Key Concept of Business Plan / Implementation In 2021

Planning of business

The article’s motive is to have the hands-zone knowledge of how a business plan is first drafted. The second step is that it goes with the process of proofreadings. It is finally moving with the implementation process.

Let’s have an overview of the business plan of how it works?

Marketing Vision

Our Company’s remarkable difference is our strength that makes us different from our competitors by providing the consistent quality we accomplish our aims and objectives. Our daily meetings for customer satisfaction with the staff are our core aim. We keep the quality of our products and the joy of each customer our priority. Our vision is to make it to the “Go to” brand for all sort of furniture’s and make it to the international benchmark.


Setting a goal plays an influential role in managing the performance’s tracking and identifying the areas of weakness. In a case, if the Company is interested in knowing what their sales are? How well they perform? Measure last year with the current year; then one needs to accomplish goals.

Personal Goals

The goals which are personal in nature include the following aspects:

  • Expanding the branches globally.
  • Satisfied employees.
  • Sponsored Vacations for top employees.
  • Strong brand image.

Business Goals

Just as the personal goals we have business goals which include:

  • Expanding the branches globally.
  • Monthly income of 50 million.
  • Satisfying customer’s service.
  • Worldwide delivery.
  • Increase market share.
  • Increased customer loyalty

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals are distributed as the strategy-wise which also have the different category wise workings:

  • Managing standards as high as possible.
  • International recognition.
  • Increasing strategic alliance with global brands.
  • Expansion of business with having different branches internationally.

Tactical Goals

The last type of goals is the tactical goals which also works as having the set of tactical implementation. This factor works as having the business tactics which in results ultimately leads to success:

Ensuring all customers our properly instructed with all details which would increase their satisfaction.

  • Maintaining a healthy and long-term relationship with customers
  • Providing staff with the motivation, rewards so that they keep working smart for the brand.
  • Not compromising on the quality standards
  • Receiving honest word of mouth and trying to solve the negative feedback and maintaining customer satisfaction high.


The tagline “Sharing home needs and caring” is our primary purpose of establishing the international market’s brand. We have the motive to make the brand image healthy and stand on the level above the competitor. Game purposed is fulfilled up when the expected creativity is created in the mindset.


All our branches are well designed with the latest technology and features. All the components have air conditioning and bright lights to create a shopping friendly environment. Hygiene factors are our primary concern and priority which we always look into. This creates a very calming and attractive environment for our customers. All our employees are well dressed and well-spoken to address the customers. They make the image of the brand in a way where the credibility of the brand is developed.

Gap Dashboard

Our aims and objectives concerning business, personal and strategic goals are the basis for measuring the performance’s critical concepts. We have estimated achieving as per the estimated figures explained below. If it works as per the planning’s, we will be the customers’ primary focus brand.

Business Plan Implementation

Ideal Customer

We offer furniture’s in different designs and styles to suit the buyer perfectly, such as beds of a customized kind for customer’s room size. Office furniture in different style and materials to work the buyer the best in terms of price, the quality and the design. Our Company also provides products that attract children below 12, including products like books, magical painting kits, toys, and bean bags.

Market Description


The targeted age group is newborn – old age, whereas the estimated revenue yearly basis, is 15 million. It is part of the private sector industry.


With looking at the lifestyle needs, wants and demands of the customer. Habit Company covers each category, not only focusing on the furniture. They also have a kitchen appliance, Kids toys, books and type of needed material.

Our believes and goals are to make sure that all our customers have the chance and availability to shop under one roof for all sort of home appliances to provide high-quality merchandise.

Since our Company produce in bulk, our main fear is that a faulty product reaches a customer and damages our brand image.


Sponsoring sports events, funding charity and promoting campaigns like go green.


Our customer varies from individuals to firms to large companies and multinationals. They can be located in the same city or different cities around the nation as we deliver nationwide. Our next objective is to go global.

Furniture, Home Decor, Home Textiles, Dining & Entertainment, Kitchen & Food, Home Care, Personal Care, Lighting, and Outdoor Furniture & Accessories.

Remarkable Difference

Firstly, our raw material (wood, metal, and aluminium) is thoroughly checked by our TQM team for its optimal quality before it is sent to the manufacturing factory for the final product (Beds, tables and chairs). Once the final product is ready, it goes through the TQM team to ensure its quality.

All of our sales representatives our well trained about the products which the Company offers. We train our employees on global benchmarks through universal trainers and online programs which would, in return, help the buyers understand the product and its features the best.


  • Free delivery around the city.
  • Free installation around the nation.
  • Guarantee a free replacement for damaged products.
  • Free polishing
  • High Quality
  • Expert and accurate TQM time.
  • Design as per the trend
  • Customization of design
  • Better alliancing factor
  • Outlets available all over the country.
  • Outlets in a prime location which is convenient for its target customers.
  • They are offering their products in instalments to its customers.

Final Thought

The final thought of the article is that before starting the business implementation. One needs to make on the plans known as the business planning’s / marketing planning’s and then move with performance. Just as the Business Application’s works, there is a set of rules that all the work/tasks cannot be completed using the manual strategies. If so the person will lack behind that would result only in not reaching a set of clients. In short business, the application is necessary for the Business operation. Just a few things are required for the other aspect.



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