How To Use Instagram To Get More Visitors For Your Blog

instagram for blog traffic
instagram for blog traffic

There are a lot of things to do on Instagram besides sharing photos and videos. Due to the visual nature of the platform, it is an excellent method to market your blog. And, with over one billion monthly active users, 500 million people use the app on a daily basis, Instagram has enormous potential. Social networking is a highly efficient way to promote your blog, with Instagram being an increasingly popular platform. 

Why Use Instagram To Get Visitors For Your Blog?

Please don’t fall for the fallacy of believing that Instagram is only a site where shallow adolescents post endless selfies – it certainly has that part, but there is much more to it than that. Since it is a visually stimulating medium, it is an excellent tool for promoting your site. Instagram has enormous potential as well, with over billion monthly active users,  500 million people who use the platform on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll discuss how to promote your blog using Instagram. 

Tips To Drive Instagram Traffic To Your Blog

Your First Step

To begin, you must create a profile for which you must first download the app. Spend some time crafting your bio. This is not the place to record your life’s events, but rather a short description of yourself, what you do, what interests you, etc. Many people on Instagram fall into the trap of leaving this field blank. That is a severe error. Including emoticons help capture people’s attention. And, of course, don’t forget to provide the link. Therefore, make your bio stand out – grab people’s attention and then direct them to your blog via the link in your profile.

Publish Awesome Content

Resist your urge to post anything on Instagram. It is good to post content that is appropriate to your site and of high quality. Therefore, instead of sharing six semi-blurry photos snapped on the fly each day, take the time to create one fantastic photograph. Here, creativity and quality are essential. Use creative effects, share stunning images, and invest some time making your posts appear like works of art. You might find it challenging to get the expected engagement in the beginning when you could go ahead to buy automatic likes for Instagram, driving potential engagement and a feasible way to establish your Instagram presence.

Play The Role Of  A Follower And  A Leader

Engaging with your social media followers on their sites is a proven method of increasing your number of followers on social media. Look for material that compliments your piece or other Instagrammers who have a similar strategy to yours to use as inspiration. Follow them, and you’ll find that many will reciprocate.

When you come across posts that are relevant to you, like them and leave helpful comments. Instead of making a general comment such as “Great photo,” personalise the response to the specific shot you’re talking about. Take this technique outside of Instagram and start to look for bloggers to follow, as well as posts on their blogs and you’d prefer to comment on as well as your own.

Provide Value To Your Followers

What is it that will compel your fans to follow you? It’s unclear if this is because they would like you to market yourself all of the time or they’re just receiving some sort of benefit. It will almost always be the second thing, so make it worthwhile for them to follow you in the first place.

Share some excellent advice, quotations, images, and other materials with your followers who have no other reason than to be beneficial to them. The more helpful the content is to them, the more likely it is that they will share it, and the more new followers you will gain as a result of this.

It is essential that you post content with your fans in mind at all times if you want to become an Instagram success. What exactly piques their interest? The requirements of your audience and  What are the questions that need to be addressed by them? By being a helpful Instagrammer, you can expect your following base to increase rapidly and naturally.

Snap A Screenshot

That’s all well and good, but how do creative pieces truly help bring readers to your blog? They do not impact your followers, but they pique their interest. They tell visitors that your website is worth seeing. You may then leverage your following by snapping screenshots of your most recent blog article and uploading them to your account. Be sure to choose an engaging section of the site to feature and include a nice image.

Here’s a pro tip:

  1. Use mock-ups of devices on which you may embed a screenshot of the blog. Your photos should be compelling enough to encourage readers to read the caption of the post.
  2. Create an engaging caption for your article.
  3. Summarize what readers will learn from your blog and include appropriate hashtags as well.

You may close the deal by reminding people that the URL to the blog is included in the bio. Of course, if you have more than 10,000 followers, advertising it via a swipe function in your Stories is excellent.

Use Videos

The social media platform Instagram does enable you to publish videos for content promotion in a more  excellent manner. What’s the catch? In most cases, it has to be 60 secs or less (unless you’re using Instagram TV, which is a separate video format with a greater duration).

Consider videos to be short and entertaining blog pieces. Let them know what you’re all about and offer them tidbits of information about upcoming blog posts. Because people’s attention spans are very short these days, you must catch their interest within the first few seconds, and that they’ll continue to browse.

As a teaser for your blog article or Instagram account, think of this as a little video. This is something you can publish every once in a while to mix things up a little and also to get people who are interested in who you are. As of late 2020, we will also have the option of using Instagram reels, which is ideal for making more entertaining short films. These are ideal for use in trailers and teaser videos.

If you’re searching for a platform to utilise as a blog, or if you want to share a part of your blog entry in video format, then Instagram TV is the platform for you. Why not experiment with several video styles and discover which ones produce the greatest results? Alternatively, could you give a quick instructional that people might find interesting? Make use of movies as much now as you possibly can. These are much more personal and might assist you in growing your account much more quickly.

Be Consistent

In the beginning, everything is a game of fun and games. You adore the concept of blogging, and this is such a fresh experience for you. When the novelty of posting wears off, though, it will become more of a bother to keep up with the schedule. It’s normal to get lazy on your blog posts, posting them whenever the mood strikes you.

The first issue is  when your followers begin to lose interest. As a result, you may lose some of your followers. The second issue is that new potential followers who come across your account may not think it is worth their time to follow you.

Prepare a posting plan for Instagram before you upload your first photo or video on the platform. Will you be posting on a daily basis? Every other day, perhaps? Weekly? If you want to achieve the greatest outcomes, it is preferable to publish more regularly.

Some bloggers publish two or three times a day, depending on their schedule. And, while it is an excellent strategy for achieving success, it is worthless if you do not follow it through on a continuous basis. It is preferable to post ever day like clockwork rather than to post three times in a day and nothing else for the rest of the day and week.

Do yourself a favour and find out how frequently you will be able to post on a consistent basis. Would you be capable of maintaining your daily blogging schedule? Now sit down and make a strategy for what kind of material you will put on your blog. At the very least, plan ahead a week in advance.

It may take a bit of time to sit down and organise your content in this manner, but doing so enhances the likelihood that you will publish your pieces on time when they are supposed to be. When it comes to running around to fulfill other deadlines, keeping the content ready beforehand ensures that you will always have enough time to keep up with your Instagram posting schedule.

Use Themes

Select a theme that is related to your blog and differentiates your photographs. Choose a unique theme that is not used by anybody else to help identify your blog’s brand.

Final Words

These tips, along with your creative strategies, can help you promote your blog and get more visitors coming.


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