How to Re-engage Users on websites with Android Push Notifications.


How to Re-engage Users on websites with Android Push Notifications.

Did you know that it costs 5 times more to entice new users than to retain a current user?

Just imagine after investing a lot of time and money in tempting a new user who visits your website only one time and never comes back again.

How would you feel at that moment?

You would be disappointed. 

No wonder, brands today focus on efforts and means to maintain relationships with current customers who purchase products or services regularly.

But that does not mean that you should not market your brand to potential customers. They are also important. 

The only fact is that you must also seek to re-engage them.

But have you ever thought about how you will re-engage your users on your websites?

Well, a good way to do this is by using android push notifications.

So, are you excited to know how you can persuade your users to frequently make purchases on your website with push notifications?

If yes, read here.

Before going straight to the ways of re-engaging users on your website with push notifications, we will first discuss what push notifications are.

What Are Push Notifications

Push notifications are small pop-up messages that are displayed on the user’s android. These notifications enable a brand to engage with a user even if he is not active on an app.

Android Push notifications are the best way to re-engage users on your websites because these notifications are easy to install and use.

Ways To Re-engage Users On Your Sites With Android Push Notifications

Here, we have compiled certain tips that you can use for re-engaging users on your websites:

  1. Improve Push Notifications With Rich Media 

Using rich media can help you make more visually attractive messages. Plus, you can add images, emojis, and ratings to send relevant information. 

Emoji is a good substitute for words when you do not get attractive ideas on how to make push notifications more clickable. It acts as a spice on push notification content. That makes these notifications more pleasing. 

And ultimately, these emojis add emotions to the content so that more and more users re-engage with you.

  1. Craft An Tempting Message 

With android push notifications, you have between 40 and 120 characters to deliver your message. With such a small amount of screen real estate, it is critical to focus on the most crucial value proposition and write the copy as exactly as possible.

Is your communication useful to the receiver?

If you respond yes, the click-through rate for the push notifications on the subscriber’s browser will be higher.

The following are the things to consider while developing android push notifications:

  1. Make a catchy title and short content.
  2. Use a conventional tone in your writing.
  3. Write in simple language that expresses the notification’s main point.

Bonus Tip: You can conduct A/B testing to find out what type of copy works well with your audience.

  1. Apply Push Single Step Opt-In

To send push notifications from the browser, you must have the user’s permission. Users must consent to use the opt-in dialogue box. Also, avoid overbearing.

When a potential user hits” block”, your pop-up will be hidden from the view. However, if done correctly, a single-step opt-in push might result in a 20% subscription rate.

Do not forget that the biggest mistake marketers make is asking clients to opt-in too soon. Another option is to respond to the user’s action by displaying the opt-in banner. 

  1. GDPR Abidance

With the implementation of strict privacy laws such as GDPR, it has become crucial to ask for permission for sending android push notifications.

The subscriber needs to click on “Allow”, only then will they be sent notifications. Hence, technically, only when a user subscribes to the push notifications can the company collect their push subscriber id.

  1. Create A Campaign At the Broader Level

Do not miss segmenting your subscriber list before sending out the push notifications. To illustrate it, building a “batch and blast” campaign will not cater because your users look ahead to a personalized experience as per their choices. Instead, behavioural push notifications generate maximum relevance for the receiver. 

You can segment your audience based on geo-location, purchasing history, type of visitor, browsing habits, traffic source, and time zones they live in.

Concluding Notes

Android push notifications deliver instant information even when the user is not active on the app. The effectiveness is more repeated by the fact that with the right offers they assist re-engage with existing users.

All these tips mentioned above help you to re-engage users on your website with push notifications. So, do not wait another minute. Follow these tips and get started to use WonderPush where you will get instant push notifications.


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