Know amazing unheard things about dogs

unheard things about dogs

Dogs unheard things about dogs have been kept as pets by humans since ancient times. Years ago, dogs were wild like wolves but gradually mixed with humans and became pets.

Even today, dogs living in the forest are hunters like videos and they can attack humans. Many breeds of dogs are found all over the world.

A dog is such an animal that can read the feelings of humans, that’s why I am happy in the happiness of humans and whenever their owner is sad, they also become sad. The dog is the only animal that does not leave the human side under any circumstances, it always maintains friendly behavior with its owner.

dog anatomy (unheard things about dogs)

The dog is a quadrupedal animal, its legs are separated from the shoulders, due to which it is able to run fast. Dogs have sharp nails on all four feet. A dog has two bright eyes. There is a tail on the rear legs of the dog.

Dogs have two ears to hear different types of sounds. Different species of dog are found all over the world, in which someone’s body is big, someone’s hair is big on someone’s body, then someone’s small is like this, different colors are also found in their colors.
The dog’s neck is short and thin, the dog’s anatomy and behavior resembles that of wolves and foxes, it is believed that their ancestors were the same.

A dog is a mammal, so I feed my little puppies with milk.

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Characteristics of dog

(1) The scientific name of the dog is Canis Lupus Familiaris and the name of the female dog is bitch in Hindi language and the name of the baby dog ​​is a puppy.

(2) There are 42 teeth in the mouth of an adult dog and 28 teeth in the mouth of a small dog.

(3) Compared to humans, there are 13 types of blood in the dog, whereas there are only four types in humans.

(4) Even a small child of a dog is as intelligent as a human child.

(5) Dog can also dream like humans and understand the feelings of people like humans.

(6) Sweat comes out of the dog’s body only through the nose and paws.

(7) The life span of a dog is 15 to 20 years.
(8) The German Shepherd dog’s nose contains 220 million cells compared to humans, whereas humans have only 20 million cells, due to which they can smell any odor or aroma from a distance.

(9) The dog can recognize its owner only by smell and remembers him for years.

(10) A dog can make ten different types of sounds from its mouth.

(11) The hearing capacity of a dog is much higher than that of humans, it can even hear a sound of 35,000 decibels per second, whereas a human can only hear a sound of 20000 decibels.

(12) There are 3 eyelids on the eyes of a dog.

(13) According to an average estimate, a dog can give 6 to 8 babies at a time.

(14) Whenever a dog is happy, it wags its tail vigorously and licks its owner.

(15) The dog is the only animal that can find out by looking into the eyes of humans, how a person is feeling at this time, that is why the dog is happy when humans are happy and when there is an atmosphere of sorrow, the dog also cries together.

Dog food

The dog can eat meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, rotis, etc. in food, it is omnivorous like humans, earlier it used to eat only meat but since humans have started keeping it as a pet, it has also started eating vegetarian food. About Pigeon in Hindi
If chocolate is fed to a dog, it can also die because chocolate contains an element called theobromine, which acts as a poison for the dog’s body.

Use of dog (unheard things about dogs)

Dogs were used by humans in ancient times to protect against parasites and to carry goods, but today it is used to keep thieves away from homes.
The dog is also used by the police to detect explosives and track criminals.

The dog also protects its owner from other persons and animals. A sensible dog also informs the police when the owner is in trouble. Information about horse in hindi
At present, dogs also work in police departments, scientific research centers, railways, the army, etc.
Currently, dog races are also organized for entertainment. Traveling is enjoyed by tying sleds behind dogs in snowy places.

Breed of dog

There are different types of dog breeds in the world, some of which are named as follows-
Bulldog, German Shepherd, Akbash Dog, Arieze Pointer, Basenji, Barbet, Blue Lacy, Boxer, Briard, Cairn Terrier, Cane Corso, Polish Greyhound, etc.

Interesting Dog Facts

1. There are about 400 million dogs and hundreds of their breeds in the world.

2. Dogs are believed to be descendants of wolves. 99% of their DNA is similar to that of a wolf.

3. The average life span of a dog is about 10 to 14 years. But his brain is the same as that of a 2-year-old man.

4. Generally, small breed dogs have a longer life span than large breed dogs.

5. The life span of pet dogs is also longer than that of other dogs.

6. Like human fingerprints, the nose prints of two dogs are unique.

7. Dog’s ability to see in the dark and in the morning is very good.

8. In the dark, dogs use their whiskers to pick up on subtle changes in air currents. This gives them a better understanding of the environment and helps them see in the dark.

