How to Transfer EML Files to MHT / HTML Format?

transfer eml files to mht

This tutorial can come in helpful if you’re seeking a simple approach to transfer EML files to MHT / HTML.

We’ll go through the best techniques to transfer EML to MHT without having to code in Python, Java, or C# in this blog.

MHT / HTML files are essentially text files that include lines of code that inform web browsers how to display a page. This implies it includes tags that determine the webpage’s layout and content, such as the text, tables, pictures, and hyperlinks. HTML files are extensively used on the internet and maybe viewed using web browsers. As a result, HTML files have several benefits, and many developers choose to store their data in this format.

User Query;

I’d want to transfer EML files to MHT with attachments. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find a solution. Please provide a method for converting an endless amount of EML data into an HTML document in only a few clicks. Thank you very much!!!

About EML Files and HTML / MHT Files

EML is a well-known file format created by Microsoft for MS Outlook and Outlook Express. Email messages are saved as EML files, which include information such as the subject, date, recipient, and time. A wide range of email applications, including MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Kerio Mail Server, Zimbra, and SeaMonkey, among others, support this format. It’s a versatile file format that’s suitable for both personal and commercial usage.

MHT/HTML files are used to create the majority of online pages. It works with a variety of browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Headings, paragraphs, and links, among other things, may be found in the HTML file. MHT files may also include semantics for other programming languages, such as JavaScript, that can affect the behaviour of the Internet Browser throughout the HTML file creation process.

Way to Export EML Files to MHT Format

To transfer eml files to MHT or HTML files, we have told about two solutions in this blog. The first solution is the automated software named EML Converter Software Tool. And the second solution is manual and it is free of cost as we know that what is free has some limitations also this solution also has. Let us know about both the solutions, how they will be used.

Method 1: Automated Solution & Expert Recommended

EML to MHT Converter offers a few unique features that make it easy to transfer EML files to MHT. Here are a few examples: You have the option of selecting an email folder that best matches your requirements. To accomplish the process, you don’t need to install any additional software. Maintain attachments, folder structures, and more by moving all emails with all information. You may simply and quickly transfer EML to HTML online with the EML conversion tool. EML files may also be imported into Thunderbird and other email applications. Right now, you can get a free demo.

Steps – How to Use EML to HTML Converter Software

  1. On your Windows OS, download and launch EML to HTML Converter.
  2. Select the EML files and folders you’d want to convert, then click Export.
  3. Choose HTML as the file format and save it to the specified place.
  4. To begin the email conversion process, click the Save option.
    transfer eml files to mht

Done! With a few easy steps, you may effortlessly convert many EML files to HTML format.

Features of EML to MHT Converter Wizard

  • EML to MHT Converter: With this EML to HTML / MHT Converter, you may convert numerous EML files to MHT format with attachments. When converting mailbox data to.html files, there is no file size restriction.
  • Keep the folder structure intact: The converter will retain the folder and subfolder structure in its original format while converting .eml to .html files. There is no loss of data.
  • Simple user interface: This utility was created with a variety of users in mind. As a result, our EML to HTML file converter has a single panel interface that allows you to transfer EML files to HTML in only a few clicks.
  • 100% data security: During the translation process, this programme assures that no email modifications or omissions of information or attachments are made. Even after all of the emails have been converted, you will have identical data.
  • Support many languages: There’s no need to be concerned about your data if your email includes UNICODE text, which is not English text. The original material is preserved in its original format by the programme.
  • Export attachments as well: Email attachments are a critical component. Along with emails, this tool safely stores attachments in a separate folder. So you don’t have to go anyplace else to store those email attachments.
  • Windows-compatible: EML to HTML Converter is compatible with all Windows-based platforms. This programme works with all Windows versions, including 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP.
  • Batch mode: The programme offers batch mode, which allows users to transfer EML files to MHT files fast. EML files may be converted to HTML and other formats in bulk, with no file size limitations.

Method 2: Manual Solution of Import EML to HTML / MHT

  1. Select file using a right-click on the EML file.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the rename option.
  3. Select yes after replacing the .eml extension with .mht.
  4. To see the converted file, open it in your browser.
  5. In Web Browsers, the MHT file will be shown.

Limitation of Manual Approach

The manual technique may be useful if you just have a little quantity of data. If you have a large amount of data, on the other hand, this method will not work. It’s a lengthy procedure that needs patience. This procedure will not allow you to convert your attachments. There’s a good chance you’ll lose your information.


The most efficient way to transfer EML files to MHT format was explained above. The method described here is quite useful for converting an unlimited number of EML files to HTML format without altering or hurting the information contained inside the files. Before buying the full version, it is recommended that you start with the trial edition to evaluate the software’s operation and capabilities. So, as soon as feasible, download the programme and start exporting EML files in HTML format, together with all of their accompanying data.


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