How to Reduce PST File Size Without Outlook?

reduce pst file size without outlook

If you are looking for how to reduce PST file size without Outlook? Then, get the complete solution in this blog. As we all know, data stored in the PST file up to a certain limit of size causes many errors. So, in this case, MS Outlook 2002 and the earlier versions of the PST file was saved in ANSI format that has a 2GB size limit.

But for Outlook 2003 and above editions, the UNICODE PST file is generated that has up to 50GB. There is an issue occurring when the PST file is oversize. This is one of the most important queries asked by users such as how to to reduce PST file size?

So, in this post we consider this issue and come up with various techniques. However, we will describe manual and automated methods to reduce Outlook data file size by splitting the PST file.

What are the Advantages to Decrease PST File Size?

There are many reasons to reduce the PST file size are listed below:

  • It helps users to manage Outlook mailbox data.
  • Therefore, it avoids the MS Outlook corruption issue.
  • By splitting a large PST file is overcome with some problems like Outlook’s slow performance, hanging, and many more.

Reducing the PST file Size | Two Methods

There are two different methods to decrease the PST file size step by step:-

  • Manual Method
  • Automated Method

Below are working steps for both the months which helps you to reduce PST file size without any hassle. So, let us start the process.

Solution 1: Manual Method to Reduce the PST File Size instantly

By using manual method user have to complete 2 solution to complete their tasks which is mentioned below:-

  1. Use Compact Now Utility
  2. Archive Emails in Outlook

Phase 1: Use Compact Now Utility

  • First, choose the File Tab and click on Info.
  • Now, choose the Account Settings option. And again click on the Account Settings to proceed.
  • Then, select the Data Files option and click on the Settings.
  • After that, choose the preferred file and press on the compact now.
  • At last, click on the OK and end the process to break the PST file.

For MS Outlook Versions 2003 and 2007.

  • First, navigate to the File tab and then, select the Data File management option.
  • Now, Double click on the Data File and select the targeted file which you want to decrease PST file size.
  • Click on the Setting and opt for the Compact Now option to move it forward.
  • Finally, click on the Exit to finish the process of reducing the PST file.

Phase 3: Archive Emails in Outlook

  • First, click on File tab and select Info and choose option tools>> clean Up Old Items Folder and all Subfolders option.
  • Then opt the file and folder to archive.
  • Now, check the included items with the Do Not Auto Archive option to archive the destination files to automatic archiving.
  • Click on the OK to end the split PST files process which reduces the Outlook PST file size.

What happens if a Manual Method is Failed?

If there is a high chance the manual method can fail. Because the free method does not have the ability to break corrupted PST files. Therefore, the MS Outlook is necessary to install. For performing the dividing Outlook data file to process manually. But, don’t worry! You can easily go through the upcoming segment, we will explain the automated solution to divide up large PST files without Outlook installation.

Solution 2: Automated Solution to Split PST Files Size

In the above section the manual solution does not have the capability to decrease Outlook data file size effectively. But don’t worry! Here you can use the Outlook PST Splitter Tool to divide PST into multiple files. It is one of the best and powerful tools to reduce oversized PST files without any data loss. The utility also supports the breaking up of PST file corruption MS Outlook Installation.

Therefore, the tool supports all the editions of Windows Operating system. It provides many advanced features for splitting Outlook data file size. So you just have to download and use the software to resolve the break up of large PST file issues without any data loss and error.

Step by Step Guide to Reduce Outlook PST File Size Instantly

Following are the steps to make your task easy and quick through which technical and non-technical users can easily reduce the PST file size without any hassle. Let’s begin.

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Now, Add PST File / Folder(s) and select your desired location where you want to save your resultant data.
  3. Then, choose the Split file option as per your requirement (Split by Email Id, Year, Date, Size, Folder, and Category).
  4. Check the summary of split information and hit the Next button.
  5. Finally, the process of splitting the PST file is completed.

So, this is how we complete the process of reducing PST files in a simple and easy way by using software. Now, below we have explained some major features to break PST file size.

Major Feature & Benefits for the Software

  • The software allows users to break PST files by folder, year, date, email-id, and many more.
  • It also supports adding the PST files in bulk.
  • The tool allows breaking PST files of all Outlook versions.
  • It is not necessary to install Outlook software to split the Outlook PST file into smaller parts.
  • This software can easily reduce PST files by size 1MB to 1TB.

The Verge

An oversized PST file can cause corrupted and many other issues in the MS Outlook application. So, in this situation, multiple users are required to reduce PST file size. Therefore, in this blog, we have mentioned the manual and automated solution to decrease Outlook data file size by splitting PST into multiple smaller parts. But, the manual method of reducing the PST file size with some limitations which affect the splitting of the large PST file process.

Thus, it is recommended to go with the above-suggested automated technique to break the PST file and get the preferred outcome without any error.


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