Keys to Professional Cosmetics Boxes Packaging – Quick Guide for New Brands


When you purchase any cosmetic product, the only reason you buy it is that you find the quality of the item to be impressive. But at the same time, the product’s packaging is an important factor that plays an equally important role. Whether your beauty products are meant for men or women, you should ensure that the box’s packaging is done dramatically to make it appear attractive on shelves. If we talk about the Cosmetic Boxes packaging, they are the ideal way to target the customers towards your brand.

It contributes to boosting sales and improving the brand name not just for the old but also for the new customers. Never forget that straight away from the box designs to the labels, each one of the aspects will impact the customer to go through decision-making.

Different Types of Cosmetic Box Packaging Ideas for Cosmetic Brand

It’s a fact that a creative and well-designed cosmetic item helps send a specific message to the brand. This is the true beauty of the custom box packaging for your entire cosmetic brand. You can have the packaging get customized with the brand message to interact with the customers better without any hassle.

You can create the cosmetic packaging boxes and labels for any of the products such as:

  • Cream boxes & lotion boxes
  • Skincare boxes
  • Facial serum boxes
  • Spray bottle boxes
  • Glass bottle boxes
  • Beard oil boxes
  • Perfume boxes
  • Bath bomb boxes
  • Soapboxes

We know that when we talk about the cosmetic industry, it is all about moving into the world of beauty. Straight away from setting some new beauty trends and thus promoting the beauty products, each side of your cosmetic item should appear excellent.

No brand can achieve success until and unless they are not having the high target of the customers. To let your cosmetic brand be successful, it is imperative to add the packagings with that attractiveness, which can attract the customer in just one go. Remember the rule of love at first sight to target customers and to grab their attention forever!

Tips to Follow for Choosing Great Cosmetic Packaging Boxes 

  1. Getting a custom look

When you enter into a beauty market, you will witness numerous brands revolving around you all the time. This is when you realize that the market competition is extremely high, and it isn’t easy to make the final decision.

Always see that the art of quality packaging plays a major role in selling the physical shop or the online one.

If you see in the MAC or the Sephora shop, you will see that the product quality and the packaging designs play a major role. Packaging will enable the product to look unique over the retail shelves in the tough market competition.

When you are selling online, not all cosmetic brands display the box in the product presentation. But as the client gets the order, usage of the nice box will often add some value to the experience. These all details will add a high reputation to the brand name.

Try to play with the colors and make sure the blend of color is unique. You can often choose to and some coatings and lamination to create the cosmetic boxes with uplifting effects.

  1. Selecting high-quality cardstock

Once you have finalized the Cosmetic Packaging design, the next thing you need to be careful about is the selection of the paper for the box manufacturing. Whether your product is fragile, it would help if you chose the durable cosmetic box. Plus, it should look nice in the overall appearance as well. These two major qualities will end the product being high-end in front of buyers.

Cardstock is generally available in four different types which are:

  • 17.2pt Premium White Paperboard
  • 19.2pt Premium White Paperboard
  • 19.2pt Premium Metallized Paperboard
  • 18pt Brown Kraft Paperboard

It would help if you had the paper be sourced from the paperboard supplier who is fully committed to sustainable results delivery. Wood and paper are made from 100% sustainably-managed forests.

  1. Using innovative finishes and coatings

It is an excellent idea to achieve different results with some special laminates, coatings, and extras. This includes the following:

  • Soapbox with foil
  • Cosmetics boxes
  • Cosmetics box with the deboss

Involvement of debossing and embossing is excellent to bring some dimensions into the boxes. Foul touch is great to add the box packaging with luxurious results. In addition, printing on metallic paper is also great to add some shine into the box from all angles. Laminates or coatings can also transform the whole box beautifully.

You have complete freedom to add as many coatings and finishes into the box to add some life into the final results. Go for it now!

  1. Choosing the right box size

It would help if you were careful about selecting the right packaging sizing that suits your product requirements. If the product is small, you should go with the box’s packaging, which is small as well. Never choose a big box for the small items. This will look a bit unimpressive.

If the size of the box matches the template, you should use any of the templates for free. Some of the sites are available with the box library to choose the best box dimensions.

To let your product stay safe at the time of shipping, you can add the packaging with extra inserts as well. This is how the product will remain secure against any cracks or scratches.

  1. Stay eco-friendly

Selecting eco-friendly solutions for the boxes means that you have to break your pockets. Is this true? Customers are so conscious about finding eco-friendly packaging and products.

You can have the inks and the paperboards available with the recyclable nature, which is eco-friendly. If you know what your ideal customer is looking for, you should always highlight that aspect in your packaging box design. Make the printing work add extra creativity to make the box look unique. This will attract the customers for sure.

  1. Getting the order of 250 boxes at once

When creating the new products, you should always jumpstart with the sales with the minimum quantity of 250 boxes as per order. But to add with some extras, you should place the minimum order of 50 pieces.

Involvement of the low minimums is best to test how the customers will react to the products without even committing thousands of boxes all at once.

  1. Enjoying some bulk discounts

If you want to save your money, you can make it happen by placing bulk discount offers. Many packaging companies hence offer discount offers by placing the order packaging in bulk orders. This can be a beneficial option for you to hence save much of the money without even breaking your pockets.


If you really want your cosmetic boxes to look unique and creative then opt for the latest box designs right now and make your brand be the prominent one. Be creative and add the box with the finishing options which are excellent and fall according to customer requirements.


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