How to reboot and reset Uppoon wifi extender device?

Uppoon wifi extender

The Uppoon wifi extender is manually used to provide the wifi network in a big and large area network such as a factory, workplace, hospital, government sectors, community, etc. This repeater repeats the network with the 1200mbps speed to take a 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz wireless signal. If you can use the Uppoon wifi extender so your area in all the dead zones can boost the wifi range easily. The LAN data transfer speed is 10/100 Mbps and 4 high communication LAN ports are available in the repeater so that you can easily connect the device to music with a wide method or wireless. Also, you get a LAN internet transfer rate of up to 1000mbps. Compatibility with other extenders, the Uppoon Wireless range extender makes it easy and convenient to extend the network over a large area. 

Method to set up the extender via cable-

  • If you want to Uppoon wifi extender setup with the ethernet cable, set the switch to the access point then start setup.
  • First, use an ethernet cable and connect it to a LAN port on the side of the extender.
  • Also, plug the ethernet cable on the router ethernet port.
  • Now, wait for 10 seconds.
  • Finally the Uppoon wifi extender setup with cable process is finished.

How to connect the Uppoon wifi extender to the router in wireless mode?

You will need a WPS button or a wireless connection to connect your repeater in wireless mode.

  • Plug the repeater into an electric board near the router.
  • Then you push and hold the WPS button of the router.
  • Release the router when the WPS power LED flashes.
  • Now within two minutes, you have to push it on the extender.
  • Then the WPS power LED flashes but this time it will flesh on both devices.
  • Now the Uppoon wifi extender will be connected successfully.

Where to find Uppoon wifi extender for Booster Network?

The ideal place to put the repeater is between the modem and your computer. But the extender must be within range of the router. If you move it near your computer, move it but still, the extender router must be in network range. You can set the extender in a place where there is no wall between the router and the extender as the number and thickness of the walls always affect the WiFi speed.

How to configure the Uppoon wifi extender?

  • Make sure: After configuring the Uppoon wifi extender you must connect the internet connection with the device.
  • Let’s start with the open, any web browser on the computer.
  • Next, type the IP address “” or ap.setup on the search bar and tap ok.
  • When a login page is displayed.
  • Now enter the default IP and SSID “admin” in the filer box. Double Tap on the login option.
  • Next a web home page display.
  • Select the menu and click enter on it.
  • Then you go to the setting. Again tap enter.
  • Select the wifi SSID and click on the Uppoon wireless range repeater. 
  • Then set up the wifi name, password, and speed frequency.

Why did the Uppoon wifi extender hang? What is the solution to this problem?

The common reason the repeater may keep hanging is that it’s overheating. It means the extender is not working and when we put the extender in a place where there is more or less airflow, at that time you need to move the extender to another place, reboot it. To reboot, turn off the repeater for 5 to 6 minutes and then turn it on again. Then your Uppoon WiFi Extender Hang problem might be solved.

Best way to reset Uppoon wireless repeater-

If your repeater needs to reset, to resetting see the below steps and follow them.

  • First, you need to turn on the Comfort Extender.
  • Next, locate the Reset button beside the WPS button.
  • Press and hold it for the moment the reset LED light blinks.
  • When the LED light blinks then relish it. 
  • Finally, the reset process of the Uppoon WiFi Extender was finished.

Why is the wireless range getting worse?

  • If the extender firmware needs to be updated.
  • When the internet is not working properly.
  • The repeater may be unable to boost the signal sometimes when you connect the extender to wireless mode.

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