Is It Okay To Drink Kesar Milk daily During Pregnancy?


Saffron is a popular spice which is also used as a herb due to its medicinal properties, Saffron is dried stigmas of a flower Crocus Sativus which is then processed into a spice that is hot potency food in nature. It is often advised to consume saffron during Pregnancy and the most recommended way of Using Kesar in Pregnancy is to have it with milk but the question arises here-


Consuming Kesar Milk in pregnancy is not only safe but also effective. Due to the therapeutic value of saffron, Kesar milk has numerous health benefits as well. It helps to lower anxiety levels, relieves stress hormones and is highly efficacious in backaches, muscular cramps and abdominal pains during pregnancy.

However, Saffron also has certain adverse effects if taken in large quantities than is often required and can trigger contractions and Cause premature delivery

So, Yes! It is safe to drink Kesar milk daily during pregnancy but one should pay close attention to use only two-three strands of Kesar infused in milk at the most since excessive saffron can adversely impact your health. Moreover, Cultural Ayurveda practice Suggests beginning Kesar from the second or third trimester for being on the safer side so, It is best to have Kesar milk after the first three months of pregnancy If you want to Incorporate it into your Daily Routine. Also, It should be purchased from a trusted supplier to avoid any chances of Impurities or artificial coloring

  • Saffron besides being the most expensive spice in the world is yet traditionally used for comforting pregnancy-related Issues. It is used for treating mild to moderate depression, thus is advisable for pregnant women to drink warm saffron milk at night before sleeping.

  • Saffron milk is also helpful in preventing High blood pressure which often fluctuates during pregnancy and is a typical issue faced by expectant mothers which can cause other problems if not administered on time. A compound named crocin present in saffron helps lowers down elevated blood pressure and functions as reducing the chances of hypertension during the time of pregnancy. But even excessive consumption of saffron could cause a drastic decrease in blood pressure.
  • Saffron furthermore helps in Improving Digestion and should be given with milk during Pregnancy as a lot of expectant mothers complain of constipation, bloating and heartburn which can be caused due to improper or poor Digestion. Saffron milk relieves these symptoms by reducing acidity and helps in increasing blood flow which raises the rate of overall metabolism if taken in a limited quantity.

  • Not only this Saffron even relieves Morning Sickness and reduces mood swings. Nausea or Morning sickness often spoils the mood of pregnant women and can occur anytime, causing a bad mood. The calming and soothing properties of saffron infused with milk can help ease morning sickness and aid in escalating serotonin hormone which uplifts the mood.
  • Saffron milk not only treats hair fall issue which is a very common problem in expectant mothers due to the hormonal fluctuations happening in pregnancy but also boost hair growth.

Thus Saffron Milk on a regular basis, if consumed with the right technique can prove to be a boon for pregnant women.


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