How to write SEO friendly content – a step by step guide

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SEO friendly content, it means considering the content that is ranking higher on search engine results pages.

Anyone can be a writer but writing SEO-friendly articles and posts is a whole different thing. Because Google ranks content on its pages depending on the quality of content.

Now there are numerous strategies that google uses for ranking content on its pages. Therefore, for creating SEO-friendly content, you have to learn all those tactics.

But before moving to a step-by-step guide to writing SEO-friendly content, let’s get to understand SEO and how it works.

Table of content 

  • What does SEO mean?
  • How does SEO work?
  • How to write SEO friendly content
  1. Knowing and understanding your audience
  2. Use headings properly
  3. Writing plagiarism-free content
  4. Using quality backlinks
  5. Monitor your word count
  6. Good keyword research
  7. Image optimization
  8. Make your content shareable

What does SEO mean?

Everyone is talking about SEO these days? Why? Because all your efforts will be pointless without having a proper understanding of SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a key aspect on which your website traffic and quality of visitors depend. Everyone wants to be on top of search engine result pages, right?

This can only be possible when you get a tremendous number of visitors on your website and that directly depends on the quality of content you are publishing, the authority of your website, and website optimization.

Moreover, it is a fact that websites that lie on the first page of search engines, get over 96% of clicks that means the click-through rate (CTR) is higher for these websites meaning more visitors.

Additionally, more visitors mean more customers that would ultimately result in more profit and revenues.

So, in short, the SEO game is all revolving around getting

  • higher position on search engine result pages
  • more traffic on your website
  • more sales and popularity

How does SEO work?

There are several factors on which search engines (like Google and Bing) score their pages. SEO keeps focusing on the following aspects before deciding a position for a website in their web index.

  • Out of all, relevancy and authority of a website and proper optimization of content are most significant.
  • Other than that, SEO also ensures that the website is accessible on various devices and does not have any technical issues.
  • Keywords are another important factor for SEO because every search engine scans your website and checks if it is posting some content that people are searching for.
  • High content quality also helps your website to be in top position and it must be answering the users’ queries.

How to write SEO friendly content- A step by step guide

The key objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to make your content easily findable and relatable for readers on various search engines such as Google and Bing.

Writing SEO friendly content

To make this happen, it is important to understand about writing SEO-friendly content that includes:

1.     Knowing and understanding your audience

The foremost thing that you must keep in mind before writing your content is considering the key terms that your audience is looking for.

This is important because your content will be of no use if your readers are not satisfied, so the best thing is to focus on a question like, ‘’what type of content my audience is searching for?’’

2.     Use headings properly

For the optimization of search engines, headers and headings are important in content writing. They ought to be used correctly to make content more accessible on SERPs.

When talking about priorities, proper use of heading can make the text swimmable and quick to read for readers.

Moreover, with the attractive heading, brief and accurate content gets more chances to be posted on search engines.

This type of content carries more details and requires less time spent in reading and the same goes for Google’s bots, which read and then move your content quickly.

Additionally, the way you use headers and headings in content affects greatly how google sorts your content. Headers make the look of your content classier.

Then Google bots can filter the most relevant content and place it on top and your headers can allow the bots to do this. Moreover, you can sort keywords in the text by using proper headers.

3.     Writing plagiarism-free content

It is one of the most important steps that must not underestimate. Duplicated and plagiarized content has no room on search engines.

Copied content can easily be caught by a plagiarism checker and nobody wants that, surely. Search engines only demand original and free of plagiarism content.

If you upload plagiarized content on your blog, it may cause a severe reduction in the organic traffic of your website.

Therefore, before posting content on the internet, check for plagiarism in your content by using a plagiarism checker.

If you find any plagiarized content paraphrase it by using online free tools, these tools will reword the sentences by preserving the core context. This will lead to plagiarism-free unique content.

4.     Using Quality Backlinks

For making your content more SEO-friendly, do not forget to use backlinks from other authorized websites. Having quality backlinks at your back helps you get more traffic.

Getting quality backlinks is easy if you are writing good content. Backlinks either be internal or external play a significant role in SEO as well.

Another way to get backlinks is by looking for those old posts that have been ranked higher on search engines and attach those backlinks to the new posts.

Undoubtedly, good quality backlinks are equally important for search engines as well as readers to get access to your article quickly.

Here the fun fact is that taking backlinks from high-rated websites can prove your content to be more reliable and trustworthy.

Also, never fall for the number of backlinks because for SEO 3 backlinks from well-reputed websites are more than enough than having 10 backlinks from spurious websites.

Moreover, using hyperlinks in your content can take your SEO game to the next level as it develops more trust in your customers.

5.     Monitor your Word Count

Word count matters a lot for SEO. In the case of word count, quantity wins, unsimilar to backlinks.

It means you have to write lengthy content for making it SEO-friendly. Your blog posts and article supposed to be more than 800 words if you are following the SEO race.

To be ranked higher, you need to write more articles and post and post it daily to get popularity among readers.

6.     Good Keywords research

Keyword research is another important aspect that search engines can never forget. Content writers must write content that includes those certain keywords that the audience is looking for.

When you compose some content without taking account of keywords, then your website would suffer a lot in SEO.

this doesn’t mean that stuff your content with keywords because it would not be appreciated as well.

So, the best approach is optimizing keywords naturally in your content. It requires brainstorming and a little effort in finding those words related reader’s requirements.

Thus, we can say that keywords can never be chosen blindfolded and your keywords need to relevant and competitive.

Although, keyword researching can consume a lot of your time so, it is best to utilize some tools for keyword selection.

The best place to add keywords to your content is titles and headings. Also, bear in mind that always naturally use keywords.

7.     Image Optimization

Adding a nice picture or an image to your content can make it more readable and attractive. Therefore, choosing the most suitable and right image according to your content is an important task that writers must not ignore.

You may have noticed that buyers always get attracted to catchy things and the same goes with content writing.

Content having more images can get a higher rank that results in more readers.

The important thing to consider is the size of the picture because adding too small or too large can cause harm to your website that would affect the SEO.

8.     Make your content shareable

After following every step mentioned above, do not forget to make it shareable on various social platforms and websites. This aspect plays a great role in making your content more readable and user-oriented.

Different websites and social platforms you can utilize for this purpose are ShareThis and AddThis, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The best way to make your content shareable on social platforms is by creating social media share buttons.


Seo-friendly content is important to rank on the first page of Google’s SERP. If you write Optimized content, the Search engine will consider it good in the perspective of user experience and this way, you get more chances of ranking higher.

The step-by-step guide we have discussed above is simple to follow. By Following each of the above steps, you can easily increase the ranking of your website and this way, you get more chance of getting higher traffic on your website.

SEO-friendly will not only increase the ranking of your website rather it will improve the readability of your website as well as bounce rate of your website.




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