Infinity Fuze 100 Specifications and features, Deep Bass

Infinity Fuze 100 Specifications

Infinity Fuze 100 Specifications and features, Deep Bass

The thumbnail and read the title in this post we are gonna unbox and review the newly launched fuse 100. This is the box of the newly launched infinity fuse 100. So let’s open this what’s written on the box and we’re gonna move inside the box so first thing as you can see we are debased duel equalizer solutions. And on the right, as you can see it’s waterproof deep bass sound to a liquid which I’ve already told you frequency response rated power. It’s 4.5 watt speaker not exactly five it’s four point five eight hours of playtime it’s written on the box. Infinity Fuze 100 is Best bluettoth speaker under 1400 rs available in markets.

we are going to check that ultra-portable dual speaker connectivity that’s a different feature that we find in many different speakers in the market right. Hands-free calling like it has a microphone here on the speaker. So you can pick up calls through the speaker.

Inside the box :

So friends let’s cut open the seal and look inside the box so as you can see this is a brand by Harmon. So if you don’t know Harmon then search it on google and first as you can see you get the I think so this is the s3  or the charging cable, this is the USB charging cable, this is the Infinity Fuze 100 okay. Actually, the cover on the speaker has this leash again tie this up in your hand like this is the portable speaker. So just put it inside on your hand and I’ll with the speaker so this is the Infinity Fuze 100 it’s a pretty small speaker you don’t get aux cable inside the box. And we are gonna check all this stuff in the latter part of the post till the time we even take a look at the speaker Oh conference this is the infinity fuse 100 out of the box.

Build quality :

We’ll talk about the build quality. The Infinity Fuze 100 builds quality wise the whole hell on the speaker is made out of fabric wrapper. And a lot of rubber on the top and you get a leash also with the speaker so you can carry the speaker with you. While you’re trekking or going somewhere for a small walk you want to have your music with you you got a leash also inside the box.

The build quality on the speaker is damn good because it feels very premium like the fabric makes the speaker feel super premium. And the rubber quality is also very good the matte finish which also superb in my opinion doesn’t catch that much dust it looks pretty good in my opinion. And because of this rubber but in the upper and bottom part, it keeps the speaker’s safe well when it’s falling down. So it’s falling on the rubber part so it’s the soft part that’s why the speaker is pretty safe. And the speaker in a nitpicker feels very premium and with that, it feels very rugged. Because of the rubber part given to the speaker the build quality is just superb in my opinion.

Design :

We talk about the design it’s very portable. it’s a 5 watt speaker not actually 5 it’s 4.5 watt speaker that is any superb. It’s the cylindrical design which most of the Infinity Fuze 100 have right now like it’s just very similar to the sound room. It looks very similar it feels very similar only the size like it is a pocket sized sound room. So it is s a very small Bluetooth speaker you can carry the speaker anywhere with it doesn’t have any kind of weight. And the speaker has the leash as we have talked about it you can carry the speaker anywhere with you I love the portability I love the design.

I love the build quality on the speaker infinity is making these speakers for the first time in the market actually. They’re making car audio speakers but not your home audio speakers so they are doing it for the first time. It is superb they’ve just killed it when it comes to the design and the build quality part

Specifications and features :

Infinity has given you everything they have done a lot of R & D by launching any of their speakers. They know what the people want at this price point so they have given you a microphone. So you can pick up calls you can say hey Siri ok Google. So you can talk to your mobile phones you can do lots of fun stuff with this speaker. They have given you all the stuff like you have an aux port you didn’t get an aux cable inside the box because there is a good reason.

So this is the Oxford and the charging port how are you the reason is that most of the devices nowadays don’t get an aux port and my will you use the Oxford when you have bluetooth.  So this is this works on Bluetooth 4.2 at this price point it’s super good. This is a four point five watt speaker you get ipx7 what resistant certification also with this speaker. So this water floats on water and this will be okay when water goes into it or onto it and the battery on the speaker.

Battery backup :

I don’t know the specifications I just know that time. Because I have personally used this speaker for that much time the playtime on this speaker at 100% volume is about seven to seven and a half hours. But if you keep it to dimming volumes like about sixty seventy or eighty percent volume. It will go up to eight hours on the side its returns Dinah’s but in my usage is never going to nine as it just went to about eight hours seven and a half it’s okay in my opinion. And for a pocket-sized speaker is superb in my opinion.

Equalizer mode :

Since the best part about the speaker is the equalizer mode at this price point no other speaker. It will give you equalizer modes on us because this has two equalizers one base mode one normal mode. I am going to show you in the latter part of the post and you can connect to two of the same speakers like you can connect to one fuse 100. And another few hundred through this because you get that kind of connectivity option also so you can sync up a piece of single music to both the speakers that are a dope thing so friends.

Sound & Bass quality :

Now we’re going to move to the sound test of the Infinity fuse with my one plus five. Over here the best part about this speak of it I like is as you can see on the top this is the power on/off button. And they have given backlit to their symbol which I have never seen on any speakers, not on JBL speakers. So this is some different level thing it’s good it’s very you know it is in my opinion. So now moving on to the sound test the name of the song is mortals by NCS and the volume from my
the device is full as you can see.

The sounds from the speaker are damn good it is superb the base the loudness is superb the sound it is very clearly didn’t have any kind of distortion. It’s very very good when I talk about the loudness it’s super loud for a 4.5 it’s not off I would speak about a 4.5 white speaker. It’s very very very loud the base when we changed the equalizer mode.

Thumping :

it’s super thumping like you saw the speaker was that good the vibrations when it was doing that third the base. It’s just superb when we change to normal it just increases the loudness when we changed the base but the base is the main thing. so it just increases the base the loudness it gets a little bit low but the normal one. It will get you to optimum loudness and the base one it will give you the best of the base it can provide.

Price point :

So I feel like at this price point this is one of the best speakers you can buy like its value for money that designer super features are just damn good. and this is a speaker by Harmon if you don’t know who that man is behind JBL and all the good brands the best friends. So this is one of the best Bluetooth because you can get in the market for under 1,400 rupees

If you want to check different kinds of color you get red blue and this black color there are three color options by any one of those check the pricings the water. Now, this is the unboxing and review of the newly launched Infinity Fuze 100 Specifications and features, Deep Bass thank you.


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