How to make Swiggy clone application


Nowadays, the Swiggy app has become successful all over India. We all know very well how the authority optimizes the app and how they have been serving food lovers over the last decade. There is no doubt that the Swiggy app is one of the most popular and prioritized food delivery apps among users now. As per a source, this app gets almost 1.5 million orders on a daily basis. Therefore, it is easy to evaluate how much revenue the app has been generating every day with its food delivery service. Such a massive business of Swiggy food delivery app has influenced other entrepreneurs also. As a result, many people are planning to make a Swiggy clone app or such a food delivery app that resembles it.

People are afraid to go outside and dining in restaurants due to the massive spread of coronavirus. Instead of this, they prefer online food-delivery opportunities. Therefore, the demand for online food delivery applications like Swiggy has increased extensively. Eventually, many business persons are investing their capital to create an efficient Swiggy clone up at that moment.

Food delivery app making might appear to be the best business idea according to the modern market. However, we will discuss how to develop a Swiggy clone app and what features should be included in it here. Hence, go through the following article and read more about the best Swiggy clone script accordingly.

Features that you should include in the Swiggy clone app:-

1.Login and Signup- It is the primary feature that you should implement on the landing page of the clone app. Actually, the login feature is a simple login process that is essential to access the particular app. It would be best to include a signup option via Facebook or Gmail for the users in the login section first. It will allow the users to get connected with your app comfortably. Besides, you may input the OTP verification process through the phone number as a login option. Do not make this signup process complicated and lengthy. Otherwise, it might appear to be annoying to the new users. That is why it would be better to make it simple but steady.

2.Feedback section- The feedback or review section is the most crucial feature of an online food delivery app. With the help of this feedback section, users can let you know about their responses, ratings, and unsatisfying comments or reviews. These reviews and comments will allow you to upgrade your app into a better version conveniently. Moreover, you will be able to recognize which features users are liking or disliking in your app. By knowing this, you can develop the features and functionality of your online food delivery app to provide a better user experience.

3. Food filter-This feature is likely to be the base of your Swiggy clone app. With the help of the food filter attribute, users can choose whether they prefer veg or non-veg foods. Some other filters are also available there that you can include in your app to keep the users’ search convenient. For instance, you can provide “healthy” and “healthy but oil and spice free” options differently. Therefore, your food delivery app will become more user-friendly, and users can order their desired food items through the customized searches. On the other hand, you can offer a special “tiffin delivery service” to your users so that they can prioritize your Swiggy clone app more than its other competitors.

4. Payment gateway- Do not forget to add a flexible payment options feature in your Swiggy clone app to upgrade it into a modern food delivery app. It would be best to include all the digital and possible payment options, including Google pay, Paypal, online banking, etc. Moreover, provide credit card, debit card, and cash on delivery options available for the users also, so that they can’t ignore your app and love to use it often. The more adjustable and hassle-free payment method your Swiggy clone app will have, the more potential users will download it.

5. Discount offers- However, seasonal offers and exciting discounts will attract the customers’ attention. Our evaluation says that if you provide a special voucher for each new signup customer, you are likely to attract 50% more users toward your online food delivery app. There is no doubt that special discounted offers on popular foods make users happy. If you do not give enough discounts and offers to the users, they will not find your app interesting. Hence, you must include those discounts in your app to keep your users delightful. Although, you can give the offers occasionally or frequently as per your sale.

6. Location tracking feature- We all know that technology is evolving. Similar to other latest applications, your online food delivery app must have a location tracking system to track the proper location of the users. If your Swiggy clone app does not have a GPS tracking system, inconvenience may occur when the order is quite far away. Therefore, it is a very significant feature that you should incorporate in your app. Otherwise, you may lose many potential users from reaching your app.

7. Compatibility- Compatibility is another factor that decides whether the app will be efficient or not. Your Swiggy-like app must be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, it would be beneficial if your app remains accessible through desktops or laptops. Besides, try to upgrade your app according to the modern market trend as users can get it helpful and reliable. Issues like slow loading speed, app crash, and unoptimized performance may lead your app to refusal.

To include all these features, as we mentioned above, you might need the help of the best App development team. Now let’s take a look at the reasons for which you should make a Swiggy Clone App.

Why should you make a Swiggy clone app?

Numerous reasons suggest the Swiggy clone app is an efficient business idea. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Low budget:

Online food delivery apps need low-budget investment in app development compared to other apps. Moreover, relatively fewer technologies are available there, and you will only need to focus on its attributes, designs, and promotional campaigns. Meanwhile, you have to pay for implementing the features of the app rather than any unnecessary investment. However, the Swiggy clone app is just like other common apps with no complicated software or technologies involved.

  1. Simple ideology:

One of the finest things about a Swiggy-like app is it requires very simple ideologies. The simplicity of such an app has made its development process quite convenient for beginner developers. Hence, there is no need to panic if you are new to the app development field and willing to develop this clone app. You will need to hire an expert technical team with developers, UI/UX designers only. After that, convey your requirements and ideologies to them and get your job done.

  1. Low maintenance cost:

You will be glad to know that maintaining a Swiggy clone app is cost-effective. It requires less maintenance budget compared to other complex applications. So, you have to keep the focus on its designing, testing, and developing only. The overall maintenance and up-gradation charges of such online food delivery app development are quite low.

  1. High demand:

There is no doubt that everybody wants to start their business in a field with high demand in the market. Similarly, the requirement for the food delivery business is on top now. As we mentioned earlier, it provides better benefits to its owner in fewer investments. The main reason behind the massive popularity of the food delivery business is people rely on ordering food online rather than actively visiting restaurants. As the covid pandemic still exists, ordering food online is the only alternative available to them if they want to try delicious foods. Moreover, hospital staff and students also prefer to order food online these days. Hence, you will get enough audiences if you start your business with an online food delivery app.

Factors you should avoid during the app development process:-

Well, when you are about to develop a Swiggy-like app, you should avoid some commonly made mistakes that might lead your app to face failure. That’s why it is essential to dodge these mistakes to achieve success.

  • Unable to detect the targeted audience.
  • Inability to meet the demand of the users.
  • Too many features might make your app complicated.
  • Including fewer features might cause the app ineffectual to satisfy the modern market trends.
  • Incompatibility can be the main cause of a bad user experience.
  • Unoptimized app performance.
  • Lack of enough marketing time.
  • If you don’t update the app regularly according to the feedback of the customers.


Swiggy clone app development is one of the best online food ordering scripts. With this business strategy, ordering delicious and sophisticated foods has become convenient. Moreover, it requires a few moments only to get your order delivered to your doorstep. However, you can read more about the best Swiggy clone script on our official website. For further information, feel free to contact us.


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