How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy?

How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy

Highly sensitive persons must have firm boundaries in order to defend themselves from psychic attacks and other people’s negative feelings. A psychic attack is a sort of bad energy that can be given purposefully by black magicians or unconsciously by a jealous or disgruntled friend, colleague, or family member.

The symptoms might range from being exhausted and depleted to feeling as if nothing in your life is going right to being attacked by spirits while sleeping. The amount of harm this can do depends on the strength of the person being assaulted, but the most important thing is to keep out of fear and bad emotions, and to understand that these things only have the power you give them.

Here are a few techniques by Indian Astrologer in California to keep yourself safe, though I would always recommend seeing a shaman if you believe you is being attacked psychically.

  • Imagine that you have mirrors all over your body protecting you from any attacks and reflecting them back to the sender as one of the best ways to boost your energy. If you’re having trouble visualizing this, try wearing a mirror necklace.
  • Crystals can also be used to safeguard you. They can be worn as jewellery, put in your pocket, or gridded throughout your residence.
  • Black Tourmaline has the ability to defend against mental attacks and black magic. In the presence of negative energies, it absorbs negativity in the environment and keeps the aura balanced.
  • Obsidian protects against psychic attacks and helps cleanse the aura of harmful energies. It can also defend against electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress, as well as remove negative energy from the environment.
  • Shungite can protect the aura from negative energy such as psychic attacks, negative ideas, and damaging electromagnetic fields. It can also ground you and clear and balance your chakras and aura.
  • Smudge sticks, such as White Sage or Palo Santo, have a cleansing and purifying impact in the energy field, and can be used to remove negative energy or thought forms. It can also be used to cleanse a room or a house, particularly if you have recently moved in and want to increase the energy and purify the place.
  • If you believe you are being attacked, try to figure out which direction the attack is coming from. You can cut the cord with the source of the energy and cut it out of your life with a sgian-dhub (traditional Scottish dagger).
  • Spending time in nature, particularly near trees or water, will help you ground and build your energy, clear your mind, and recuperate from a mental attack. To strengthen each chakra, combine river water with flower petals such as lavender or rose and rub it on it.
  • Because salt absorbs negative energies, it is one of the most efficient ways to cleanse your aura. You can take a bath in Himalayan rock salt to remove any negativity from your aura and leave it feeling clear and rejuvenated. Putting salt water basins in each corner of the room or any other spot where the energy feels heavy can also assist to cleanse your home.

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