IP1 License (Infrastructure as a Service): Perks of starting it

IP1 License

Infrastructure as a Service has provided a way for the telecom industry to grow further than it ever could. Not only the cloud services have paved the way for virtual offices in the future, the passive telecommunication resources have promised to built that future over a strong foundation.

India, a country where business licenses has as much value as the businesses themselves, has since witnessed the rise in demand of the IP License.

What is the IP1 License? It’s the authorization that empowers the entrepreneurs to start their business as Infrastructure as a service providers. Authorized by the central government and provided by the Department of Telecommunication, this IP1 license is the key to boost India’s dream of digitization.

And if you’ve been around the internet or have imagined India’s future, you know that digitization is a bright one. So, in this article we are going to convince why you should become infrastructure provider.

What are the perks of starting Infrastructure as a Service?

Increasing the performance of the telecom industries

if you cross the hurdle of Ip1 license procedure and set yourself as an infrastructure provider, you can improve the performance of telecommunication Industries. Currently, the overpopulation of buildings in urban regions has made it difficult for the telecom companies to provide better services to the people.

They can’t install their hardware without facing one legal hurdle or the other. You can provide Right of Way as Infra as a Service. Through it, you can legally empower the telecom companies to establish cables to provide services to most number of people. As a result, their performance would increase.

Enhancing the security of the resources

Most of the passive infrastructure exist to provide services for the active infrastructure such as cloud servers etc. Without proper hardware security, those resources can be compromised.

To deal with that, the infrastructure that you can provide comes with many legal rights – one of them is security. The telecom companies who rent or lease your passive resources have to provide them security on their behalf.

Remember that even if you rent or lease your resources to telecom companies, they are still your property. Thus, by virtue of being infrastructure provider, your resources are getting security services from the companies.

Constant stream of income

As someone with the IP 1 license, you hold leverage over the telecom companies. It’s your right of way authorization that they use to bypass the legal restrictions and connect their hardware in crowded regions.

It’s your dark fibres through which they are capable of providing high speed internet services. It’s that speed that allows cloud services infrastructure to exist. And, it’s your duct space that prevents their servers from getting damaged as they use the duct’s ventilation to deal with the heat.

Combining these factors with the fact that you don’t sell your resources, but merely rent or lease them, you get a constant stream for income for your company.

One time CAPEX is all that’s required

As an infrastructure provider your investments are limited to one time. While telecom companies aren’t authorized to buy cell towers, you definitely are. All you need to do to setup as a successful infrastructure provider is:

  1. Get the IP1 license
  2. Sign an agreement with the telecom companies within one month of obtaining the license.
  3. Buy the passive telecom resources as it’s your right as an Infrastructure provider
  4. Rent or lease the telecom resources to those telecom companies.
  5. Enjoy the constant stream of income

If down the time you seek to expand your business, you can buy more passive resources using the massive income you’ll generate renting or leasing telecom resources to the telecom companies. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Access to knowledge about the telecom industry

All the material gains aside, you can’t put a price on the knowledge gain as an infrastructure provider. As you build relations with telecom companies, you get access to the insight of what the industry is all about.

If you choose to enter the telecom industry down the line as a internet service provider, you’d easily be able to do so, for you now possess a lot of experience in this particular sector.


The perks of starting a business of infrastructure as a service consist of everything. From needing only a one time investment from your end to giving you the knowledge of the telecom industry, infra as a service is slowly getting the recognition it deserves.

That being said, everything we have written here will remain a dream if you don’t file the Ip1 license application form. If you want help filing the application or just want to know more about infrastructure provider, contact us.

Infrastructure Provider is a niche business. So, why do many choose it? What are the perks of starting infrastructure as a service? This article delves upon this topic. Read to see if you like the answer.

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