How to Repair Canon TS3122 Printer Not Printing Issues


Canon Pixma TS3122 is a compact and powerful Inkjet all-in-one printer. Wireless printing technology is both powerful and adaptable. It is also very cheap. However, this cutting-edge printing technology is rendered inoperable without a fundamental setup step at “ij start canon TS3122.” Wireless setup is simplified with this cutting-edge printer device. The procedure is simple and takes little time. Nonetheless, it details the operations in great depth on a user-friendly digital platform.

Three basic steps comprise the ij start cannon TS3122 process. To begin, configure the printer’s hardware. Configure it by connecting it to your wireless network. After that, you must download and install the Printer Driver Software.

Unmatched Features Are Now Available Through the “ij. ts3122” Process.

It is compatible with your iPad and iPhone using AirPrint. The Canon Print App now enables printing from virtually any mobile device. It can be accessed from anywhere on the network due to its wireless compatibility. Borderless photographs up to 5′′ * 7′′ are printed in a range of sizes.

When replacing paper, the Rear Paper Support saves you time. The Fine Hybrid Ink System produces high-quality output. Auto Power On/Off is incorporated to enable printing directly from your mobile device. The Quiet Mode enables you to conduct business uninterrupted.

Installation of the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer’s hardware

To begin, the Canon “ij start cannon TS3122” approach requires a properly setup printer’s hardware. Due to the extraordinary sensitivity of the printing equipment, it must be handled with extreme caution. To begin, choose an appropriate location for your Printer. It must be located within your Internet Network’s service area. Additionally, the surface must be smooth and flat. Following that, unbox it carefully by removing all packaging material, including the Red/Orange Tapes. After that, connect it to a stable and reliable power supply. Following that, turn it on. When you push the “Power” button on the Printer, the “Power Lamp” illuminates. Ascertain that it is steady and of a green hue. Fill the “Paper Tray” with the proper type of Paper Sheets. As a result, when the Initialization and Alignment process begins, the Printer may make some noise. Then, navigate to the Control Panel of the program. To complete the “ ts3122” process, you must refer to the Setup Guide.

Connect the printer to your network through a network cable.

Before continuing with the “ij start cannon TS3122” process, connect the Printer to a Secure Wireless Network. This is necessary to utilize the Printer’s many capabilities. Nonetheless, this is a very convenient way. However, it is critical to ensure that your router includes a WPS Push-button.

  1. Connect and power on your Canon printers.
  2. Press the “Power” button to turn on your printer. Assure the “Power Lamp” is illuminated and stable.
  3. After that, locate the Wireless Button on the printer. This pushbutton is easily identifiable by its “Wireless” logo.
  4. Simply press and hold it once you’ve discovered it. Before continuing, wait for the corresponding Indicator Light to flash once. Then simply let go.
  5. Following that, the Indicator Light will change to blue.
  6. Then, locate the Router’s WPS Push-button. Maintain pressure on it for a few seconds. However, you must perform this action within two minutes of the previous one.
  7. As a result, the Indicator Lamp on your printer will begin to flicker. This shows that the Printer is attempting to connect to a network within its range.
  8. As a result, both the “Power Lamp” and the “Indicator Lamp” on the Printer will begin to blink.
  9. As a result, you’ll need to wait for the Lamps to stop flashing. However, they must remain lit and stable.
  10. To complete the “ij start cannon TS3122” process, the printer searches for and connects to an available network.
  11. Now you must verify that the printer is connected to the appropriate network. To accomplish this, simply run a Test Print.
  12. In the printer, load a blank sheet of A4 paper.
  13. Consider the printer’s “Resume” button. Then, for a few seconds, push and hold.
  14. As a result, the “Indicator Lamp” on the gadget will begin to flicker. Allow 15 seconds for it to blink.
  15. Attempt to count identical items appropriately.
  16. Then, depress and release the button.
  17. As a result, you will receive a Printed Sheet with the Network Details.
  18. Examine the data to ensure that the “ ts3122” procedure uses the right SSID Name.

Software for Downloading and Installing Printer Drivers

The “ ts3122” method is ineffective unless the appropriate Printer Driver Package is installed. To begin, download and install the required software on your computer.

Download the driver for the Printer

Begin by downloading the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer software. Simply go to “” on Canon’s official website. Then navigate to the “Setup” page of the application. Then, locate the Setup window associated with your TS3122 Printer Model. Additionally, you will require the operating system for your PC. Continue with the remaining on-screen procedures to obtain the “Download” link. Then, click “Download” to begin the Driver Software download.

Install the Driver for the Printer

Appropriate installation is required to accomplish the “ij start cannon TS3122” function. Locate and execute the downloaded Printer Driver Software. To validate your system, when the Security Prompt pop-up window appears, pick the “Run” option. Then, in the “User Account Control” window that appears, click “Yes.” This will launch the Canon Printer Setup Wizard’s Welcome window. It is a straightforward Installer Software that will take you step by step through the installation procedure. As a result, carefully follow the on-screen directions. This requires you to select your “Language” and “Residence Country.” Additionally, you must accept the terms of the software’s “Licence Agreement.” Additionally, select “Deactivate the Block” in the Firewall Settings box.

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