Import EML to Apple Mail Account in Batch with Headers

import eml to apple mail


Introduction: Get here the step-by-step instructions to import EML to Apple Mail Account without facing hassle.

Let’s begin this article with some questions asked by people that were collected from prominent discussion forum websites:

  • How can I import EML into my Apple Mail account if I do not have a supporting application?
  • Is there a way to import multiple EML files into Apple Mail at the same time, and if so, how?
  • How do I convert my EML files to my Mac Mail account so that all of my attachments are preserved?
  • I am looking for the way to import EML to Apple Mail along with header information. Is it possible?

Like this, we have seen lots of queries where users require to import EML files to Apple Mail account. An email message saved as an EML file is an archive that maintains the HTML formatting and headers of the original message. The data are typically saved in plain text format within this EML file.

Do you find yourself in the same situation as the other people who need to import EML files into their Apple Mail account? If that’s the case, the information in this article will be of tremendous use to you. Therefore, continue reading the post and you will be able to complete this activity without any kind of difficulty.

How to Import EML to Apple Mail Account?

This task is possible with both manual and expert solution. Manual processes, on the other hand, don’t cost anything, but they have a lot of drawbacks. Utilize the professional application in order to achieve the required and accurate conversion from EML to Apple Mail account. This is the only way to achieve this.

An Expert Way to Import EML Files to Apple Mail

This task can be easily and safely done with the Best EML Converter Application. With this software, one can easily import unlimited EML files into Apple Mail account without facing issues. It allows users to convert EML messages and attachments to Mac Mail without any limits. The user interface of this solution is very easy. Even the Non-technical users can run this solution without facing any issues. Also, when you convert EML to Apple Mail account, this solution maintains properties. There will be no changes or alteration done with the original formatting of your EML Files.

It doesn’t require the installation of any supportive app. Also, you just have to follow some easiest steps to import EML files to Apple Mail account such as:

  • Download the application and install it properly.
  • Start the application, then select the Open option from the menu.
  • The application gives you the option of selecting either EML files or folders to meet your requirements.
  • After you make your selection, the application will populate them on the left panel.
  • You can get a preview of the content, headers, and other data by clicking on them.
  • Now, select MBOX as the type of file you want to save by clicking the Export button.
  • To get the process started, select the location you want to save to and then click the Save option.

The application starts converting EML files to Apple Mail account. And the process will only take some moments.

After you get the MBOX files, import them into your Apple Mail account.

Manual Method to Convert EML Files to Mac Mail Account

The manual steps that are stated below can be used to convert EML files to Mac Mail. Now, let’s go back over these points:

  • Activate your Apple computer by switching it on.
  • Complete EML files were gathered from the Windows operating system.
  • The data from all of the EML files should then be copied into the Apple MAC.
  • After making your selection, press the ctrl key in conjunction with the letter A on your keyboard.
  • After that, you can move .eml files to Apple Mail by dragging and dropping emails into that folder on your Mac.

Constraints imposed by the Manual Method

Because the method described above has a number of drawbacks, users almost usually opt for an automatic solution when it comes to importing EML files into apple mail, Mac mail, and other email clients. The following is a list of some of the more significant drawbacks:

Process That Is Extremely Lengthy: When users try to access their email, they can run into problems, and the email might respond very slowly. This could lead to a significant amount of wasted time. This procedure takes a significant amount of time, which also contributes to a decline in performance.

Create Multiple Mailboxes: Users are unable to attach several mailboxes at once while transferring email messages, hence it is impossible for them to create numerous mailboxes at once. In addition, any mistreatment of any phase can lead to the loss of data or the corruption of data, as well as damage to the system.

In this manner, a great deal of restriction is there, such as the requirement to install a supported app, and so on. Therefore, to fix them, use the professional application, and make sure that this task is completed.

Powerful Functionalities of Professional Application Which Make It Best

  • Import Unlimited EML Files: With the suggested software, it is possible to import unlimited EML files into Apple Mail account without any limitation.
  • Batch Import EML Files: The application supports to import multiple EML files or folders to Apple Mail account at the same time.
  • Convert Email Attachments: With this software, one can safely convert EML messages to Mac Mail account along with all the respective attachments.
  • Preview Your EML Files: The application is helpful to preview EML content, message headers, hex view, raw messages and other information before the conversion.
  • Dual Mode Conversion: The application enables users to choose between different modes, such as Select Folders or Select Files. You are free to select the alternative that best meets your needs.
  • Import Email Headers: With this application, you can import EML messages to Apple Mail account including header information. For this, you just need to enable the option “Including Email Headers”.
  • Standalone Application for Users: It is a standalone utility for the users. You can import EML to Apple Mail account without installing any supportive application.
  • Extraction is Also Available: It is also possible to extract attributes from EML files using this solution. Some examples of these characteristics are email attachments, email addresses, phone numbers, and many more.
  • Supports All Windows Versions: This software is compatible with all latest and earlier edition of Windows such as 11, 10, 8.1, and more.
  • Choose Output Location: You can choose the output location where you need to get the output data. This feature will help you to access your resultant easily without facing any type of hassle.

The Final Words

We have covered both the manual and the expert way to import EML to an Apple Mail account in the post that was just referenced. Which approach you choose to take to this problem is entirely up to you. If you want reliable and precise outcomes, our recommendation is that you use a procedure developed by trained professionals. With this app, one can safely import unlimited EML files to Apple Mail account along with all the attached information.

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