How To Spark Interest In Your YouTube Videos With An Overview Page


How To Spark Interest In Your YouTube Videos With An Overview Page

How long has it been since you’ve seen a video on YouTube? Chances are, it was within the last day, and more importantly, you were one of approximately 2.4 million weekly visitors logged on at the time. Surprisingly enough, YouTube is one of the most prominent search engines ranking right after Google! Before you finish reading this article, YouTube will have had at least 60 hours of fresh content uploaded.

YouTube, in recent years, has become even more popular than broadcast television! For this reason, viewers have also become more discerning towards the kinds of content they’re exposed to. Most viewers don’t even watch a video if the overview page doesn’t appeal to them in some way. This is why you need to create an overview page that does justice to your content. How can you achieve success? Here are some expert tips outlined below!

Construct A Good Video Title

Even more important than the content itself is a good title for your video. Create something that directly relates to the content of your video and tells viewers what they can expect. When working with titles, make sure to number your videos if you’re planning on creating a series.

A good example of a video series are the Ikea home tours on YouTube. These videos offer insight into how different people decorate with Ikea furniture, and more importantly, the company has properly labeled the titles for sequencing and to give an idea as to the content’s purpose. Ikea, by posting the episode number of each video, has made it abundantly clear that the content is part of a series and there are others that may interest you!

A Quality Thumbnail

Before a viewer ever even clicks on your video, they will see your thumbnail. Make it a point to construct a thumbnail that properly encompasses the title of your video as well as the expected content. If you choose to ‘clickbait’ people with a false image, they will leave your videos.

Ikea has a decoration series and they have also created a thumbnail for their content that’s well worth mentioning. The actual title of their video is: “Apartment shared Space Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 410)”. The thumbnail in this instance has a well decorated living room with Ikea furnishings and accessories. Once again, the image makes it concise that you’re viewing the video for decorating tips.

Construct A Clear Description And Properly Use Tags

YouTube does not have the ability to scan your video and label the content accordingly. As such, you’re responsible for writing a clear and concise description of what your video is about. This content is easily comparable to constructing SEO articles as the relevancy of your text in relation to your videos will determine your search rankings. It’s important to give yourself a limit of 200 words as that should suffice for your description. Plus, you can also fill out your bio page where viewers can find more information.

When employing the use of tags, make sure they actually relate to your video content. It’s crucial to spend some time researching appropriate tags to use for your videos. By choosing the correct tags for your videos, YouTube will display it when people search for those specific keywords.

Generate Likes And Comments

YouTube ranks your videos in search results while considering a number of factors. Just as important as employing the use of correct tags is getting the right amount of engagement from viewers. The more likes and comments your video has, the better YouTube will rank it.

A great way to generate comments and likes is to simply ask your viewers a question and ask them to comment below your video. This will up your engagement levels and make your video more relevant to the tags you’ve used.

Is It Worth Advertising On YouTube?

Many companies are now using YouTube as their go-to platform for advertising online. As there are millions of weekly visitors, it offers the advantage of reaching a wider audience than any other method of marketing.

TV commercials are different in that they interrupt a viewer’s program. However, YouTube ads are placed before the video starts playing, hence, viewers stick around in anticipation of their video content. It only takes a few seconds to capture someone’s interest, so why not make time count? Create an ad that people won’t want to skip!


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