Is it Necessary For You to Have Auto Repairs for Your Car?

Auto Repair

Count on us, at Steve Slattery Cars, to be your expert business companion for reliable and affordable Car Repair Loughborough. Our expert facility offers a wide range of repairing and maintenance solutions. This includes rapid fixes and accident restorations.

There might be mechanical issues with the motor, gearbox, or electricals. Alternatively, if there has been a collision or vehicle accident, or simply abrasive wear or replacing. In our vehicle specialist facility, we can fix your car swiftly and affordably. We are your one-stop shop for quality and affordable repair services in Loughborough as well as the neighbouring areas. Contact us now. Even though we are specialists in the maintenance and upkeep of cars, our solutions are accessible for all different models of cars. We thoroughly inspect your car in preparation, paying attention to even the smallest of things. We then make certain that any defects are identified, corrected, and remedied as soon as possible. It is immediately across the street from our standalone vehicle workshop.

Instances from our private, type-open automobile service include the following:

  • Services include the following for automotive vehicles, gearboxes, and electric generators, as well as motor repair, transmission facility, and digital service. We can fix engine problems, transfer harm, and electronic harm. Contact us now. Fixes for excessive wear, installation of spare components, and so forth.
  • Car accident fixes, car accident damages, vehicular accident harm to the bodywork, an accident while driving damages to the chassis.
  • Fixes to plastic parts on the car’s bodywork, including plastic deformation and bumper repair are available. We may either repair or replace plastic pieces that are broken or undesirable.

The restoration of intricate car wheels including alloy rims, chromium wheels, and wheels that have been highly coated is our speciality. In addition, we fix the inside of the car.

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We return your vehicle to its original condition in the least amount of time

We promise that any automobile accident losses will be repaired professionally and precisely. Due to the use of cutting-edge measurement equipment and software, we can locate deformed regions and perform fixes with precision to regain the original form of the chassis.

Give us a shot!

To better serve you, we shall give you a personalized offer. Try contacting us for assistance, or preferably yet, come in and see us so that we can examine your car.


According to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, MOT testing in the United Kingdom evaluate a vehicle’s roadworthiness and security quality. This check confirms that your vehicle complies with all applicable driving safety and environmental regulations.

Once a vehicle reaches the age of 3 years in the United Kingdom, it must undergo and pass a yearly MOT testing. If your vehicle fails the test, a VT30 certification will be sent to you detailing the issues with your vehicle. Most crucially, if your car does not satisfy an MOT inspection, it will not be permitted to be driven on public roads.

As a result, if you’ve not already, schedule an MOT inspection

In this respect, we will assist you in passing your MOT test in Loughborough with flying colours. In addition, if you have recently failed the exams, you get ten days to correct all of the errors and retake the test if necessary. Our staff are masters at offering exact fixes in a flash so that you could redo the exam and pass it with flying colours the next time. We also provide a free 10-day re-testing period.

 Why is it necessary to have MOT testing performed?

MOT testing, which is governed and certified by the DVSA (Driving and Vehicles Standardization Authority) and the Ministry for Transportation in the United Kingdom, completely checks every aspect of your automobile. Exhaust valves and pollutants, registration number, lighting, braking, chassis, tyres and rims, fuel tank, steering, batteries, and other components are all checked by VOSA regulations.

It is thus advisable to complete all essential modifications before submitting your vehicle for an MOT examination in Loughborough. You may schedule an MOT testing with us approximately 148 days before the date, according to your schedule and comfort.

MOT violations are often caused by common concerns


When driving the car, it is vital to inspect the dampers by exerting pressure on every side of the frame. When the force is removed, the specific side of the car should return to its original shape. b. If this is not the case, there is a problem with the suspension systems, which might result in you losing an MOT Loughborough test. Don’t be concerned.  Our staff will take better care of everything.


Any emission leaking that occurs when the automobile engine is being started may result in the formation of strange sounds and weird smoke.


A fully operating siren is critical for your safety as well as the protection of others. It will be impossible for your vehicle to pass the test if its horn is not working properly.


If there are any damages to your car’s windshield that are broader than 10 mm in the vehicle’s visual acuity, it will not pass.

These elements described above will be resolved, as well as the braking systems, lights, indications, and tyres, to ensure that you meet those standards.

We can assist you in passing your MOT testing in Loughborough.

