How to Recover Bkf File – Step by Step Guide?

BKF recovery - Recover BK files

Do you have a damaged BKF file and want to fix it so you can open it in your system? If so, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to open a BKF file manually, and we’ll also look for a way to recover BKF file automatically. First, you need to know how a BKF file can become damaged.

Why does a BKF file gets corrupted?

In the digital age we live in now, file corruption in any format is common. However, sometimes file corruption can be very bad. Like all files, there are many instances that can make a bkf file corrupted. Some of the reasons are given below:

Unexpected system shutdown: The BKF file gets corrupted because of the unpredictable system shutdown without being told to. For example, if you’ve opened a backup file and the system shuts down abruptly, the BKF file will get corrupted.

Virus Attack: A virus is one of the most common causes of BKF file corruption. When you download a third-party program from an unreliable source, that can also install a virus into your system, which can harm your BKF file.

User error: User error is another reason why backup files can get corrupted. Installing third-party software from a source that can’t be trusted and putting corrupt data in the backup file is an example of a mistake that can cause the BKF file to become corrupt.

There are many more reasons why a BKF file might get corrupted, but for now, we’ll move on to ways for BKF file recovery.

How to recover a BKF file manually?

Microsoft comes with a tool called NTBackup.exe that can fix BKF files. Pursue the following steps to repair BKF file manually.

  • First, the user must open the folder where expand is located and run it as an administrator.
  • Then the message “Removable Store Service” will appear; click “OK.”
  • Now, a new window will pop up on your screen with a “Welcome to the backup or restoration wizard” message. To move forward, click Next.
  • After that, choose the option to restore files and settings and click the Next button.
  • Now click on Browse and choose the BKF file. Click the OK button after you’ve chosen the file.
  • The user then needs to expand the left pane and choose the file and folder they need. Then click the OK button.
  • After you’ve done what was said above, click on Advanced.
  • Now, choose the original location from the Restore file menu to save the new file. Then click the “Next” button.
  • At last, click the Finish button.

Drawbacks of the manual way to restore a BKF file

The manual method helps the user fix a damaged bkf file, but it also has some problems. Users should be aware of these problems before they try to fix a corrupted BKF file by hand.

Don’t be afraid! There is another way to fix BKF files that is using an automated tool. Shoviv BKF Recovery tool is one of the best solution to repair BKF file.

It is a reliable tool that can restore the BKF file while keeping the folder structure and data in their original form.

A way to fix corrupted BKF files automatically

If you have trouble fixing corrupted .bkf files manually, you can use this tool. It’s the best and most reliable way to fix BKF files. It is made to easily restore data from a damaged BKF file. Aside from this, the software has a lot of other features that make it easy to work with. Install the free version of the tool to examine its features.

Here are the steps you need to take to fix the BKF file with the Shoviv BKF file Recovery tool:

  1. First, the user needs to install the BKF recovery tool and open it.
  2. Now, click the Addbutton and Browse the corrupted .bkf file.
  3. After that, click on the Save from tree option on the software’s ribbon bar.
  4. You can also choose the Save from list option to restore a backup from the list.
  5. After choosing the folder where the result file will be saved, the software will show you a report of the item that was restored.
  6. Click the Finishbutton to end the process.

Bringing all together

In this write-up, I’ve discussed two ways for BKF file recovery; one is using the manual solution, and the other is using the Shoviv BKF recovery tool. Somehow, the manual solution has a few drawbacks, which make the need for an automated tool obvious. Also, the Shoviv BKF recovery tool comes with a free version so users can check the software compatibility in their environment. Users can repair BKF files using the trial version, and they can also restore certain file types like Opal, DLL, CHM, Exe, and Opax.


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