Increase Internet Speed – How to increase internet Speed for your laptop

increase internet speed

There are many different reasons behind why people face the problem of how to increase Internet Speed. Internet is an international network that links computer devices all around the globe. With the help of this global network, people can communicate with each other and share data at the same time. In order to make the Internet work efficiently, it is important to have a high-speed connection.

Many people face the problem of not being able to obtain this kind of connection due to various reasons. This is mainly due to various cable service providers and Internet Service Providers having a limit on the amount of bandwidth that can be consumed.

This article will guide on how to increase internet speed for laptop

Role of Broadband to increasing Internet Speed

Broadband providers usually put a limit on the number of websites one can visit in a day and the amount of data that can be downloaded from their servers. This type of bandwidth limit has been known by internet users as the ‘broadband isp’s internet speed cap.’ The use of software that helps in increasing the connection speed is referred to as ‘modem’. When one hacks into an ISP’s server, they can easily change the setting used in the modem.

Role of WiFi to increasing Internet Speed

The software that is used in the modem does not allow the user to connect at higher speeds. It only allows them to achieve Wi-Fi speed which is the basic support for the internet without any complications. Therefore if one wants to experience a faster connection, they need to make sure they hack into the router’s Wi-Fi settings and make the necessary changes to enable streaming videos and high-quality audio files. By changing the setting in ‘wifi’ browser, the speed of data can easily be increased.

How Internet Works

One of the most interesting things about the internet is how it works. This is because it has a number of different layers that allow users to communicate and work on the internet. The internet also serves as a communications media by which users can get information from other systems. In short, the internet can be classified into three layers: the information layer, the protocol layer, and the infrastructure layer. Let’s take a closer look at each of these in order to better understand how the internet works.

The internet works by letting computers communicate directly with each other in order to transfer data. Computers-including personal devices, personal servers, computers, or internet appliances can receive and send messages to other computers through the internet. When computers become directly connected to internet service providers, they become part of the computer network.

Information Layer in Internet

The information layer allows computers to exchange information. For example, an internet service provider network can send data from one computer to another over the network. The received data can either be stored temporarily or used for immediate purposes. Data transmission over the internet is done through the use of what is called packet routing network. Through this, information is sent from one computer to another until it reaches its destination.

Packet routing in Internet

Packet routing allows internet users to forward packets of data from one computer to another. When a user forwards a packet of data, it will go from the receiving computer to the source computer. After being received, the packets are put in a queue and forwarded until the webpage being sent needs to process the data. You can choose alternatives to hamachi to routing the network

Internet works using IP Address

How the internet works that involves the use of IP address is fairly self explanatory. An IP address simply refers to a series of numbers. Each computer on the network has an associated IP address. This way, when users visit a website, their computer is actually at the website because their IP address is registered on the server’s server system. Once the browser visits the webpage, it sends the request to the web server system where it will then check whether the IP address is already assigned to a particular computer or not.

After determining that the IP address is already assigned to another computer, it sends the request to that other computer. If it successfully connects to the other computer, a response is then given back to the user. It will either state that it could not receive the request or that the information being requested is temporarily unavailable. That is why you cannot just type a webpage into your web browser and expect it to immediately start working. 

It takes the internet to make things possible and once you have typed in a webpage, it must pass through several different servers before getting redirected to the information you want.

Internet Protocol

How Internet Works is actually very complicated. To better understand how it all works, we can make a comparison between how telephone lines and how the internet protocol works. In the case of telephone lines, a caller simply punches in a number and it will immediately go to the next line. This kind of technology only works when it uses digital signals. Digital signals are the ones that internet protocol uses to transmit information and instead of using radio waves, it uses packets of data. These packets are transferred from one computer to another over a connection that is known as an IP cable or aIP network.

How the internet works is similar with this example. Once the user types in the webpage, it goes to another computer which is usually controlled by the internet service provider. From there, the information gets sent to the user’s computer which is controlled by the internet service provider. That is how the internet works so that it can be used by ordinary people like you and me.

Step to Increase Internet Speed:

One simple way of increasing the internet speed is to disable the ‘max internet’ feature and instead enable the ‘traffic burst’ feature. By disabling this feature, the browser will automatically adjust its homepage based on the value data available. When the value data is too low, the homepage will be changed to the nearest available website. When the value data is too high, the homepage will be changed to a different site. These simple steps help in reducing the load time of the web page making it more responsive and faster.

#2 Second Method to increase Internet Speed

The second method is by using a program known as Ping-O-Matic. The program works by monitoring the download and upload traffic for your internet connection. Whenever you download a file or view an image, the program sends out an alert. When the traffic spikes, you will be alerted via email. You can then disable the automatic upload and download features to reduce the amount of bandwidth used. To know how much bandwidth is being used, go to the ‘Networking’ settings and look for the ‘packet transfer rate’ value.

#3 Third method to increase internet speed

Another way of improving the internet speed is by adjusting the settings on your router. Some routers allow you to customize the settings that control the rate of data usage. For instance, some may allow you to set the MTU (megabit transfer unit) value which is required for downloading files. This setting determines the rate at which the downloaded data is transferred. Increasing the MTU will result in improved network speed.

#4 Final method to increase internet speed

A final option is to replace your existing router with a faster one. There are many manufacturers of routers such as Linksys, D-Link, Netgear and others. Manufacturers such as Linksys offer software such as WDSPro which will enable the router to emulate different operating systems. This will allow faster network connection and better internet speed. If you do not have an appropriate wireless router yet, you may want to consider the use of the N wireless routers. These are ideal for home users, as they are very easy to set up and connect to.

Best way to check internet speed of your laptop

Internet Speed Check is a simple free tool for laptop users to check their internet speed. This simple tool works great for Windows 7, MAC, 10, XP, Macbook Air, and Pro notebook models. Best part is it works almost instantly and is completely free to utilize.

To use the test internet speed on the laptop, you need to download this program to your laptop first. Upon installation, the program will prompt you to insert a disk containing the test program. Please make sure that your operating system supports ITP (Internet Service Provider) protocols before running the software.

You should then close all unnecessary programs and utilities that are not needed. Then disconnect the modem from your modem box. After that, disconnect the wireless connection as well from your laptop. Wait a few minutes for the data transfer rates to decrease.

Once the test internet speed on the laptop has been decreased, restart the laptop and try to connect again. If your connection is still slow, it probably means that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is interfering with your Internet connection. You can call your ISP and ask for a service code to be validated. If you are getting the “unable to connect” message, the problem is either with your DSL or cable modem connection or with the physical wiring between your laptop and ISP.


These four methods are all effective ways of speeding up your internet connection. Setting up a router is relatively easy and inexpensive. Increasing the MTU of your current router or setting up a new one will enable you to download files faster. Changing the settings on your router will allow you to use a high quality wireless network. The combination of these techniques should greatly improve the speed at which you download and upload content.


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