How To Write Product Descriptions Absolutely That Drive Sales


Social Validation(product features)

The value of social proof in your product descriptions (such as ratings and reviews, customer images and endorsements) cannot be overstated. When making a purchase, 97 percent of shoppers consider ratings and reviews, and 88 percent specifically check for photographs and videos from other customers, according to our own study at PowerReviews.(product features)

Social proof is clearly important for writing appealing descriptions, which is why you should include it in your product pages wherever possible. Consider these examples:

Reviews and ratings(product features)

We already know that ratings and reviews influence customer purchasing decisions, but did you realize that include them in your product descriptions significantly reduces return rates? Based on our 10-year experience working with over a thousand brands and retailers, we’ve discovered that items with ratings and reviews result in a 20% reduction in product returns.

So, how can you increase their presence on your product pages? Begin by requesting that customers evaluate and review their products. Send them a post-purchase email asking for feedback, and if possible, include a reward for doing so.

Display those ratings and reviews prominently on your product page once you have them. Make your star rating one of the first things visitors notice when they land on your page, and make sure your ratings and reviews section is visible and easy to discover.

Customer Photographs(product features)

When it comes to retail images, the rise of user-generated content (UGC) has altered consumer expectations. Professional product photography is still necessary, but if you want to generate confidence and authenticity, you should also include images from other customers. According to an Olapic study, 63 percent of Americans trust customer images above brand or store photos.

Add a feature to your product page that allows customers to upload images of themselves using your products to boost UGC. SheIn, which has an upload option that lets customers to attach images with their evaluations, is one retailer that is doing this successfully.

Make the same effort with your product pages. Encourage your consumers to take images of themselves using your items and share them on social media. We give user-generated material visualizations for items with PowerReviews to help customers better comprehend the product.

Outstanding Visuals

Humans are visual organisms who process image data more efficiently and quickly than text. As a result, it’s critical to include a variety of visual aspects in your product descriptions. Consider include the following graphic elements in addition to your official product photographs and the user-generated content described above:


Videos are useful for demonstrating how your items work, and they can also help you sell them. Video has been shown to enhance conversions by 134 percent in the fashion business.

Signals of Trust

Consumers are increasingly at ease when making purchases online, but many still have reservations about purchasing something they can’t see or touch.

While outstanding copy and customer photographs help to generate trust, you should go even farther by include extra trust signals in your descriptions. Money-back guarantees and certifications of authenticity help buyers feel more confident about buying your products, so add these wherever possible.

Try doing something similar with your product descriptions. If you make any guarantees, make sure to state them clearly in your text to avoid trust difficulties and to establish brand loyalty among clients who will return and rely on you in the future.

Relevant Offerings

It’s a terrific idea to advertise your promos on the site. However, make sure to include such data in your product descriptions as well.

Remember that many customers will skip over your homepage and go right to your product pages. You want to alert these users to any special offers that may have been overlooked on another page.

Following in the footsteps of GUESS, make your offers clear in your product descriptions.

Answer the Most Important Questions About Your Product

Make sure your product descriptions answer any questions potential customers might have. Failure to do so could result in the site being abandoned. According to Forrester, about 55% of online customers in the United States abandon their purchase if they can’t get a rapid solution to their product question.


Don’t only tell them about your stuff while crafting your descriptions. Consider any queries or worries customers may have regarding your product and answer them in the copy.

Consider including a Question and Answers or FAQ section on the product page so customers may quickly get the answers they need. To accomplish so, PowerReviews provides Q&A software.

With review badges, your consumers can easily access crucial product questions and see who is actually providing the answer. And for all the brands out there, making sure your customers are getting the right answers on your retailer sites is critical.

Raise the Bar on Your Product Descriptions

Product descriptions should go beyond simply giving facts about your product. Your descriptions, like those of a high-performing retail store worker, should attract customers, develop trust, and eventually sell your products.

Are you satisfied with your product descriptions and ready to move forward? What are your plans for improving them?

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