How to stay healthy in summer?

welcome summer

Hello Summer!

Every season brings with itself a new joy, a new hope and a lot of fun and happiness. There is a healing touch associated with every season. That’s why the Almighty has coordinated the seasons in a sequence. When we see that summers are approaching, we get very excited. This excitement has various definitions for different people. But along with this excitement, there is also the fear of the extreme heat waves which may rob the enjoyment of summer and may lead us to suffer from summer sickness. Want to have an awesome summer without being trapped by the scorching heat? So, here I am to tell you how you can stay healthy in summer.                          

welcome summer

Want to enjoy summer but the heat is roasting you?

This is the most common problem which all of us face in summer. We may have some work outside or we plan to go on a tour in summer vacation but thinking of the heat waves we stop ourselves. But why to stop yourself when you can be cool in summer? Seems like a joke, right? But it is true. You can enjoy summer to the fullest even when the heat seems to roast you. I am going to tell you the tips specially for summer, which will keep you healthy from inside and cool from outside.

thinking how to spend summer

Tips to stay cool in summer

So, friends, now it’s time to have a look at the activities which you should adapt in summer to stay fit and active –

tips for summer

Some habits which you should follow on a regular basis

  • Nothing can be more soothing than water in summer. So, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and it will also keep your body cool.drink water
  • After coming home by being out in the sun for a long time, do not immediately drink water no matter the water is normal or cold. When you suddenly drink after being tired with the heat, your body temperature does not immediately adapt the temperature of the water and as a result, you might get a cold. So, sit for 5 mins and have rest and then drink water.don't drink water after being out
  • Do not put the fan or AC on a high speed when you return home. It is very dangerous to your health and may also cause severe health issues. The indoor temperature is different from the outdoor ones so it takes time for your body to adjust in both the situations. This is the time when you sweat. Let your body cool down on its own without the electronic gadgets as this may lead to severe cough and cold and body ache.don't sit under fan sweating
  • Avoid drinking water or cold beverages by standing in the sun as this may cause heat stroke.don't drink water in sun
  • Try to heat healthy and light food in summer which will keep your body cool. Spicy and heavy food may lead to digestion problems in healthy to stay healthy
  • Wear light clothes in summer like the clothes of natural fibre which helps your skin to breathe.wear light clothes
  • Take bath regularly with sandal or any other herbal soap to feel fresh and cool.take bath regularly
  • Covid has taught us the use of mask. So, a mask can be useful in summer too as it will protect you from directly inhaling the hot air. Try to carry an umbrella or scarf to cover your body as the UV rays may cause skin diseases.

wear maskcarry umbrellacarry scarf

Food items that you should eat in summer

  • Mangoes mangoes
  • The first thing which comes to everyone’s mind about summer is fresh and juicy mangoes. Without mangoes summer seems to be incomplete. The sweet and ripe pulp makes your mood in summer, right? The different kinds of mangoes like Alphonso, Totapuri, Baganapalli, and many more are the speciality of summer. So, friends, your love for mangoes can keep you healthy in summer. Instead of consuming packaged beverages, try to have homemade mango shakes or Aam panna after a day out in summer. It is a refreshing drink to have in shake

  • Curdcurd
  • Curd is traditional yogurt or fermented milk product which is rich in phosphorus and calcium. So, try to have curd or curd-based dishes as it stimulates appetite, improves bone strength and enhances immunity. Lassi is one of the freshening drink made out of curd which is a popular thirst quencher. There are many curd-based dishes like curd rice, Dahi kebab, Raita, Punjabi Kadi, Masala Chaach which are mouth-watering. But I would suggest you to taste the best and delicious Dahi Wadas of de’HoFoo, an amazing taste which will hang in your mind forever and you will want to have it again and again. So, what are waiting for? Yummy Dahi Wadas is just a click away. Order and get it delivered to your doorstep.dahi wada
  • Watermelon
  • Watermelon is the summer fruit with 91.45% of water which helps in fulfilling your body’s water requirements. You can eat slices of watermelon or if you want to have the fluid of it, then you can have watermelon juice or a spicy watermelon soup. Being filled with anti-oxidants, watermelon provides a wonderful cooling effect.watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Cucumber is rich in fibre which is helpful in summer to keep constipation at an arm’s length. It also contains high amount of water. So, this summer have crunchier cucumber and stay cool in this roasting heat.cucumber
  • Coconut water
  • It is the best drink to have in summer being loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The cooling properties help you to stay strong against hot weather. Studies also show that having coconut water daily protects against cancer.coconut water
  • Mint
  • Mint is a herb which you should add in curd, Chaach, salad or in raita to have additional benefits. A common thing prepared in almost every Indian house is mint chutney. Mint not only provides you a cool body temperature but also keeps you
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • It is always recommended to have green leafy vegetables in every season to stay healthy as they contain several nutritious benefits. But having green leafy vegetables in summer, keeps your body hydrated as they contain high amount of water. Remember, do not overcook these vegetables as it may reduce their water content. Want to eat green leafy vegetables but don’t like their boring taste? de’HoFoo is here to make the boring food interesting for you. The home chefs at de’HoFoo prepares dishes which are yummy and healthy at the same leafy vegrtables 
  • Onions
  • It may be surprising for you to know that onions too provide cooling effect. Eating raw onion may ruin your taste so you can mix them with lemon and salt and prepare salads. You can also add onions to your vegetables, curries and raita. Adding onions to your daily diet protects you against sun stroke.onions
  • Lime water
  • Lime water, also known as nimboo pani, is another refreshing drink for summer. You can many health benefits from a glass of lime water. You can have sweet lime water, can add salt, a pinch of cumin powder as per the flavour which you like. It keeps you chilled and fresh all day long.lime water

Some more tips to enjoy summer

  • Enjoy the natural and cool breeze of air from the fan, prepared with palm leaves dipped in sandal water.
  • Beat summer by performing oil bath by gingerly oil.
  • Summers are best enjoyed near beautiful lakes, forest gardens, having pleasant fragrance of flowers.
  • Try to spend the days indoor as far as possible and the nights in open under the moon rays with the sweet smell of flowers all around.

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So, I hope these tips and tricks prove beneficial for all of you and let not only this summer but all the upcoming summers be filled with beautiful and exciting memories.

enjoy summer

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