Introducing Skinpen microneedling

skin pen microneedling

What is a Skinpen?

Ironically, a Skinpen is essentially a small device that resembles a pen. The device is typically utilized in salons and clinics across the globe to treat skin imperfections and enhance the overall appearance of the skin. The treatment is intended for individuals with specific skin concerns who desire tighter, rejuvenated, radiant skin, which Skinpen can produce.

Skinpen microneedling treatment

Skinpen says of their treatment, “We are frequently asked what Skinpen microneedling is. Our answer is a microneedling treatment device for dermatology that has been widely adopted worldwide. Due to its efficacy and efficiency in treating common skin problems such as stretch marks, aging, wrinkles, fine lines, hair loss, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and more, over 6,000+ practitioners worldwide have added Skinpen to their practices. In addition, practitioners continually develop new treatments and applications for the Skinpen microneedling.”

We at Aloe Beauty decided to offer Skinpen to all our clients, new and old, after being blown away by its effectiveness. Numerous treatments are available that address the same skin issues. Still, something about Skinpen microneedling made us unable to pass up the opportunity to get trained, buy our machine, and offer it to our clients.

How does Skinpen work?

You may or may not be familiar with microneedling, but its popularity has skyrocketed recently as celebrities and regular people seek better clearer, smoother skin.

Microneedling, called collagen induction therapy, is founded on traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques. However, the difference between the two is that while the methods may be similar, the objectives are vastly dissimilar. While the purpose of Chinese acupuncture is to alleviate pain, microneedling improves the skin’s overall appearance.

The treatment’s name may appear intimidating to some, but it is quite simple. During a microneedling treatment, multiple microscopic punctures are made in the epidermis using fine needles. The Skinpen microneedling has 12 tiny needles on its tip, which create these punctures as it glides over the treatment area.


The pen’s design incorporates an internal motor that causes the needles to move rapidly on the skin’s surface to create punctures. As a result, in no way are the device’s punctures permanent; they only serve to open the pores temporarily.

The technique of primarily puncturing already damaged skin is a frightening reality for some, but it has a perfectly adequate scientific explanation. Skinpen explains the treatment’s effectiveness: “When a person injures, the skin initiates skin repair by stimulating growth factors, which leads to the production of collagen and elastin. This means that microneedling trick the skin into producing collagen and elastin to promote ‘healing,’ resulting in revitalized skin.”

What areas can be treated with Skinpen?

The Skinpen microneedling treatment is typically used to treat areas of the face or body affected by scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines, as well as to reduce the appearance of skin laxity. In addition, the treatment is effective for shrinking pores, reversing pigmentation or sun damage, and improving skin tone on all body parts.

Acne treatment

Regardless of the severity of the initial damage, the treatment is particularly effective for treating acne scars and can remarkably improve the skin. Scar tissue forms as the skin attempt to heal, resulting in collagen deformation and acne scars.

This particular skin condition is notoriously difficult to treat and frequently leaves patients feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and compelled to cover their skin. However, Skinpen can aid in the reduction of the appearance of acne scars by breaking up fibrosis and uneven scar tissue and promoting the growth of new tissue.

Treating fine lines and wrinkles

Microneedling can reverse the aging process of skin to a remarkable degree. During the procedure, the tiny needle punctures stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, thereby thickening and tightening the skin. As the body repairs the injuries caused by the punctures, a new layer of skin forms, revealing a more supple, youthful appearance.

Anti-aging treatment

In addition to reversing the signs of aging, microneedling can prevent the onset of dull, wrinkled skin. The most important takeaway is that as we age, our skin begins to produce less collagen, resulting in the appearance of tired, wrinkled skin.

It is a great way to treat damaged skin while preventing further damage. You will notice a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet as new skin cells replace the old ones. With continued treatment, skin cells will continue to regenerate, and the skin’s overall appearance will continue to improve. In addition, as this skin healing process is entirely natural, the results are more durable without invasive surgery.

How many Skinpen treatments do I need?

As with any treatment, this varies from individual to individual.As a general guide:

  • Acne Scarring – 4 to 6 Treatments, separated by six weeks.
  • Skin Rejuvenation/Collagen Induction – 4 weeks between treatments.
  • Stretch Marks – Approx. 4-6 Treatments, six weeks apart.

Does Skinpen hurt?

In general, Skinpen is a non-painful procedure. This means that you will not feel the physical punctures of the skin, so the procedure is not painful, but you will feel the Skinpen on your skin.

What is the recovery time?

Skinpen requires no recovery time. However, due to the nature of the procedure, it is best to avoid it before a major event to allow your skin to recover.

How long do the results last?

The Skinpen treatment typically yields visible results one to eight weeks after the initial treatment. After completing the full course of Skinpen treatments, which typically consists of 4-6 treatments, the results will be significantly more significant and last much longer. But, again, the duration of the effects is entirely dependent on the individual’s skin.

The skin heals itself every 45 days, so the effects of microneedling can be long-lasting. However, it is possible that the full effects of the treatment won’t be apparent until six months after the last treatment.

Important Skinpen aftercare procedures

Avoid sun exposure

The best time of year to receive Skinpen treatments is typical during the winter when sun exposure is minimal. To allow the skin to heal completely after a microneedling procedure, it is essential to avoid the sun entirely.

Avoid “active ingredient” skin products.

In addition, post-procedure, the skin will be extremely sensitive, and products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinol, and similar substances will further irritate the skin.

Avoid makeup after treatment.

The skin’s pores will remain open for some time after treatment, and cosmetics and brushes on the skin can irritate by penetrating the pores. Worse yet, contaminated brushes and products could contaminate your delicate skin and cause infections.

It is best to wait at least 24 to 48 hours before applying makeup to the skin to give it the best chance of healing and avoid complications.

Use collagen-stimulating peptides

Your physician will recommend that you supplement your treatments with collagen-stimulating peptides. Because the treatment stimulates collagen production, the skin requires more collagen than usual to recover.

Use an antioxidant serum.

Antioxidant serums possess healing properties for the skin. Serums aid in calming the skin and decreasing irritation.

Use a cooling face mask.

This will ultimately result in more comfortable skin.

Avoid sweating

After a Skinpen treatment, you should refrain from vigorous exercise and other activities that may cause you to sweat. As you sweat, your pores expand. In addition, as the microneedling procedure leaves the skin with punctures, bacteria on the skin may enter the punctures and cause an infection.

Stay hydrated 

Drinking a large amount of water is an excellent way to expedite skin recovery. After all, hydrated skin is happy skin.

To learn more about the Skinpen treatments available at Aloe Beauty, please call the clinic at 01204 528884 and speak with one of our trained professionals.


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