Searching for an “MOT testing around me”? Look no further. We are capable of doing a full assessment of the car and performing all necessary repairs by VT30 regulations.

Our professionals would make it simple for you to examine the vehicle’s MOT record. As a result, please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your MOT Loughborough. We also provide a complimentary pick-up and drop-off option.

Car Maintenance is something that you should consider for your car.

Regular service and upkeep of your vehicle are critical to ensuring that it operates at peak capacity. Individual aspects of your automobile wear down through age and usage, leading to the need for costly repairs and maintenance. Maintaining your car regularly will save you from incurring unnecessary charges.

If you’ve been seeking auto maintenance in Loughborough, Steve Slattery Cars are the place to stop your quest. BMW, as well as Mini models, are among the types that we expertise in repairing. Following the Eu Law change of 14003, you may now simply have your BMW or Mini repaired at our location without having to worry about your manufacturer’s insurance being invalidated!

In addition, we offer top-notch care service for vehicles of every brand and model. What would be even more astonishing is that we don’t include the cost from the major dealership.

What is the significance of automobile maintenance?

Choose a competent vehicle service in Loughborough to take advantage of key benefits:

  • Proper maintenance guarantees safe operation and enhances its efficiency.
  • It also helps to avoid failures by doing regular checks.
  • The fuel economy of your vehicle improves.
  • In addition, the total cost of operating is reduced.
  • There are no dangers of MOT failing.
  • Loughborough BMW car solutions are accessible.

Our vehicle care Loughborough complies with the factory service regimens for BMW, and we can provide the essential car repair Loughborough:

Service based on quality

CBS, sometimes known as Smart Servicing, is currently standard equipment in the majority of new BMW vehicles. Engines as well as other automotive parts including suspension systems, spark plugs, passenger air filters, emissions from diesel filters as well as other parts for indications of degradation by this technology. The CBS technology will alert you whenever your vehicle requires service.

We will treat your vehicle with the highest respect and give you unrivalled service. Guaranteed for 114 months on all servicing and repairs performed by our team of professionals.

Service that is paid every quarter

  • When you choose this option, you can anticipate your vehicle to operate well and have a current service record.
  • Models that are more than 3 years old are eligible for service.
  • To service a specific item, you might choose to have the whole vehicle inspected.
  • Our professionals give exceptional air conditioning service as well as quick lane service. It will only require 90 minutes!

Is it necessary for your car to have bodywork repair performed?

Assistance for Auto Body Repairs

The majority of people equate expensive car exterior restoration with car accidents. Whenever you approach us, this isn’t always the case!

We cover everything from minor bumps and scrapes to painting and hail damages to basic carpentry. You have arrived at the correct location with Steve Slattery Motors. We offer a big inventory of genuine OEM replacement parts. To do this, we can generally complete bodywork modifications in a brief period. Ultimately, this results in a more affordable repair and the largest possible preservation of your car’s monetary worth.

Clever Fix dent removal technology is available to assist you in removing imperfections. Is there any parking-related harm or dents on your vehicle? Using our Quick Fix glue dent elimination or coating technology, you may fix your damage to the vehicle on a budget and in a short amount of time.

We are eliminating dents from cars without any need to repaint them

With the Quick Fix dent elimination procedure, the existing paint is not damaged in any way.

The replacement of damaged components in hail maintenance and repair Loughborough using Quick Fix is similar to that of an accidental restoration. These losses may be repaired in a short period owing to our press method solution. Tiny holes may be fixed in a cost-effective, ecologically sustainable, and time-efficient manner using special equipment.

Car external restorations are no longer a concern thanks to upholstery repair services.

For instance, using our specialized equipment, we may “rub” a dent out of a metal plate from the bottom of the surface. This dent repair service is great for repairing parking harm and dents in the exterior of your vehicle.


Painting tasks are carried out entirely by trained professionals when you engage with us. The excellent official outcome is due to years of knowledge and high-quality coatings, resulting in happy clients.

We are concerned about environmental preservation. As a result, we always utilize ecologically safe car paints for all of our painting projects.

The optimum relative price would have been more than simply a catchphrase. We promise low-cost auto body repair services. After you have had your automobile inspected and appraised, you will be provided with a fair and clear pricing estimate. This allows you to make an educated choice.

Contact us immediately to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.


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