Introducing ZED RUN: The Future of Horse Racing

ZED RUN -The Future of Horse Racing

Nakamoto and Buterin might be considered important names in the field of crypto and blockchain. Today, however, their name has been reduced. Or, rather elevated to the status of being racehorses do you read the context? It is the introduction of the new blockchain-based horse racing gaming platform called Zed Run.

Let us look at how horseracing functioned. All that meets the eye for the uninitiated is the actual race that happens. It is probably more thrilling than the 100 m sprint in the Olympic games. Even before you realize what has happened, the game is over! The winners are announced, and someone pockets big prize money.

However, there is some meticulous work that happens under the hood before every race. Every horse is unique and special in its own way. It has a specific progeny and lineage that make it better suited for racing in specific conditions. The horse has to be properly said and maintained in stables that are hygienic and congenial for the horses.

To continue the lineage of the horse, breeding should also be carried out under specific conditions. Although interbreeding is allowed, there should also be a chance to maintain the original breed.

When choosing horses, people who earn their income from horse racing take into consideration all these factors. Can the digital experience match up with the fun and excitement of doing all this when it comes to NFT horse racing? Let us find out how Zed Run looks and that should give us the answer.

How Does Zed Run Work?

It is quite simple and easy to understand the way Zed Run works if you know how traditional horse racing works. The first thing about horse racing is the maintenance of the stable. The stable needs to be maintained in certain conditions congenial for the horse to grow and thrive.

The Purchase of Horses

The purchasing of the horses is the first step in maintaining the stable. The horses need to be purchased from market places that list various horses and the details about them. The details are of crucial importance when it comes to influencing your purchase decision. There are a few factors that you need to consider before investing in a digital horse for the NFT hearts racing platform like Zed Run.

 – The Bloodline

The bloodline of the horses play an important role in determining its characteristics. There are four different bloodlines, and each bloodline determines how your horse will perform. The bloodlines are named after some of the most iconic names in the history of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

– The Genotype

The genotype of a horse is determined by a number suffix to the Z. There are different genotypes ranging from Z1 to Z268. The lower the number, the pure or the horse. The Z1 to Z10 range of horses are called genesis horses and they are considered to be the purest of the bloodlines. Although lower the numbers are better, it does not always hold true.

– The Breed Type

There are six different breeds of horses within the ZedRun ecosystem. The breed type also introduces a factor of rarity. The different breeds available are Genesis, legendary, exclusive, elite, cross, and pacer. The first of them are acquired via dropping. There are a fix-it number of horses and there will be no more minting of such horses.

– Gender

Although the gender of the horse might not play a major role in racing, it does play an important role in breeding. The male horses charge a fee for being discharged while the owner of the female horse gets to keep the offspring. The male horses have a maximum capacity of producing three children in a month and the females can give birth to one horse per month. A male that has an offspring is designated as a stallion while the one that has no offspring is designated as a colt. A female that has offspring‘s is designated as a mare and the female with no offspring is designated Philly

– Coat Color

There are seven different coat color groups. The color can affect the temperament and personality of the horse but it does not have any effect on the performance. The intensity of effort that goes into training a horse is determined by the color of the coat.

The Racing Points Table

Every horse has a default Z rating. It is divided into different classes based on the Z rating. The first class horses include the best horses and the most expensive races. It is designated for horses that have a Z rating of above 81. The horses are awarded Z points at the end of every race. The first four places are awarded positive points and the places from ninth through 12th are awarded negative points. The places between fifth and eighth do not receive any points. Every horse accumulates Z points after every race. The horses that have not raced yet are called Griffin horses, and they will increase in the rating based on the number of races that they win.

Breeding Your Horse

Ask any person who owns a horse racing stable and they will tell you how meticulous the process of breeding is. Breeding of horses has to be carefully done ensuring the preservation of genetic properties and performance parameters. Even in the blockchain world and on a platform like Zed Run, breeding of digital horses is carried out as a scientific process.

The owner of the female horse will be required to pay a fee called the stud fee to the owner of the male horse for breeding the females in their stable. The stud fee is divided among the owner of the male horse, the platform, and the prize pool.

Although there is a minimum price to be charged as the stud fee, the maximum limit depends on the bloodline and the entire genetic makeup of the horse. This also gives an opportunity for the male horse owners to earn their money. The people who have female horses get to retain the newborn horses. A newborn horse cannot breed until it is 28 days since birth.

The Business Opportunity That Lies Ahead

Zed Run is possibly the tip of the iceberg for the opportunities that lie ahead in the world of digital and virtual gaming.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature in the physical gaming room was the uniqueness of the gaming items, equipment, and in the case of horse racing, animals. Uniqueness of any virtual property could not be established until the blockchain technology and one of its most recent manifestations, the NFT came in.

Non Fungible tokens or NFTs as they are commonly known represent digital tokens that lie on the blockchain. As the name suggests, NFTs cannot be broken down into smaller units, and they cannot easily be interchanged for one another just like how you would do with cryptocurrency.

This uniqueness is established by token standards created by each blockchain in its own way. Ethereum, for example, uses the ERC – 721 standard to preserve its uniqueness. The uniqueness begets rarity, and it is this rarity that makes such blockchain gaming environments possible.

With the uniqueness being preserved and blockchain technology enabling global participation without any censorship or restrictions, the landscape of digital gaming is all set to change. What was started by Zed Run when it comes to horse racing can be replicated for all games based on interest levels and fan following.

Although not in a complete sense, we have seen the NBA introduce its own blockchain-based card collection and moment ownership system. If the same method can be implemented for baseball, soccer in Europe, and cricket in countries like India, it will not be long before Miss gets technology and NFTs dominate the digital gaming space.

It is set for even bigger success because digital games like Zed Run do not introduce something entirely new but rather drink something that has always been in existence. Therefore, you can expect the participation to be even more intense and intriguing. Zed Run is just the beginning of a new era in the world of gaming!


The profitability that lives in the territory of NFT enabled blockchain beast gaming has been proved beyond a question, thanks to the success of the ZedRun game. The success of the virtual horseracing platform does not mean that the market is saturated. There is still room for new players to be accommodated even if the ZedRun game continues to assert its dominance.

At this moment, time is of crucial importance. If you would like to create a virtual horse racing game that can replicate the success of the Zed Run horse racing platform, all that is left for you to do is to use a Zed Run clone. A ZedRun clone script is available as a product and it can be purchased off the shelf.

You can get in touch with a company that specializes in the development and customization of Zed Run clones. They will take care to understand your requirement and present you with perfect digital horse racing solutions that will put you in base with the other similar platforms, so you can start galloping towards your pathway to financial success


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