Importance of Virokill & Firewall Plyboards


With business in approximately 20 countries, CenturyPly is easily a popular Indian exporter and retailer of plywoods, laminates and veneers. CenturyPly was first established in 1986 and has been functional since then. Intending to serve humanity with the best possible plywood, CenturyPly has always been on the lookout for the latest engineering and technology to create plywoods which are a masterpiece.

Why is CenturyPly so renowned?

Each product of CenturyPly carries experience, loyalty and trust of approximately 25 years. It has been an aim for CenturyPly to be always ahead of time and provide us with solutions to the most common problems. Virokill is the most recent attempt of CenturyPly to provide us with a technology which is safe and secure and also helps with hygiene.

Not only Virokill, but the CenturyPly also has many other technologies which are worth a mention, such as a firewall technology which produces fire-retarded plywood or waterproof plywood, which helps with producing top quality plywood.

Each product is beautifully crafted and enhanced with technology so that it is of most use to human civilization. With the onset of covid, we all have been various viruses and microorganisms. It is like a whole new challenge to have our home secure from deadly viruses.

ViroKill Technology by CenturyPly

Understanding this challenge, the expert researcher and engineers have introduced ViroKill, a nano-particle technology which can kill 99.99% of viruses which come in contact with plywood surfaces. Virokill uses the self-doctoring method, which implies that it is effective not only on the virus but also on fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms. This is a scientific solution that can be embedded into our furniture to keep our homes safe and secure for our loved ones and us.

Firewall Technology by CenturyPly

Another popular technology used by CenturyPly for the betterment and safety of humans is Firewall. We have more than ten thousand accidents every year which are related to fire. Fire accidents are unpredictable and most destructive as once a fire breaks out, it is very difficult to control the fire. Most of the time, children are the victims of such fire accidents as they are not well versed in protecting themselves in situations of emergency.

Knowing this issue, the CenturyPly has introduced firewall technology which can help in building a fire retarded technology which helps in reducing the fire breakouts and losses due to fire. Using firewall treated plywood in places where fire breakouts are common can reduce the chances of fire accidents to a good extent. These small details can help in making your home safe, secure and beautiful.

Today we are going to discuss these two important technologies introduced by CenturyPly for the safety and security of humanity. These two technologies have helped us in getting peace of mind and also helped us in providing safety and security for our loved ones and us. CenturyPly is always working on delivering on the promise of providing quality products and better technology which is helpful for everyone and provides solutions to most current problems faced by humans. We are going to discuss a few advantages of both technologies and their features for a better understanding of the concept of Firewall and Virokill.

Benefits of Virokill

  • Virokill is for a lifetime:

Embedded with a polymer matrix, each plywood treated with Virokill can last for a very long time if the surface is not damaged by outside forces like physical damage. So if you keep your furniture in a safe place and away from any physical damage, then your furniture can protect you for a very long time.

  • Overall protection:

Plywood treated with Virokill technology does not only protect from viruses but also fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms. We can have all-around protection from microorganisms if we are using Virokill.

  • Safety:

As these plywoods are treated with chemicals and adhesives, another point is whether it is safe to touch. Then yes, it is safe for human touch, and you can use these effectively in your home to build beautiful masterpieces.

  • Security:

Virokill has been tested at Biotech testing, which means it delivers what it promises and is quite secure. Biotech testing is one of the popular testing services in India.

  • Low maintenance:

With antiviral features, this plywood does not need to be sanitized every so often, hence saving you from a lot of hard work. By just cleaning the furniture with a microfiber cloth, you can get a clean and safe surface.

Well, this is an amazing technology launched by CenturyPly. Another such technology is the Firewall. The Firewall technology was launched keeping in mind the number of fire breakouts and how to delay them at best. A firewall produces a fire retarded plywood which delays the onslaught of fire to a good extent and can help time to escape and stop the spread of fire. Keep in mind this is a fire retarded plywood, not fireproof, so it delays the fire breakout and, in most cases, helps you control the fire incidents. It does not guarantee that the plywood is fireproof. It will still catch fire. That does not mean it is not useful for us. There are several advantages of using Firewall embedded plywood, which we are going to mention below:

Benefits of firewall embed plywood

  • Genuine:

This firefighting plywood is the only fire retarded technology which is IS 5509 and ASTM E84 certified, which simply means it adheres to Indian and international standards. Not only this, but since this is a CenturyPly product, we can also get the trust and authenticity that comes with every CenturyPly product.

  • Engineering Marvel:

Firewall is a true engineering marvel. With its enhanced fire resistance feature and use of nanotechnology, the plywoods resist inflammations and have high fire-resistant properties. This can give a lot of time in case of any fire breakout to remove life and property.

  • Warranty:

This product comes with 21 years of warranty, which talks about the trust and authenticity of firewall embed plywoods.

  • Extra time for precautions:

For a 19mm sheet of plywood, it takes around 50 minutes for fire penetration. This can give extra time for anyone using these plywood sheets in their home to protect themselves and their loved ones from fire breakouts.

  • Structural uniformity:

With the technology and adhesive as well as the original strength of wood, these all together give strength to maintain the structural integrity of plywood and help in building another layer of protection.


Knowing this, we can safely say that CenturyPly has made good on its promise of providing the best of the best to us. With Virokill and firewall plywoods, we can easily make our dream establishment safe and secure. There are many plywood sheets online which are being offered, but none have the authenticity offered by CenturyPly. You can always check the authenticity certificate of any CenturyPly ply product, whether you have brought it online or offline, with the help of the CenturyPromise app. Hence if you are looking for plywood options online, then CenturyPly is your safest bet.


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