How to Setup a Successful Beauty Salon in Dubai?

Beauty Salon in Dubai
Beauty Salon in Dubai

Centuries of desert-born wisdom and cultural grandeur, the Arabian Peninsula is known for its strong appreciation of beauty and commitment to personal grooming. In recent years, the Arabic beauty market has grown into an industrial behemoth, striking out internationally with some of the greatest home-grown brands such as HudaBeauty, Hammamii, and Reine Michi. Now an integral part of the global beauty vogue, UAE’s business powerhouse Dubai fosters one of the biggest and the most flowing supplies of beauty products and services, making it a quintessential landscape for opening a .

Beauty Salons in Dubai have proven to be one of the most profitable companies, attracting both local and foreign investors to get into the beauty grooming market and develop strong brand equity in Dubai. In this blog, we’ll go over four crucial factors that every investor should think about before opening a beauty shop in Dubai.

Why Start a Beauty Salon in Dubai?

If you’ve been considering forming a company in Dubai for a while and are thinking of the salon industry. Now is the moment to move forward with your plans. The steadfast national policy of the UAE and a variety of corporate incentives will be a welcome addition. The services provided by the are always in demand. You may also offer a variety of ancillary services such as training and make-up classes.

Starting a Beauty Salon in Dubai

In comparison to a free zone business structure, starting a salon business on the Mainland in Dubai is the preferred option.

Market Analysis

Starting a beauty salon in Dubai is the same as starting any other business. It necessitates a fair amount of market research before starting the business. Market solvency, demography, material cost, and competition are important factors to consider. Once a thorough understanding of the market. You can build a business strategy and submit an application for a license.

Getting a License for Beauty Salon in Dubai

The Department of Economic Development (DED) regulates all types of businesses on the Dubai Mainland, and their procedures include:

  • The first step is to submit the passport copies of the partners who are investing in the business
  • With the passport copies, they have to also submit the visa copies of all the partners
  • Next, you can decide the name of your beauty salon
  • Submit the name to the DED to get it approved
  • After the initial approval from the Department of Economic Development draft and sign the Memorandum of Association or a Local Service Agent
  • Rent a salon shop according to the required infrastructure and make an agreement with the tenant
  • Get the tenancy contract along with the Ejari number
  • Approval from the Planning Section of the Dubai Municipality
  • Get approval from the Health and Safety Division of the Dubai Municipality
  • Submit all the above documents and get the required license from the DED

It takes roughly 2-4 weeks to complete all of the following stages. You are ready to open your beauty salon in Dubai after the DED approves your license.

Types of Beauty Salon Licenses in Dubai

There are basically two types of beauty salon licenses in Dubai. They are:

  • Women’s Salon License
  • Men’s Salon License

In Dubai, a women’s beauty salon, also known as a ladies’ salon, is permitted to provide beauty and hair treatment to women. Hair washing, cutting, coloring, straightening, waving, hair mending, and henna services are all examples of hair care. Makeup and skin cleansing are examples of cosmetic treatments. They can also do skin hair removal, facial aesthetics, foot care, manicures, and treatment.

Haircare comprises trimming, cutting, waving, coloring, straightening, hair setting up, and supporting hair strength. A men’s beauty salon license in Dubai is licensed to carry out hairdressing and other beautification treatments. Skin purification, skin hair removal, foot care, and face aesthetic are examples of cosmetic treatments.


In any corporate setting, the location is crucial because it allows the business to operate in the most favorable conditions and take advantage of incentives that are only available for specific activities. Beauty salons, hair salons, and spas all require a set of certain circumstances in order to operate at their best. Setting up shop in a desirable location necessitates the presence of vehicular access, parking, leisure areas, and amenities in order to create psychological appeal for the Salon.


While Dubai’s labor laws do not require beauty salon employees to meet any academic requirements. It is ideal to select staff who are qualified and certified through proper courses. This aids the brand in establishing a positive market reputation by reflecting professionalism in their employees, consequently growing their clientele and increasing revenue. The owner must engage a highly qualified doctor-cosmetologist in accordance with Dubai Healthcare Authority regulations for specialty designations such as cosmetologists.


Some of the essential criteria for a salon workplace in Dubai are listed below:

  • The location of the salon has received approval from the Department of Dubai Municipality.
  • A suitable signboard announcing the brand’s name should be placed in front of the salon.
  • Dubai’s healthcare standards must be met in terms of lighting, furniture, equipment, and sterilization practices.
  • Chairs must be at least 3.0 m x 3.5 m in size.
  • The distance between the ceiling and the floor must be greater than 2.3 meters.
  • For beauty treatments such as manicures, pedicures, hair waxing, and henna designs, a separate partitioned area (not less than 2.50 m × 1.50 m) must be set aside.
  • For safety, fire-resistant materials and fire-alert security systems were implemented.
  • A water heater should be put in place.
  • Cosmetics, instruments, and fabrics require the construction of cabinets, drawers, and shelves.

Other Requirements for Starting a Beauty Salon

  • The planning department of Dubai Municipality must approve the location of the beauty parlor in Dubai
  • There must be a Signboard placed in front of the beauty salon
  • The lighting used in the salon must be sufficient and the furniture used must be clean and proper
  • Dressing chairs should meet the specific size of 3.0m wide x 3.5m length and must not be less than that
  • The height between the ceiling and the floor of the beauty salon must be more than 2.30m
  • There must be a separate area designated for beauty treatments like a pedicure, manicure, hair removing, and henna designing. 
  • The size of each such area must be more than 2.50m x 1.50m with a proper partition
  • There must be a washbasin near the area for facial treatments
  • Fireproof materials must be made use of for preparation area for hair removing materials
  • The beauty salon must necessarily have a water heater in place
  • There must be cupboards and drawers to keep cosmetics and towels


Estimate your initial costs before you start your business and think about how you’ll protect your cash for your salon’s operation and future growth. A professional license is required for the establishment of a salon business. The cost of obtaining a salon license is around AED 9,538 plus market costs of 2.5 percent. The cost of renting a shop will be extra, and it will be determined by the location and size of the shop. You should select a fit-out contractor to complete the interior work in accordance with Dubai municipality rules. With the consent of the Dubai Municipality, the Department of Economic Development will award the salon license.

Salon Business Insurence

Because many beauty salons have accidents from time to time, such as damaged hair or a customer who is dissatisfied with their treatment. Make sure you have the necessary insurance to protect your business.

Keep in mind that premiums can vary dramatically depending on the services you provide. You should also keep in mind that the insurance only covers treatments provided at the salon; any services provided at home or on the go are not covered.

Final Takeaway

People that are well-groomed are required by today’s lifestyle and business culture. The majority of individuals in Dubai, both locals, and foreigners, are willing to spend money in order to achieve that perfect charm. The desire for beauty treatments and the high level of life in Dubai maintain the salon industry in great demand and profitable. Because Dubai is home to individuals of all ethnicities. Beauty specialists and hairstylists have a plethora of options to put their skills to good use and run a successful salon.

To open your own salon in Dubai, you must first learn about the procedures and costs related to obtaining a license. Anyone can open a beauty salon in Dubai, either on the mainland or in any of the free zones that offer salon services. However, it is preferable and more appropriate to open a salon on the mainland of Dubai, as this type of company is more profitable in densely populated locations. The mainland of Dubai may be the finest alternative for attracting more customers. You also have the option of selecting the size and style of the salon based on the available space or your budget.


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