How You Can Become An Expert At Inserting Coloured Lenses In Your Eyes

Coloured Lenses

Never there has been a fashion device more amazing and better than the special coloured contact lenses. Amazing as they are, the colored lenses are getting even more popular with the people all around the world. So, if you are thinking of getting yourself a pair of coloured lenses, then that would be the best decision you will ever make. That will completely enhance the lifestyle. It is the perfect way to become glamourous on the go.

Wonder why coloured lenses are so amazing? It is just because of the special coloured tint on them that makes all the more special and amazingly different to other contact lenses. So, they are just the same lenses that you would wear normally, making it perfectly okay to wear them. The coloured tints on these lenses are made to mimic our iris and enhance the colour, add more depth and definition to the edges of your iris.

Never mind that, you just go out and buy your favourite pair. Just make sure that the colours you purchase are suited to your eyes, costume, skin tone and hair colour. Of course, there are a lot of things that need considering. So, why not go all out and find the best possible choice.

Below is the process of placing in the contact lenses step by step.

Only Look For The Best

Well, the first part of getting everything right is getting your hands on the best of the products. That means, the research that you need to carry out to find the best product would need to be very thorough. Find the right store, online or physical, that only sell the highest quality coloured lenses.

Now, when you have completed the purchase, check for all the items that came alongside coloured contacts. Make sure everything you wanted is there and with the right specifications. After all, you don’t want to be left wanting for the right thing right at the very end.

These accessories will help you maintain your coloured contact lenses till the very end. It is important that the product you are going to use is well maintained.

The Coloured Lenses Inserting Guide

So we should begin how we can insert the coloured contact lenses in our eyes without any problems.

  • Start with washed hands. So let us start with declaring coloured lenses as medical devices. Yes that is right, so keeping that in mind, coloured lenses need to be touched only when your hands are cleaned with soap and warm water. Make sure to dry with lint free cloth so that you can touch it without any problems.

  • Clean Your Lenses With Solution. Secondly, you have to start with cleaning your lenses with the disinfectant solution that you bought along with the coloured lenses. whether new pair or you already have them, they should be cleaned with the solution so that you can use them without worrying about something dangerous getting in your eyes. Always remember, hygiene is very important for the sake of your eyes.

  • Put the lens on your finger. As you have cleaned your hands and lenses, you have to start with the insertion process. Put the lens on your finger cup side up, just make sure that lens is placed balanced.

  • Hold the eye lid. Now that you have done that, it is time for you to enlarge your eyes. Holding up the upper eyelid and holding down the lower eyelid. This way you can enlarge your eyes perfectly enough to insert the coloured contact lenses.


  • Place in the lens. Place the coloured lenses in your eye. Move the eye in the corner and insert the coloured lens in the other corner. Now that move the iris towards the lens and get the contact lens on the iris so that settles. You have to do the same with the other lens.

  • Check the lens movement properly. Now you should look into the mirror to see if the lens have settled in perfectly. Move your eye here and there to see if there is any discomfort or irritation with the contact lens. If everything seems fine and there is no problem with the lens, then you have done a great job. Make sure that there is no problem in both eyes. If there is in any problem in any eye, then do it again, the whole process.

That was the step by step guide for putting in coloured contact lenses. It will help you effectively if you follow it right. Also make sure that you are not being too careless, stay away from unnecessary things. Such as sharing your lenses with your friends or family, don’t ever do that. Also never use your lense after they have expired. Get yourself a new pair if you need it.


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