Is Artificial Intelligence Right for The Fashion Industry? 

A beautiful lady giving a metaphorical image of Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Industry |PingQuill
A beautiful lady giving a metaphorical image of Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Industry |PingQuill

 There will never be a substitute for human creativity when it comes to designing, but AI (Artificial Intelligence) can aid in manufacturing, merchandising, and advising customers on what to buy, resulting in improved sales levels and customer satisfaction. This blog is written for you to explore more about the role of Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Industry

Genre and location-based fashion trends

The way a person interprets the world through their clothes can be found in their fashion. In different places, fashion is a reflection of the culture that surrounds them. AI is becoming an increasingly important part of the fashion industry, with huge potential for a wide range of businesses. The analytics can provide you with a chance to see what is trending, what colors and shapes are most in demand, etc. The information gained from that can then be used to create new designs or improve products. Companies have used this as a way to target their advertising for a certain place or even to predict what people will wear in the future. Companies can also take advantage of this information to create new designs or improve a product.

“The goal of artificial intelligence is to tap the potential of the untapped.”

Shopping with a personal touch

A psychologist has found that online shoppers are feeling overwhelmed, experiencing less satisfaction with their purchases and therefore more hesitant to make purchases because of the seemingly infinite choices available to them. 

Personalization is the answer to this problem as it allows customers to experience a more engaging and positive experience. After analyzing each customer’s interests and habits, artificial intelligence then gives recommendations tailored specifically to each one.

Alex Ok, President of Forever 21

Retailers in the fashion industry

Smaller retailers can benefit from artificial intelligence (AI)

 smaller retail establishments should think about ways to improve the customer experience and increase their customer base through the use of technology. In order to achieve this objective, the actual shopping experience could be more distinctive than other retail competition. 

Using AI for retailers with larger customer bases

If you’re a large retailer with a wide range of customers whose needs are more diverse and more abundant. You need to provide helpful technology based services that allow your brand to remain competitive with the best, most customer-friendly technology available right now.

Which fashion industries are using artificial intelligence now?

Grabit, a system used by Nike, assembles shoes through static electricity and can work 20 times faster than a human can. 

With the help of machine learning, Adidas can produce customized sneakers in just 24 hours. 

In order to verify that each pair of high-end sneakers sold on is authentic, the e-commerce site uses machine learning to verify the authenticity of the sneakers. 

 Among the many sneakers that we see, we see the most. Moreover, our company is the leader in collecting data about sneakers. As a result, we’re tracking all the data points for every shoe that comes in. As a result, we know exactly what a fake shoe looks like. However, we also know what a true shoe looks like. The data points we look at on every single sneaker vary significantly.”

Behind the scenes, many amazing things are going on that are ensuring the ultimate shopping experience for us, which is why we love the world of fashion so much. There is much to look forward to in the integration of artificial intelligence and fashion! We’re excited about what’s to come!


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