Is Search Engine Optimization Dead in 2021?

Why SEO is not dead in 2021

Are you wondering if you should invest in search engine optimization (SEO) or not? If it is still a valuable and viable marketing strategy for 2021? 

Many debates have been conducted on the death of SEO. In 2020, some stated that it is the end of SEO. But, what are the possible reasons for such imaginations? An industry that has a history of more than 20 years would end that easily?

The answer is, SEO is not dead, some of the SEO techniques are!

The emergence of voice search, digital PR, and TikTok along with new social networks have grabbed more attention in recent years. 

Many people think that if Google takes backlinks out of their algorithm, SEO will be dead. Absolutely not, almost every other Google update stresses the importance of quality and relevant content to its visitors.

Not a single Google update defines backlinks as the only factor to get ranked.

Backlinks are not created but they are earned which clearly defines them as a by-product of good-quality content.

The SEO experts are looking back over the past few years. They are forecasting trends for the coming years. The search engine optimization services are influenced by these swings. 

If you are interested in SEO and want to find out why it is not dead yet, keep reading. 

Why do People Say SEO is Dead?

SEO is widely victorious around the world. Then, why do people claim it’s dead? These perceptions are doing the rounds on the internet for many years. Although, SEO is evolving and many changes are identified in how SEO is practiced today. 

Saying SEO is dead is a gross falsification. 

When SEO began, web designers saw irrelevant link building. The websites had invisible and hidden texts. Keywords were stuffed and the content did not match the needs of the website. 

These methods do not exist anymore. However, in the past, these helped in achieving great results. 

So, what is trending today may become obsolete tomorrow. Every year, some of the optimization activities become irrelevant and spammy. Subsequently, people start ranting about SEO being dead. 

Other reasons to believe SEO is dead is because paid media is gaining more attention. Some major elements of SEO have died. The whispers of the dead of SEO are not entirely false, as its components are dying or evolving into something new. 

The outdated SEO tactics can kill your rankings, actively. 

Some of the dead SEO strategies are listed below:

  • Obsession of the number one spot
  • Over-optimization for the focus keyword
  • All-in-on link building
  • Producing a vast number of posts and pages
  • Paying more attention to search engines rather than users

SEO is not dead, it is just changing. As SEO is getting hard, people prefer saying it’s dead. Frankly, the new game is difficult and needs more effort. But, the results are worth it. Hiring experts can be beneficial. 

What is up with SEO?

Those who are in the business of SEO understand how it is changing rapidly. The constant evolution is backed by developments in search engines. Google has changed algorithms after observing spammy activities. 

Do you know how many searches take place on Google in a day? Approximately, 5.6 billion searches per day. Google is acting as an answer engine. They are answering the queries constantly. 

With all the data, how can SEO be dead?

If Google decides to eliminate backlinks, it does not mean websites will no longer need SEO. 

The result of organic searches has increased consistently over the last few years. It influences the percentage of traffic. There is no sign that the trend is going to slow down. 

Improving your SEO game can help in achieving better business outcomes. Featured snippets are dominating search results. The snippets appear at the top of the SERP result page. It is also above paid ads. 

In comparison to organic search results, featured snippets are getting more traffic. 

In 2020, globally, companies spent more than $79.27 billion on SEO. Depending on your industry, up to 40% of business can be driven from Google Search. 

Google search traffic and leads have a high probability of turning into a business. 

Compared to traditional marketing, SEO has 8 times the close rate. 

As competition is growing, opportunities increase too. To gain the advantage of SEO, at least 6 to 9 months are required. It is a long-term system. So, keep on learning about it. 

Why Organic Traffic Is So Important?

Did you know that organic traffic is responsible for 51% of overall visitors to your website? Not only this but organic traffic has many benefits that can not be ignored.

  • Organic is highly targeted traffic in case of user’s intent which means organic traffic is the most reliable source of gaining qualified leads and relevant visitors.
  • SEO is the most cost-effective solution. It is true that it takes time but the results obtained from SEO are long-term, firm, and consistent.
  • Organic traffic helps you take advantage of Google’s authority. Being preferred and referred by search engine like Google boost your business credibility.
  • SEO helps you diversify your strategy while other digital marketing channels allow limited space for adding diversity, SEO helps you to build and implement multiple strategies leveraging all the available options.

Why is SEO Still Not Dead?

Where will all the data go if SEO is dead?

We face such questions every year. Never have these questions made more sense than in the past few years. Algorithm updates, changes in the ranking criteria, and changes in the Google search results page have undoubtedly affected SEO. 

The old SEO techniques do not work anymore. It is not only about having great content anymore. 

SEO is still one of the most potent digital marketing strategies. It drives long-term results. But, you need to explore the right techniques. 

What is the Future of SEO?

SEO is evolving and becoming more difficult for sure. 

So, what do you think is the future of SEO?

Adopt new strategies. Diversify your approaches. Learn from past mistakes and adopt new trends. 

To diversify your strategy, focus on the following ideas:

  • Focus on the SERP and ranking factors
  • Use hashtags on social media
  • Ranking videos in YouTube
  • Rank your images in Google images
  • Use paid ads for more traffic
  • Automatic social bots can help
  • Strengthen your links
  • Buy cheap links to social

As long as people are searching for things on the internet, SEO will never die. I can bet money on this. The advent of Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and others, has become questions vs typing in keywords. 

You need to know the following to win at SEO in 2021:

  • Prioritize bottom-funnel searches
  • Make lists
  • Avoid pushing on links
  • Focus on conversion
  • Connect content with videos
  • Use statistics and original studies

Final Thoughts

SEO is not dead in 2021. It’s a myth. 

Every time a search engine launches an algorithm update, the myth amplifies. After an update, a change in SEO strategy is necessary. 

SEO is not a one-time thing. You cant do it once and gain results for life. SEO requires consistency to achieve sustainable results. 

SEO is a refinement process that helps online companies in gaining maximum business. For profitable results, don’t stop your SEO. 

SEO is actually becoming more effective. 82% of marketers are taking advantage of SEO. It delivers long-term results. 

Now that you know SEO is still alive and doing better than ever, get started with SEO, today. 



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