How you can create perfect slideshows for your business: 6 tips and tricks


How you can create perfect slideshows for your business: 6 tips and tricks

A good presentation can help you capture the attention of your viewers and convey your points effectively. Presentations are widely used by business professionals in meetings, webinars, and conferences. A speech becomes noteworthy when it’s backed with an effective slideshow presentation.

Whether it’s a sales meeting or a meeting with investors, presentations can help you convey the key points to the audience competently. For example, if you’re raising capital for your business, a slideshow presentation can help you convey the pros of your company and convince investors to trust your business.

Not all presentations succeed in grabbing the attention of the audience. Some key inputs can help a presentation stand out. Continue reading to know six tips to prepare a noteworthy slideshow presentation for your business.

1. Pre-Plan Your Slideshow Presentation

You can’t just start making a business presentation without any prior research. First, you need to split your slideshow presentation into several sections. The three indispensable sections of a slideshow presentation are the introduction, body, and conclusion. You can’t skip any of them if you want to create a noteworthy slideshow presentation. Here’s how to plan the perfect structure for your business presentation:

  • Many viewers will decide in the first few minutes whether your presentation is worth their time or not. If your slideshow presentation has a compelling introduction, you can deftly grab the attention of your audience. In the introduction section of your slideshow, you need to include what you’ll be talking about during the presentation. The objective of your slideshow presentation should be mentioned in the very first slide i.e., the introductory slide.
  • The next section will be the body of your business presentation. After the introductory slide, the following slides should contain ample evidence to back your speech. You cannot convey your points without compelling evidence in the business sector. When viewers see quotes, stats, and reports related to your points, they’ll be more likely to be convinced. Don’t forget to include high-quality pictures and videos in your slideshow presentation for a better effect on the audience.
  • The last slide of your slideshow presentation contains the key takeaways and a concluding message. You can also thank your audience in the last slide of your business presentation. You need to summarize your points and display them in the last slide for the audience to digest them.

Make sure you cover all the sections within ten slides. Many slideshow experts believe that a presentation of ten slides is perfect for the business sector. You can back your business presentation with an effective speech of 30-35 minutes for better results.

2. Maintain a Consistent Design Throughout All the Slides

It’s very important to maintain a consistent design approach throughout your business presentation. If all your slides have different colour compositions, they’ll not look pleasing to the eye. All design aspects such as font, slide design, orientation, etc. should be consistent throughout your slideshow presentation. Things to consider while designing your business presentation are as follows:

  • Choose a consistent color palette that you will follow in all the slides. You can choose 3-4 colours that sync with each other. The audience may get distracted if the color palette of your business presentation isn’t consistent.
  • If you use a slide design or backdrop for your slides, make it consistent. If possible, use the same backdrop on all your slides for a better viewing experience. The backdrop of your slides should not mask the information by any means.
  • The font style throughout your business presentation should be consistent. Choose a font style for your presentation that can be easily interpreted by the audience. Don’t choose a complicated font style that’s difficult to read and understand. Also, remember to maintain a consistent font size throughout your business presentation.

3. Create Slideshows Using an Editor

If you’re facing challenges while creating business presentations quickly, it’s because you aren’t using a slideshow maker. By using the best slideshow maker, you can create high-quality business presentations within minutes. A slideshow maker will offer you custom-made editing options to add a professional touch to your business presentation.

You can also use a video editor for creating effective business presentations. A video editor isn’t only restricted to making videos. Video editors offer custom-made templates for all types of businesses. They can also help you add videos to your business presentation.

When choosing a slideshow maker, consider its UI. An easy-to-use slideshow creator will speed up the editing process. Slideshow experts usually prefer editors that follow a simple drag-and-drop approach for editing.

You need to create a professional presentation for your business, and the built-in slideshow creator of your PC won’t be of much help. If you can’t avail a subscription for a slideshow creator, go for an editing platform that offers a free version.

4. Minimize Text in Your Presentation

If you stuff your slides with text, the audience won’t be pleased. Viewers will spend more time reading and interpreting the text rather than listening to you. Slideshow experts believe that a single slide should not have more than ten words.

There’s no compulsion that you can only add images and text to your business presentation. You can rely on audio and videos clips for better results. Studies have shown that videos can be 95% more effective than text in business presentations.

If you want to convey something to the audience, include images in your slideshow. You can also convey information to the audience via infographics, graphs, charts, and animations. Even if you use text, try to break it down into small chunks rather than displaying a complete paragraph in your presentation. Human minds can interpret bite-sized text more easily than huge blocks of text.

5. Connect with the Audience via Your Presentation

If you succeed in establishing a connection with the audience, they might be easily convinced. Many slideshow experts recommend narrating a story via your presentation; the kind of story that could get stuck in the mind of your viewers after they watch your presentation. 

You can also use an emotional video or an audio clip in your business presentation. Business is not all about selling products/services, and you need to understand that. Once you build an emotional connection with the audience, you can convey the real objective of your presentation.

6. Use License-Free Audio for Your Presentation

When creating a business presentation, you need to be careful about copyright claims. For example, you can’t just use an audio/video clip that’s created by another business organization. It’ll have an adverse effect on your reputation if you don’t use original content for your business presentation.

How to create an original audio/video clip for your presentation? Well, you can just use license-free audio/video clips. An effective video editor will offer a huge library of license-free songs and stock videos to use in your presentation.

In a Nutshell

Once you’ve finished your business presentation, prepare an effective speech for the audience. With an effective speech and presentation, you can skillfully rock a business meeting or conference. Start using a slideshow creator to make impressive business presentations! 


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