Key Custody: Who can you Trust to Keep your Keys?


The keys are unfortunately one of the most lost objects while they are the guardians of our home! Suffice to say that entrusting them to passing visitors is not without some apprehension. In response to this problem, key security is a booming service peripheral to that of platforms. It avoids intermediaries, complications and risks of loss. Explanations.

 Key security: a new solution

What if you had a virtual reception that would distribute your keys remotely, under your supervision? This is a bit like the concept of, a key guarding service that allows you to manage your key handovers in a secure manner. has already changed the lives of many Airbnb companies and owners. Find out why!

But who is affected by short-term rentals on Airbnb? Lots of busy people who do not have the time to be present to hand over their keys. We think in particular of people who often travel or those who rent a second home far from their main home. The use of key guarding is providential for them because it allows them to entrust this delicate task to a professional. No more worry about the reliability of the relay, because only their traveller, thanks to a personal QR code will be able to collect the keys. In addition, anonymity is respected because only the recipient of the keys has knowledge of the address to which the keychain corresponds.

Keys are often a problem when they are central to the organization of a vacation rental. Very often, they travel from the hands of a neighbour to that of the cleaning lady, only to return to the hands of another intermediary. If one of the relays makes an oversight, the consequences can be dire. Key security has the advantage of minimizing the risks linked to the human factor. It also offers you the guarantee and the seriousness of professionals, who work according to strict procedures. What’s more, you keep control over your keys, because a notification alerts you, in real-time, to each new movement.

The mistakes not to make with your keys

A seasonal rental should not be a source of hassle for owners. Unfortunately, keyrings that travel from hand to hand don’t always help them sleep peacefully, and for good reason: some practices are dangerous.

Leave the key under the doormat or in a flowerpot

If you are used to using this method to pass on your keys to friends or children, you may dare to use it with your Airbnb travellers. This practice is however to be avoided. Know, in fact, that it is well known to burglars! Locating your hiding place can be child’s play for them and they will then gain access to your home without breaking in! Beautiful problems in perspective to be compensated for the burglary by your insurers, when a keyguard would have saved you the day!

Rely on unreliable people

Never give your keys to someone you don’t know well and who offers this service a little too quickly. If you live far away, she can take the opportunity to settle in with you and happily squat there without your knowledge. Does that sound surreal to you? Be aware that such situations sometimes happen. If you don’t have any reliable family or friends around, Professional Key Guarding solution keeps you safe from a lot of trouble and is by far the safest.

Entrusting your keys to a professional like MyLoby has a very reasonable cost. In addition, it can be deducted from the rental price. A real innovation to let new travellers enter under your roof, with real peace of mind!


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