How to Update Orbi Firmware in a Few Simple Steps

orbi firmware
orbi firmware

Update Orbi Firmware in a Few Simple Steps – No matter which model of Orbi you are using, it is recommended that you keep the firmware of your device always updated. By updating Orbi firmware, you can bring enhanced security, bug fixes, and performance boost to your device.

Although the task of updating the firmware of an Orbi is not rocket science, still some users find the overall process a bit tricky. Here’s how to make things happen if you’re having trouble updating the firmware on your Orbi.

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Methods to Upgrade Firmware on Your Orbi

You can update the firmware of your Orbi device using two different methods – manually and via Orbi app.

This is to inform you that for improving the performance of your devices, Netgear often releases new versions of firmware. So, if you want to make the most of your device, make sure that its firmware is updated to the latest version.

Let’s now give you an overview of both the methods using which you can update the firmware of your Orbi router.

Update Orbi Firmware Manually

  • For manually updating the firmware of your Orbi, the very first thing you need to do is download the latest firmware version for your router.

  • For downloading the latest firmware version, you can head towards the official site of the Orbi.

  • Turn on your computer right away and launch a web browser to access the default web address.

  • The Orbi Netgear login screen will appear as soon as you press the Enter key.

  • In the given fields, enter the login details of your Orbi.

Caution: Remember to use the modified login information if you customized your device’s login details after configuring it.

  • You’ll reach the Orbi router’s dashboard once you’ve finished this step.

  • Click the Manual Update option under the Advanced tab.

  • You then need to select the file you have downloaded for your Orbi by hitting the Browse option.

  • Make sure you select the right file for getting success with the Orbi firmware update process.

  • As soon as you click the Upload button, the firmware update process will get started.

  • The whole process may take a few minutes, so we suggest you be patient.

  • Once the Orbi firmware update process is complete, your system will reboot.

That is how you manually upgrade the Orbi router’s firmware. You have yet another option for updating the firmware on your device. Yes, you read it right! That’s by means of the Orbi app. Check the next section for the same.

Here’s How to Update Orbi Firmware via App

Before you get started with this process, make sure your Orbi is turned on and configured properly.

  • Unlock your smartphone and download the Orbi app on it.

  • This is to say that the Orbi app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Hence, no matter which OS your device supports, the app can be downloaded by heading toward its related app store.

  • Launch the app and give your consent to use it by accepting its terms and conditions.

  • Thence, you will be asked to log in to your Orbi using the app.

  • So, do the same.

  • The dashboard of your Orbi router will come into view.

  • Locate the menu icon in the top-left corner and tap it.

  • Now, check for updates under the Router Settings section.

  • If you find that any new firmware version is offered by Netgear for the Orbi model you have, get it updated by following the on-screen instructions.

That’s how you can gift your Orbi router an updated version of the firmware. While updating the firmware, make sure you do not run any background activities on your device.

Also, it is suggested that you update the firmware of your Orbi as per its model number. Because a single mistake can become a big mess and even turn your Orbi into a nonworking condition. In that case, you need to perform an Orbi factory reset and again will have to configure your device.


It is expected that the methods given in this how-to guide will help you Update Orbi Firmware in a Few Simple Steps of your Orbi router. Shoot your feedback in the comments section regarding which method helped in getting success with the process – for you.


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