How to make sure your tenders are sorted correctly

a level tuition
a level tuition

A Bid Writer will work with you to ensure you have everything in place to tender successfully. They can also help you better understand the tendering process. There are also areas and aspects in the process they will be able to see that you won’t. This is in the sense of the small print and key aspects of the process too. Tender documents may be prepared for a range of contracts and no contract is ever the same. They vary in the shapes and sizes of what they are for.

The start of the tendering process

Remember that the reason buyers are looking for services that your company can offer is due to the fact that they do not have the internal skill and expertise to do it themselves. We’d be stunned if you can find a procurement manager that is an expert in all industries across the country. This is why they develop evaluation guidance, so it makes it easier for them to stick to a format with marking each tender. You can have a range of people marking tenders – some of whom may be clued up in what you are offering and some who haven’t the faintest clue on how you deliver your services.

To keep things simple, we always recommend that your written content is aimed at the people that have zero knowledge of your company/provision. Never assume the evaluators know what you do. Make sure you always write a tender that a random person on the street could easily understand.


Ideally, tenders and tender documents should be broken down into a series of packages (even if there will only be one main contract) each with its own design drawings and specifications suitable to be issued by the main contractor to potential sub-contractors. This makes the tender easier for the contractor to price and easier for the client to compare with other tenderers.

In detail, make sure you are going for the right projects

It is essential to be able to find contracts for tenders relevant to you, and by using Tracker you can source the right contracts related to your sector. Tendering can be a time-consuming, expensive and resource-heavy process. You need to be sure you’re bidding for the right contracts.

You need to be realistic about your expectations and chances. This is key when securing contracts for tenders, so ask yourself the following questions. Does my business meet or exceed the technical skills and experience required? Does the contract fit into my business strategy or positioning? Can my business afford to spend the time and resource required, especially in the event that I don’t win? Finally: Will this contract help my business grow? all of this needs to be taken into consideration. This is as this will help no end to get the best end results. You need to make sure you are on point and going for the right work.

Stay proactive at all times in the process

Do not wait until last minute to upload your bid. All tender portals are secure and will not allow the buyer to see any documents or pricing before the deadline has passed. If you have technical problems and miss the submission deadline, the buyer is quite rightly and pretty likely to reject your bid and you will have wasted hours preparing it for nothing. Most systems will also allow you to submit a revised tender. This is before the deadline is passed. So, if your waiting for some quotes from third parties to come in, you can always get you bid in a day or two before the deadline then submit it again with amended pricing later.


Your bid begins the moment you reach out to your prospective client, so make every email and call count. Build value and rapport from the very first exchange and ask questions that can assist you in writing a better tender. Sometimes a client may simply like you or trust you and will give you a chance or they will dislike the language you use or something else and never give you a chance! This also goes for your social media activity. Make sure you don’t go overboard with anything that might cause offence. This is as this will affect the buyers perception and willingness to work with you.


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