9. Puppy dogs have 28 teeth and adult dogs have 42 teeth.

10. Dogs have three eyelids, one of which is there to keep their eyes moist and protected.

11. While the normal human body temperature is 97-990 Fahrenheit, the dog’s normal body temperature is 101-101.20 Fahrenheit. If the dog’s body temperature drops below 990 or goes above 1040 Fahrenheit, it is serious for its health. He should be taken to the doctor immediately.

12. Dogs are good swimmers.

13. The dog’s brain is only one-tenth the size of the human brain.

14. A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times that of humans. Humans have 5 million scent glands, while in dogs it can range from 125 to 300 million depending on the breed. The object once smelled is recognized by the dog the next time also. Due to this quality, dogs are used to detect explosives and narcotics.

15. There is such a place in both the nostrils of the dog’s nose, where there are many smell-sensitive cells. These are called ‘chemoreceptors’. These chemoreceptors look like hair and are always wet due to mucus. These cells are connected through nerves to the ‘olfactory bulb’ of the brain. The larger this part is, the greater is the dog’s ability to smell.

16. The healing power of dogs is 5 times more than that of humans. Humans can hear sounds ranging from 64 to 23000 Hertz, while dogs can hear from 67 to 45,000 Hertz. With age, the hearing ability of both humans and dogs begins to decline.

17. A dog is able to locate the source of sound in 6/100th of a second.

18. There is a misconception among people that dogs are colorblind. but it’s not like that. Their eyes do not have receptors for red color. That’s why they see colors in shades of black and white or shades of blue and yellow.

19. Dogs can dream like humans. Moving their legs while sleeping is a sign that they are dreaming.

20. Dogs are left and right-handed like humans.

21. Where there are 4 types of human blood – O, A, B, AB. At the same time, there are 13 types of the blood of dogs.

22. A dog’s sense of smell decreases by up to 40% when the body temperature rises or when it is gasping.

23. Dogs do not sweat on any part except the toes. Its only sweat gland is between the toes.

24. Dogs have more than twice as many muscles in both ears like humans. Where humans have 6 muscles in their ears, dogs have 18 or more muscles in their ears.

25. According to Brady Barr of National Geographic, the bite force of a dog is 320 pounds / square inch.

26. There is so much acid in the dog’s urine that it can even dissolve the metal. So keep them away from valuable metal items.

27. It is estimated that about 21% of dogs snore in their sleep

28. Most dogs’ paws smell like corn chips. This is due to the production of sweat and bacteria on the toes.

29. When dogs bark at each other, they adjust their barking pitch to sound different from others.

30. The same “love hormone” called oxytocin is released by dogs and humans. Due to this hormone, both humans and dogs have a strong bond with their friends.

31. The breeding period in dogs is about nine weeks.

32. On average, a bitch can give birth to four to six babies at a time.

33. Dog puppies are blind, deaf, and toothless at birth. With the help of the heat sensors of their nose, they are able to find their mother.

34. After birth, the dog’s body develops rapidly. Within four to five months of birth, they attain half their body weight. It takes them a year or more to gain the remaining weight.

35. Dog puppies sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day during the rapid body growth phase. Whereas adult dogs sleep 10-12 hours a day.

36. Dogs are omnivores. This means that they eat meat as well as grains, fruits, and vegetables.

37. Dogs are animals that live in groups. They don’t like to be alone.

38. According to a study by Cornell University, dogs were domesticated between 9000 and 34000 years ago.

39. The best age to bring a dog puppy home is 8 to 12 weeks.

40. The oldest breed of dog in the world is the Saluki, which originated in 329 BC. took place in Egypt.


A dog is a good pet that always treats humans in a friendly manner. We should never hurt dogs. unheard things about dogs They cannot speak but they can understand our feelings, so we should always love them.
If dogs are treated properly, they, in turn, protect their owner and also protect the house. We should always treat all beings well because their life depends on us. If we treat dogs and other animals well, they will also treat us well.


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