Importance of Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard boxes may refer to a variety of heavy paper-like materials, including card stock, corrugated fiberboard, or paperboard. Initially, custom printed cardboard boxes are made of not-so-humble trees. This is the first step towards ensuring a healthy environment for you and your customers. To begin with, you need to ensure that the manufacturers you have chosen for the manufacture of your product are reliable and reputable.  These companies are producing printed cardboard boxes that cause increased health issues for customers. Use the best packaging boxes that a well-known company offers to ensure that your products remain safe and healthy. The customized boxes is a leading manufacturer of the best customized boxes. These printed cardboard boxes are made of durable, hygienic, formaldehyde-free material to guard your product against all harmful ingredients.

How Formaldehyde affects your health?

As many companies use a sufficient amount of formaldehyde in the manufacturing of custom cardboard boxes. Formaldehyde is a substance that causes many allergic reactions, including asthma attacks. It also contributes to poor dental health and can cause damage to the nervous system. This is the reason why the European Union banned the production of some custom printed boxes containing this toxin. We use no amount of formaldehyde in our printed cardboard boxes because our manufacturing process does not include any formaldehyde during the creation of the boxes. But just because they are bio-degradable does not mean that they should be disregarded completely, especially if you want to protect your home or health.

As you can see, formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical. So, be careful while choosing a company to get printed cardboard boxes. You might consider finding ones that use the least or no amount of formaldehyde and manufacture the best cardboard boxes.

A Quick Guide to Buy Cardboard Boxes

The industry has teemed with suppliers that are offering custom cardboard boxes at wholesale prices. According to your business needs, you must practice the following steps before buying cardboard boxes. I will help you to buy high-quality cardboard packaging boxes at an affordable rate.

· Size of Cardboard Box

Cardboard box size must be decided first. We measure the dimensions of the boxes in length (l), breadth (B), and width (w). For measurement, you can use measuring tape that is far more accurate than a ruler.

Volume of cardboard box= L x W x B

· Thickness

The thickness of the box will decide the sturdiness, and strength of the box. How flexible and reliable it is depending on the thickness of the cardboard. Single wall or double wall can be opted according to the needs of its usage. Products’ bulkiness is a deciding factor for the thickness of cardboard boxes.

· Cushioning for your product

Cushioning is to provide wrapping paper or placing tissues between the space of cardboard and product. Cushioning protects your product. It keeps the product safe optimally even if any mishap occurs. Product sizing matters a lot. Tolerance must be kept for providing cushioning. For shipping purposes, add 5mm to each dimension of the product for cardboard sizing calculations.

· Printing Facility for Custom Cardboard

Normally cardboard boxes are brown externally, but printed paper laminated over the cardboard. It enhances the aesthetics of custom boxes. Printed papers laminated internally while the cardboard will be brown externally. Cardboard customized according to the requirements.

Features of Cardboard Boxes

The essential elements for purchasing custom printed cardboard boxes are as follows

  • Absorption powers
  • Insulation quality (heat, sound, vibration)
  • Air permeability
  • Shape stability
  • Boxes that do not break
  • No seams or tears in them

The right company for your cardboard packaging boxes is a tailor-made solution. A company that is the right fit for you may not be good for another business or logistic leader. If you are looking for the best cardboard boxes in the USA, go for the Customized Boxes.

· Meeting Your Packaging Needs of cardboard boxes

You can find a broad category of features for your boxes. Sizes, designs, shapes, colors, or any other aspect you can thought of, this company is a complete package for your Packaging needs in the USA. Furthermore, shoppers have a choice about box delivery. They can be delivered at the doorsteps or you can get them from the inventory stores of the company.

· Best Add-on Elements

You can set the features that you require for cardboard boxes. Custom dimensions, colors that suit your packaging, printing for single or both sides, quantity you need, and box style you want can be customized accordingly. Additionally, the type of lamination can be customized as well. Goose lamination, matte lamination, window patching, embossing, spot UV coating, and full UV coating can be selected.

· Shipping Facilities Offered cardboard boxes

Customized Boxes eliminates the need for shipping arrangements. You can get the boxes at your doorsteps. You need not worry about the transportation of products anymore.

· Variety of options

When you visit the Customized Boxes, you will find a huge variety of custom printed cardboard packaging boxes. Choose the right box type, select the design, shortlist the paper type and you are ready to go

Why use formaldehyde-free printed cardboard boxes?

Now, with the help of, there is no need to be concerned for your health. As we offer the best packaging boxes that are not as dangerous as you might think because they are safe when you store them properly and in the right conditions. You don’t have to throw them away as soon as you get them because they are recyclable. They recycled into newly printed boxes. If you are worried about,  these boxes are free of formaldehyde, then the answer is yes. So, contact us to get safer and the best custom boxes for your business.

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It is very important to use formaldehyde-free packaging boxes because the more you use them. The more formaldehyde you are exposed to over time. Formaldehyde is a petroleum-based substance. That is added to wood pulp to make it soft and durable. Many manufacturers know that this chemical is harmful to humans, but they use it anyway. So, not only are you putting your health in danger by using these harmful printed boxes, but you’re also subsidizing the manufacturers of these products, making yourself spend more money on things that are harmful to your health.


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