer(s) as long as travel is completed within one year of the date your travel funds were granted.

  • What is the latest time, one can cancel Avelo flights?

You can change or cancel your flight up to 15 minutes before its scheduled departure.

  • What happens if a passenger cancels a flight 15 minutes before it is scheduled to depart?

Avelo Travel Funds will be issued in such a situation for cancelled reservations, which can be used on a future Avelo flight. Online at, you can book a new trip with your Avelo Travel Funds.

  • What is the refund policy for the Avelo early flight cancellation?

Reservations cancelled within 24 hours of purchase and at least 7 days (168 hours) before departure may be reimbursed to the original mode of payment by calling Customer Support at (346) 616-9500.

  • What to do with cancellation and refund if one has booked flights via third-party sites?

If the passengers have enlisted the help of a third party in the booking process, they must cancel directly through that channel. Passengers will not be able to make any changes via the official site.

  • Can travellers get free cancellation after the 24-hour risk period is over by any chance?

The 24-hour time is required and should be adhered to by all passengers. Even if travellers cancel their tickets 30 minutes after the risk-free cancellation period has expired, the airline will impose a fee.

  • How to perform the cancellation process via call?

A group of articulate experts leads the airline. Call +1-844-673-0381 and explain your case to the executive allocated to you. Before beginning any cancellation-related process, the executive would place you on hold to check the status of your cancellation. After some time has passed, the customer service representative will advise you of the procedure and charges (If any). As per Avelo Airlines’ Cancellation Policy, a reimbursement will be issued immediately upon the cancellation.

  • What is the usual timeframe for getting an Avelo airlines refund?

The refund usually takes 7–14 business days to appear in your account. The refund procedure varies according to the type of tickets purchased. While travellers with local reservations receive refunds quickly, those with overseas reservations may have to wait longer.

  • What is the ruling on a delayed flight?

Passengers who contact Avelo officials at the airport can request a full refund if their flights are delayed for more than 4 hours. Make certain to immediately fill out the return form.

  • Can a traveller get a refund on non-refundable tickets?

Passengers who have purchased non-refundable tickets cannot expect a return unless they cancel their tickets during the risk-free 24-hour period.

  • Where does the airline make reimbursement?

If the payment done with a credit card at the time of reservation, the refund will be processed in the same way. If you paid with cash, however, the airlines will contact you shortly to obtain your account information to process the reimbursements.


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