Introducing the VR for Kids Better Learning experience


Introducing the VR for Kids Better Learning experience

The concept of virtual reality over quite some time has now gained quite popularity. Its demand is more in children who are spending more time in it and it does need a headset. This latest gadget has been designed for kids’ benefit as well since it comes with a suite of educational apps. Talking of which Viewmaster is one fine example of it is one photo-scrolling toy. This toy comes with a headset and has a plastic disc modeled on the original reels. It can launch different content such as wildlife, space, and destination to name some.

Different contents at Viewmaster:

The parents who are worried about whether Viewmaster is worth giving the child needs to understand it has been designed for their needs. This pack is available for nearly £22 and can be downloaded from the Android Google Play or Apple app store as well. It works well on smartphones. There is a clip inside the headset which works as the screen.

  • Destination: This type of content consists of the famous landmark series to the gaze of 360 degrees. It includes the Tower of London, a statue of liberty, and the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza. Watching these kids can learn and stay engaged for quite a long time.
  • Wildlife: This is another interesting content especially for the kids who love animals. Here the kids are put in the view of the center of the Australian outback, there is also the Amazon Jungle view and the African savannah where local animals are investigated.
  • Space: In this section, there is a complete view of the spaceship, solar system, and the constellation map for the students to enjoy whenever they want.

ViewmasterFeatures parents should not:

  • The Viewmaster comes with the clip which is why it can be attached to the smartphone easily. Not every app of the cardboard is designed for kids.  That is why while downloading any app, its description needs to be checked.
  • The headset of the viewmaster is quite sturdy. One can rest assured about its quality and durability. Besides, it comes with a snappy look that can give it many ideas so that if kids are excited and drop the device, it will still be safe.
  • Certain headsets support the viewmaster. It is better to speak with an expert while purchasing it. Most of the headsets work fine with android and iPhone smartphones. Options like Nexus 5x can be a good try.

Steps on using the apps:

The app is easy to use. However, some steps need to be followed:

  • Firstly, it is important to launch it on the smartphone
  • If parents have the experience pack, then simply scanning a supplied pass-card can prove the point.
  • Focus on the view at any of the reels to start
  • Navigation can be done further on the apps which later is handled simply by looking at the floating icons
  • Press the lever of the headset to choose them further.

Advantages to not ignore:

  • Viewmaster may seem to be a costly device but it is an inexpensive gift for the kids
  • It is one informative platform where kids can watch and learn quickly
  • It is easy to hold and is quite rugged which is why safe for kids too
  • Being used with Google Cardboard apps, kids can learn and explore different things
  • With ambient sounds in the background, it offers 360-degree views

Setup and Performance

  • To use Viewmaster, the VR experience apps should be downloaded to the smartphone. The viewer should then be placed on the face of the kids. It should be placed in such a way that the point is the preview reel.
  • A 3D image will pop in case it is the Parthenon. Once the toggle is clicked on the viewer side, the app will further take to Acropolis
  • As said earlier, it can be viewed 360 degrees that indeed will give a great experience. Besides, it can be turned in any direction and be looked down or up. It works as if the person is standing within the Parthenon. The moving images with a view are mind-blowing.
  • There is an information icon in the red color that pops up when it is turned in a certain direction. It can be clicked by pressing down the lever. There will be a text that will appear which shall explain everything. The explanation consists of two sentences that the kid can understand and read easily.
  • There are some content packs such as wildlife where the short videos can be enjoyed. In another icon in red, upon clicking the user will be taken to different parts of the glove to enjoy the experience.
  • To enjoy all these experiences, one needs to turn on the volume since the cool sound component for every scene is worth it. The audio shall have the ambient sound, the birds chirping, wind blowing sound along with the introduction music.

Is it safe to give kids VR?

Now this concern coming from the parents is quite normal. But the best part of Viewmaster is it has been designed considering the kid’s age in mind. There are regular breaks and short sessions which can make it interesting. This VR concept of Viewmaster can give the kid a great visual treat of ap or the book. Along with this, the TV documentary and even the real-world visit are impeccable.  It is one of the best educational toys that a parent can give.

With the blend of forward-thinking technology and the simple form factor for better entertainment and unique teaching, it can help kids learn a lot about the world in which they live. It is a good VR that has scenes that are incredibly rendered. Expect for its too many apps. The Viewmaster is an amazing option for kids to immerse themselves in the other corner of the world without leaving the home. There is no scope of addiction through this app rather all kid gets is knowledge.


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