How to protect Google Drive from Cyber-attacks?

How to protect Google Drive from Cyber-attacks
How to protect Google Drive from Cyber-attacks

Google Drive and cloud storage

Most of us are familiar with using cloud storage to store our personal and official data and information. Google Drive is a big name in the cloud storage space. As of July 2018, Google has over 1 billion users. Google Drive has several features which make it a popular choice among users. One of the biggest contributing factors to more usage of Google Drive is the fact all that a person needs is a Gmail account. And the person can avail of a plethora of facilities with the same.

Google drive is a commonly used cloud storage these days. The usage of cloud storage always worries people. There is a constant fear of leakage of personal data and information. Google Drive is no different. However, there has never been a report of Google drive being hacked. It has never been a victim of cyber-attack till now. Google drive is built using several secure languages, including Python programming. Many developers working at a leading Python development company make sure to integrate the best possible security features.

Threats to Google Drive

All that being said, in 2020, a system administrator pointed out a security flaw that hackers could use to convince users to download ransomware or malware. Despite this lone incident, the risk of using Google Drive is low. But, it is always better to stay away from worries and take your precautionary measures over and above Google. According to some experts, one of Google’s vulnerabilities is the encryption keys they use. Apart from that, one of the greatest risks to one’s Google Drive data is the person themselves.

How to protect your Google Drive account

So, if one wants to secure their Google Drive account, it is from the mistakes that a person might make on their own. One can always follow these precautions to protect your Google Drive from cyber-attack:-

Use a strong password

Hackers use one of the easiest methods to access your account, and this method is by cracking the password. So it is important to have a password that is easy to memorize and difficult for others to crack. Some companies notify you about the difficulty of your password, but if they don’t, you must make the effort on your own.

Have 2-factor authentication

You may protect your Google Account with additional security by using a 2 step verification method. It is a case wherein a person has to enter the password and enter a code that will be sent to your phone. It is an extra layer of security against external threats.

Be careful when sharing files

Sharing files saved in Google Drive is easily done, due to which there is a rise in the number of users using this as a method to share files. But, one needs to be careful when they share the link to the file and always keep in mind that it can be shared by them with others as well. Regularly checking the status of the important files you shared is important. It is also necessary to ensure that viewers and commenters do not have editing rights unless it is necessary.

Encrypt the files before uploading

As much as it is important that you must be careful while sharing files, you could always have an added protection by having the document encrypted with a password so that only the one who has access to the password can open the document.

Remote wipe tools

We have our Google accounts saved on our devices. It is always a matter of concern if we were to lose our electronic device with the Google account saved in it. So, it is handy and important to know how to remove files from the misplaced or stolen device from your location. It is also in the best interest if the movable device is encrypted and protected with a strong password that is difficult to crack.

Have a recovery account for your Google account

Ensure that you have a recovery account if you lose access to your Google account. It is necessary to have an alternate email id, preferably your own mail id, as a recovery id which will help you gain access to it without relying on others.

Have an external software protection

An external software protection method will help protect your data from breaches and leakages by preventing the movement of key information from the network. A DLP or data loss prevention solution will help to safeguard the data. Essential features of DLP solutions are- Monitoring, Filtering, Reporting, and Analysis.

Care when installing apps and downloading files

There is a possibility of third-party malware entering the system with the applications you download. That’s why you must be careful with the sources from which you install apps and the websites from which you download things.

Keep a regular track of your Google Drive account

It is always beneficial if you keep checking activities in your Google Drive regularly to identify discrepancies immediately. It also helps to check if any changes have been made to the account settings and stay updated about the latest privacy rules given by Google.

Google has its own privacy policies and behind-the-scenes measures to protect your data. But, it is crucial that you are careful too. The tips mentioned above will help prevent data leaks from your Google Account. The fact is that with Google drive, you are a major threat to breach of your data more than anyone. The more cautious you are, the more protected you will be.

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