JCPenney owned the Golden Rule Store


According to the Golden Rule, you should treat your customers the way you would like to be treated.

A Matter of Customer Care

Thirty years ago, when I first moved to Long Beach, California, I realized that I would have to purchase drapes. At JCPenney, an elderly woman approached me. Instead of simply pointing me to the ready-mades, she took the time to inquire about my preferences. It was a matter of customer care.

When she realized that I had no idea how to measure my windows, she kindly and patiently explained the process to me. After that, she showed me some of the items they had on hand. Finally, I returned with the measurements I had taken after thanking her. She was still there to help me make decisions.

After that, I went to her supervisor’s office to thank her for her exceptional service. According to the manager’s response: “Yes, she’s been recognized numerous times for her outstanding customer service over the years.”
Having recently relocated to New York City, I was in need of drapes for a bedroom window. By chance, I stumbled into a big sale at JCPenney’s on a Saturday morning. I concluded that I had arrived in the abyss of doorbusters. Several of us sat patiently while the four saleswomen dealt with customers.

Assisting Customers

Why? Because they kept telling us that they would be here soon. A woman dialed the company’s phone line to request that someone be summoned to the office. They were on their way in less than ten minutes.

Another kindly excused herself from assisting customers with custom orders in order to expedite the checkout process. Smiles on their faces, everyone is in good spirits.

When I got home, I placed an online order for an additional item. It was my fault that it was received incorrectly. The people who answered the phone were nothing short of wonderful.

It all started with customer service at JCPenney coupons.

Golden Rule

When JCPenney’s first dry goods store opened, its original name was The Golden Rule Store. On this site, according to Penney, “The store’s sign was more than just a trade name to me. “Golden Rule Store” is the literal translation of our company slogan. By providing the community with honest service, we hope to build a strong foundation for a long-term business. We decided on a 7 a.m. opening time after establishing the importance of a new store by opening at sunrise on the first day. At closing time, no one seemed to be on their way to the store. It had to be at least midnight on a Saturday night for that to happen. At 9 a.m. on Sunday we decided to open our store instead of making perpetual motion machines of ourselves.”

To truly serve the customer, JCPenney’s had a focus that they were truly there to do so.
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