Is XReslover a Scam?


XResolver is a website or database that stores publicly available information about gamers’ IP addresses. This is a useful tool when you want to track down online gamers, and also prevent yourself from being blacklisted. This website is free to use and does not require any payment to blacklist an IP. However, you should be aware of its many risks. Below are some tips that you should consider before you buy xResolver.

xResolver is a database/website that stores publicly available information regarding gamers’ IP addresses

While video games are supposed to be fun and entertaining, some players are getting carried away and attempting to get revenge. XResolver aims to stop this anti-social behavior and the related crimes online by compiling publicly available information on gaming IP addresses. Not only does this website list publicly available information, but it also records relationships between gamertags and online profiles.

The xResolver website was created in 2017 and works on Xbox and PlayStation. Other features include the ability to change your PSN and Xbox gamertag, change your phone number, and perform Nmap port scans. XResolver is very popular amongst gamers and can be used to find the IP address of anyone playing their favorite games.

xResolver offers premium and free accounts. Premium members can store an unlimited number of IPs, while free accounts can only store 25. The premium accounts have unlimited storage space, which is useful if you’re a fan of scrapers, but you need to pay extra for this feature. The only downside is that the blacklist feature only works on one Gamertag, so you need to make a separate purchase for each Gamertag.

It helps you find online gamers

Using a gamertag logger is an excellent way to identify other online gamers. Many gamertag loggers only allow you to search for certain gamertags, but xResolver makes this easier with a database of millions of Gamertags. It is also easy to use, and can work offline or online. However, if you are worried about snooping on your friends, you can also try the website-based IP logger Bootyou. It has a very easy to navigate portal that is extremely useful for finding other gamers.

xResolver works on any device and allows you to locate online gamers from anywhere. You can use it on any device to reveal someone’s IP address and other information associated with their Gamertag. Even better, it protects your own IP address from being exposed. While web scraping through IP addresses is technically illegal, it is not a crime. And with the help of xResolver, you can find a gaming partner in no time.

It allows you to blacklist yourself

Xresolver is a software that enables users to easily resolve Xbox and PlayStation Gamertags. This software resolves usernames into IP addresses, enabling users to enjoy safe online gaming. Users are also able to blacklist themselves, making them more resistant to third-party booters. The software has many benefits, including the ability to blacklist yourself and resolve IP addresses. Xresolver is free to download and uses AI bot engines to detect IP addresses and provide detailed information on who owns the IP addresses.

Xresolver is compatible with all web browsers and devices, including the Xbox. It works with the Xbox when connected to a monitor or computer through HDMI input ports. It also allows users to conceal their original IP address with VPN or by changing their IP address manually. If you don’t want to spend money, you can also blacklist yourself for free by restarting your router or calling your ISP.

It is a scam

The Xreslover is a web-based service that purports to resolve disputes among online gamers. It collects names, IP addresses, and Gamertags of players, and then uses thousands of bots to scrape the web and blacklist them. While this is completely legal, it can still leave a bad taste in the mouth of a gamer. So, how do you tell if it is a scam?

Xresolver is a fake service that offers to remove an IP address from Xbox Live gamer profiles. They use a database to obtain this information, and subsequently sell this information to people. Xreslover claims that these IP addresses are publicly available, but this is untrue. The website also claims that the information is protected under the law. While the service may sound like a nice idea, it’s a scam.


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