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Saturn in 1st and 7th House
Traditionally, astrologers were advised to refrain from trying to interpret horary charts when Saturn is in the 1st or 7th house. As with all strictures, there was a reason for this. Saturn in the first house shows a client or quesitor as resistant to advice. They may be entrenched in their views, hiding behind a lot of emotional armor etc.

Strictures suggest that Saturn in the 7th house means the astrologer is not functioning optimally. But the real effect of the 7th house placement is that the client evokes Saturnian behavior in others. For example, a client may arrive 20 minutes late. You get impatient and frustrated. That’s what the client has evoked in you, and it is a sign that that’s what the client evokes in others – and that is the meaning of Saturn in the 7th house.

Void of Course
Different horary astrologers have different interpretations of void of course, which is generally applies to the Moon when it makes no further aspects before leaving a sign. Some would say that if the Moon is not within orb of planet, then it is void of course:

When it comes to finding the best astrologer In indore , Shrimali Ji is the indisputable leader. His predictions are uncannily accurate, and his ability to read the stars and planets is uncanny. He has a large following of devotees who believe in his powers, and many people credit him with changing their lives for the better.

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